Art in Second Life (74) Lollipop by Cica Ghost

Sunday, August 8th, I got a message from Cica Ghost – she just had opened her next installation named “Lollipop“. This time the motto she provides to the visitor is: “Happiness is enjoying the little things in your life.

I personally think that this motto fits almost perfectly to all of Cica’s installations: Having fun exploring her world of giant animals, her journey back into childhood, when everything was big, not intimidating, just a world to explore and discover. And it makes you happy – well at least me!

Aus usual you should use shared environment and set advance lighting on as well as shadows from sun+moon and projectors. The fun begins right next to the landing spot where I met Cica. In front of you is a large court with 5 funny mice. One of them holds up a sign “Dance”. Hence you can start dancing to get into the right mood.
I myself was curious about all the ladders that lead up to steep rocks with houses (in Cica-style of course) or with opportunities to sit and watch or to dance. I walked up a few of the ladders close to the landing spot and enjoyed the view and had already fun – looking into the big eyes of a snake that sat on the top of one of the houses.

Impressions of Lollipop by Cica Ghost (1)

Also quite close to the landing spot is a strange kind of machine – the lollipop machine. In front of it are a few gear wheels, and in the rear is a tube from which lollipops drop on the ground. At the base of the machine is a board where you can get a free lollipop to wear for your visit (or later of course). You can change the colour of the lollipop.

Impressions of Lollipop by Cica Ghost (2)

This time there’s no hidden cat…. as opposed to the cat is big and showcased strikingly on a large table also close to the landing spot. Actually it is not a cat, it is a catfish. I walked up the ladder to the table, and sat at the catfish’s head, looking directly into it’s eyes. The table has another hidden feature. You can change it’s colour and I did that. Walking aroud at Lollipop by Cica Ghost you can find more objects where you can adjust the colour. This way the visitors can actively change the installation.

Impressions of Lollipop by Cica Ghost (3)

What else? There is a little town that is occupied by a 3 headed snake (or 3 snakes?) watching you as you explore it’s home and the many houses.

Impressions of Lollipop by Cica Ghost (4)

And to no surprise there’re also a vehicles again, kind of a helicopter, a “Cica-copter”. I think 3 or 4 of them are circling over the island. If you hoover your mouse over them you can sit inside and enjoy the view from above, yet you can’t steer it yourself, just sit and relax and enjoy – and smile.
I saw a family of dinosaurs as well as a big frog sitting on one of the steep rocks. I tried sitting on quite some of the many spots. And I had a look at Cica’s shop at Lollipop by Cica Ghost. It offers the different mice and the frog.

Impressions of Lollipop by Cica Ghost (5)

Lollipop by Cica Ghost is an installation to escape from the serious everyday life. It’s your little time out to see the world with the eye of a kid again and to explore an unknown world. In addition it inspires you to try out the different spots to sit or dance, to take the “Cica-copter” tour, to climb the ladders and to enjoy your lollipop. And as always Cica succeeded to conjure a smile into my face. Thank you very much, Cica.

Landmark to Lollipop by Cica Ghost
Cica Ghost’s flickr:
Cica Ghost’s shop C I C A

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