Diary 2021 (112) August 22nd / 23rd Spoil Diomita night

I had a varied day on Sunday, August 22nd. I went inworld quite early in the morning. Kitty was inworld but restricted from IM and I didn’t know the place she was at. She confirmed with blocked messages that she was doing fine and having fun. I had in mind to visit a gallery and I did. The visit took longer than I thought. Sun (Newliefeloading) came inworld. I had given her some assignments and she needed touch for them. It was my mistake, I thought that I’d granted that to her, but I hadn’t. Anyway, I returned home and allowed her touch. We shortly spoke with each other, then I continued my gallery visit.

August 22nd: Diomita and Sun (Newlifeloading)

After the visit a made a quick sim hop and at PE a strange looking lady grabbed my keys all of a sudden and to my surprise. I don’t know when that happened the last time. Anyway, we had a nice roleplay. In the end I had spent far more than 2 hours inworld and had to leave to tend to my RL.

In the afternoon I returned inworld after I had written the report about my gallery visit. I roamed around a bit, but nothing was going on. Finally I returned home and put my RemVision on and watched the “longer bondage scenes”. The slideshow lasts about 85 minutes. But now I know what slave Holly is watching at the moment. That will be useful when teasing her – or any other slave / sub. I also bought one of the movies that you can purchase seperately for the RemVision HUD. I watched the first of 3 parts when Faye and then Sun came inworld. As it was not possible to watch and chat at the same time I decided to log off (It is possible technically but it is hard to focus on both).
Later I finished watching the ist part (It is 40 min long).

At night Mistress Jenny was present as well as Sun, slave Holly and Alessi. We went to Carnal Intentions first for a few minutes, then we moved on to Psi’s realm. It was quite full there and a lot was going on, yet I was quite focused on our group. chatting with Mistress Jenny, with slave Holly, with Alessi and with Sun.

August 22nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm with slave Holly, Sun and Alessi

Mistress proposed that I’d had a seat on Holly and I kpet teasing her. Argi and later also Faye joined us. I tried out Faye’s updated AnaVision HUD and used the spy function to see and control her view. And slave Holly sent me her view.

August 22nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm with Argi, slave Holly, slave Faye and Alessi

August 22nd: slave Faye’s restricted view on Diomita’s heels, slave Holly’s view on Diomita’s legs

The viewing restriction can also create quite artful pictures as the background is black, slave Holly made on pictures that is really great and worth being shared here, thank you slave Holly.

August 22nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm with slave Holly, Sun and Alessi

When I met Mistress Jenny in afternoon of Monday, August 23rd, first thing she was leading me to her favourite chair. She took her skirt off and invited me to lick her and to get my fix. I never reject it and happily began to serve her and to make her cum. The effect of her sweet poison kick in immediately making me more submissive. Afterwards Mistress ordered me to put on my wrists cuffs and she locked them on me.

August 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin at home

We went to club Domme a Domme and to Carnal Intentions to catch up with our mutual news. Faye joined us at Carnal Intentions where we stayed until Faye had to leave into her RL. Then we spent the rest of our time in the afternoon at Puerto Esclava. I nejoyed being on Mistress’ side, although I could feel that she’s shortening my leash again slowly .

August 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme, at Carnal Intentions with slave Faye and at Puerto Esclava

Mistress jenny was not inworld at night. When I returned online Sun (Newlifeloading) was present and I took her with me to the office for a reason. I had decided that it was “Spoil Diomita night”. Hence I allowed Sun to lick me. Alessi came inworld and I ordered her to kneel and watch while I had my fist intense orgasm, licked by Sun.
Sun wasn’t allowed to clean me, instead I gave that job to Alessi, who did it very well without stimulating me too much again.
Then slave Holly came inworld. I rezzed a dual pole dildo stand and fixed Alessi and Sun on it, then slave Holly was allowed to lick me – it was “Spoil Diomita night” *winks*.

August 23rd: Diomita at home with Sun, slave Alessi and slave Holly

After I had my second orgasm, Sun had to leave for bed and slave Holly took her place. I had fun teasing the two and turned the vibrators on until both had an orgasm almost simultaneously. It was also “spoil slaves night”. And as I had to pee, slave Holly got an extra treat.

August 23rd: Diomita at home and at Carnal Intentions with slave Alessi and slave Holly

I took slave Holly and slave Alessi to Carnal Intentions for a few minutes just to wind down, then we returned home and called it a night. It had been a very enjoyabe night.

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