Diary 2021 (100) July 28th/29th Two relaxed days

Wednesday, July 28th, I was inworld in the morning and looking for a gallery, installation or sim to write about it. But I didn’t find anything to write about, roamed around a bit and logged off again. In the afternoon I stayed at Heavy bondage Club and read profiles, One led me to a private place, a surprisingly large sim and naughty me explored it as well as the gear that I found there. And I made one picture of naughty me *winks*

During the afternoon and later at early night I had several conversations with potential subs, we will see if anything developes from these. Finally I stayed at Heavy Bondage Club again where Mistress Jenny joined me. We spent the night at Heavy Bondage Club and summoned Faye and slave Holly to us. We chatted mostly amoung ourselves. I had made plans for slave Holyl and Faye, a session that we might do in the nearer future and I tested the restrictions involved with the plan on slave Holly and Faye.

July 28th: naughty Diomita / Mistress Jenny and Diomita with Faye and slave Holly / Faye’s view / Diomita and slave Holly

Time flies when you chat and have fun and as Mistress had an early start the next day we returned home and Mistress left to bed. Faye left also. And slave Holly stayed with me while I was writing the diary. Anything else? Yes, Flo is still hospitalized and sent and update. Good recovery, Flo!

Thursday, July 29th, I was inworld in the afternoon and had a short, nice roleplay with a sub who I met at Puerto Esclava. I also visited La Maison d’Aneli again as one of the artists there, Marylooooe, invited me over to her part of the exhibition. She had read my blogpost about the exhibtion (read here) and wanted to present me one of her pictures. I picked one that will go into my private art collection at home. Thank you, Maryloooe.

Hafenimpressionen 5 by Marylooooe

I roamed a bit through the clubs when I returned later in the afternoon and was at Heavy Bondage Club, when slave Holly came inworld. I summoned ehr to me, so that she could decorate me. And before I left for dinner I used my slave slut as my toilet.

July 29th: Diomita and Holly at Heavy Bondage Club and at home (the dark pictures show slave Holly’s view)

Mistress Jenny and I had a relaxed night. We caught up with our mutual news at Carnal Intentions with slave Holly decorating us. She was celebrating her 3 months collaring day, as she wouldn’t be around on the day itself (July 30th). Mistress was approached by Steffi (Steffi Darkwatch) who knelt at her feet. And later Faye joined us as well. We spent the night just chatting amoung is.

July 29th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with slave Holly, Faye and Steffi (Steffi Darkwatch)

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