Art in Second Life 2021 (69) Asperix Asp’s gallery “Render4”

After my last visit to Lad Maison d’Aneli (read here), I had a short conversation with Asperix Asp, one of the participating artists. Asperix asked me to add a link to his own gallery, Render 4. Of course I added it to the links sections in the post.

Sunday, June 27th, I had some time left over and went visiting Render4.

Asperix Asp’s gallery “Render4”

The gallery building is dominated by a large tower. The 4 facade sides are used to showcase 4 of Asperix’ pictures. The tower is not accessible though, it’s just a landmark for the gallery.

The gallery itself consists of 3 rooms. The room where you arrive features some of the pictures that I saw already at La Maison d’Aneli, fractals that could be minerals or scifi structures or whatever. I’m always intrigued by fractals.

Impressions of Asperix Asp artwork shown at “Render4” (1)

One room showcases four 3D models in the center of the room. I can’t describe the models, so far I’d characterize them as art objects – whatever the spectator might see in them. At the walls of that room are more of Asperix’ fractals.

Impressions of Asperix Asp artwork shown at “Render4” (2)

The third room features one big picture, held in green, different from the other pictures. It could be algae and an unknown crustacean, who knows. In this room you also find 3 slowly rotating spheres in different colours. The spheres are partly transparent and textured so that they look different depending on the viewing angel and rotation.

Impressions of Asperix Asp artwork shown at “Render4” (3)

Asperix Asp is in Second Life since 2007. He’s a Spanish senior artist with 35+ years of experience in digital image, infography, rendered tridimensional fractals, virtual entorns… and had many exhibitions in RL and SL.
In his gallery “Render4” Asperix provides a deeper and broader insight in his artwork.

Landmark to Asperix Asp gallery “Render4”

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