Art in Second Life 2021 (66) Manet 3D by Red Bikcin

I saw Red Bikcin’s art before, the last time in 2020 at La Maison d’Aneli (read here). Actually one of her pictures is at our home. So far what I saw from Red Bikcin were animated geometric forms or fractals, always colourful, always something to watch for longer as it changes regularly.

Redi (Red Bikcin) sent me an invitation to her latest exhibtion “Manet 3D” and the poster did not fit at all to what I saw so far from Redi. Hence I had a look on Monday July 12th.
Manet 3D” is exactly what the name implies. Pictures from Manet in three dimensions. That is of course hard to capture in 2D pictures. Each of the 9 pictures of Redi is in a box with the main object in the front and one or more layers behind. If you look at them frontal, it is a 2D picture, if you look from aside you see the different layers and the picture changes.

Impressions of “Manet 3D” by Red Bikcin (1)

Redi added a third dimension to Manet’s paintings. She worked with the orignal pictures and cutted out some parts to get the 3D effect (NO, of course she worked with digital copies or photographs of the orginals *winks*).

Impressions of “Manet 3D” by Red Bikcin (2)

Red Bikcin is from Spain and in Second Life for more than 14 years. She has her own gallery, the R&D Art Gallery Diotima.

Landmark to Manet 3D by Red Bikcin
Red Bikcin’s R&D Art Gallery Diotima

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