Art in Second Life 2021 (82) “Eternally” by Maloe Vansant

I got an invitation for the exhibition “Eternally” by Maloe Vansant at DixMix Gallery. With the exhibtion DixMix Source and Maloe celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first exhibition of Maloe at a gallery of DixMix. I just know the current gallery, that was opened in 2020. Together with the invitation I got a notecard with some background information about this anniversary exhibiton, writien by Maloe Vansant and by DixMiX Source:

Dix ans avec Dix at Dixmix Gallery. A decade flew by, a decade with unbelievable art I saw at ‘THE PLACE TO BE’. And I feel honored to be first who was given the opportunity to exhibit at Dixmix several times. Merci mon ‘vieux Ami’, I raise my glass to another Dix ans.” (Maloe August 2021)
Maloe plays a bit with the word “Dix” that is short for DixMix as well it means “ten” in French, hence “dix ans” means ten years.

“Mon vieux” that’s how she called me the first time we talk, she already knew from a mutual friend some information about me, like that we both are living in Belgium – land of beers, chocolate, rain and surrealism. A couple weeks after we met, I asked Maloe to be one of my models for an exhibition “Grey”, and later to show some pictures in the gallery … Since that show Maloe has been a pole of my galleries, being there dancing at parties, buying art made by others and at least with a new exhibition every year. Here we go, 10 years later for a celebration. Cheers my friend, thank you and dikke kus” (DixMix August 2021)

The exhibition “Eternally” by Maloe Vansant is shown in all three exhibition rooms on the ground floor of the DixMix gallery, in room “Amalfia”, “Abby” and “Amona”, I didn’t count the pictures but it might be around 70.

Impressions of “Eternally” by Maloe Vansant (1) – Room “Amalfia”

Maloe Vansant’s theme are portraits of females and the female body. Most of her pictures are portraits, not classic portraits though. Maloe always adds a touch of mysticism or erotic or fantasy or surrealism to her portraits. A few have a touch of BDSM, some are more martial, some inspire very intensively to think about the female in the picture and about her history.

Impressions of “Eternally” by Maloe Vansant (2) – Room “Abby”

While most of her pictures are in one style, in her style, Maloe Vansant also plays or has played with different techniques like blurring or filtering. These pictures are mainly in room “Amona”. But in general I couldn’t find out any categorisation between the three rooms.

I came acroess Maloe Vansant the first time in 2020 when I visited “Phenomenal Women” by Cecilia Nansen and Maloe Vansant (read here).
Maloe Vansant joined Second Life in 2007, a new world for her who had never played games or joined any social network site: “After creating little Maloe, my barbie doll, my pixel soul, I discovered the possibility of making snapshots and I started to make a graphic diary of Maloe’s journey in Second Life, showing the emotions she experienced in this pixel world. I think I succeeded in doing this by using some post processing in Photoshop. I am not a woman of many words, I try to express myself, my feelings, my passion and probably my dark side through my pictures.
Maloe has also a flickr account where you can see more of her artwork.

Impressions of “Eternally” by Maloe Vansant (3) – Room “Amona”

Congratulations DixMix and Maloe for your 10th exhibition anniversary celebrated with this exhibtion at the DixMix Gallery. Thank you Megan for building the gallery (at least the latest gallery) and for contributing at it. I enjoyed my visit and seeing Maloe’s art again. The exhibition “Eternally” will stay open until September 17th.

Landmark to Dixmix Gallery 2020
DixMix Gallery website
Maloe Vansant’s flickr

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  1. Violet Boa PR
    Sep 07, 2021 @ 10:11:48

    Dear Diomita,
    big thanks for your great support for Maloe´s exhibition!
    We highly appreciate your work.
    Sincerely your,
    Dixmix Gallery Team


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