Simploring 2021 (26) Noweeta – Summer in Skåne

Back in January I visited Snoweeta (read here), a “Swedish (Skåne) winter painting you can walk around in“. Snoweeta supposedly was located in Skåne, Swedens richest agricultural region. Skåne County (Swedish: Skåne län) is the southernmost county of Sweden. It covers around 3% of Sweden’s total area, while its population of 1.3 million comprises 13% of Sweden’s total population. Ystad and Simrishamn are towns in Skåne.

Noweeta – Summer in Skåne: overview and orientation map

Winter is over – Summer is here! Kaja Ashland, the owner and designer of this general homestead has remodeled her place: “Summer has arrived in Skåne! Explore, meet friends and discover hidden areas in the grass and flower fields. Relax, cuddle or take photos in one of the romantic spots. Welcome to try the new mini golf too!

Impressions of Noweeta – Summer in Skåne (1): around the landing point

First of all, if you saw Snoweeta, then you recognize Noweeta immediately. Many key elements are the same, just the snow is gone. The landing point is still at the end of a long alley leading up to the house with the garage that is used as a garden house. The cell tower is still there as well as the old oak with the pigs. The sign at the street showing the direction to Ystad and Simrishamn is there, as well as the forest and the pond.

And strangely, the police car is still parked at the street! *winks*. What is new are the two wind mills. While the modern wind mill might have just been built, the old wind mill is a new addition as well as the airway (that might have been covered with snow).

Noweeta, that looks almost empty on a first glance, is full of (new) places to enjoy the Summer to the fullest. One nice place is right at the modern will mill. There’s a wagon to sleep in and outside are two king size beds from which your can watch a film – open air cinema the Swedish way.

Impressions of Noweeta – Summer in Skåne (2): picnic under the wind mill / the old oak / sheeps

The old oak is still where it was before and around it are some wild boars (turn the sound on to hear them). Just a few steps away walking through the flower fields is a place with several blooming cherry trees and grazing sheep. Admist of it is another picnic place where you can enjoy the sun and watch the animals. Next to the sheep are a few bee hives.

Impressions of Noweeta – Summer in Skåne (3): mini golf / horse corral

Completely new is the mini golf. I didn’t play it, yet the courses are just lovely, each one is a piece of art. I enjoyed just looking at them. And I might return to try it out!

The house at Noweeta hasn’t changed. It is furnished very stylish inside. This time I even walked up on the 2nd floor, where you find bedrooms and a bathroom. New is the outdoor pool and I spent some time there. Swedish Summers might be short, but they are intense and fully enjoyed.

Impressions of Noweeta – Summer in Skåne (4): at the pool / the house in- and outside

The little garden next to the garage is inviting to have a closer look at it. There are many details to discover. I also walked through the field of sunflowers and other flower fields and had a look at the airway and the sport areoplane.

Impressions of Noweeta – Summer in Skåne (5): the garage (gardenhouse) and the garden / airway

And finally I visited the forest and the pond again. That was full of life and animals in Winter. And of course it is full of life and animals even more in Summer. I could almost hear all the midges, that also belong to a Swedish Summer. Noweeta offers a lot of romantic places around the forest and the pond and I tried out some of them.

Impressions of Noweeta – Summer in Skåne (6): romantic places at the forest and the pond

I had a lot of fun exploring Noweeta. I love how Kaja Ashland transformed it from Winter to Summer. It really gave me the feeling of Summer in Sweden. I enjoyed an ultra short virtual vacation trip. Thank you Kaja for sharing your place publicly!

Landmark to Noweeta
Noweeta on flickr

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  1. Marcus
    Jul 03, 2021 @ 14:32:24

    Impressively researched and written – along with great photos and map!


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