Diary 2021 (116) August 30th/31st slaves on the rack

Monday, August 30th, I went visiting another art installation around lunch time. In the afternoon I roamed around a bit, yet again nothing worth to report in here happened. I just had a very short RP at Puerto Esclava – and of course a few applications. I also studied the hearing/talking HUD that our new pet Sun (Newlifeloading) was going to use. It is a really complex and powerful script with endless variations and restrictions. I created a first set of restrictions for hearing and chatting and some commands.

I was about to log off when slave Holly came inworld. I returned home and spontaneously set up something to keep her busy and to further get deep into her mind. I rezzed a bondage rack on the porch of our house and fixed slave Holly on it. I restricted her thightly so that she could fully focus. Then I uploaded the first part of a (Second Life) film/slideshow by Marine Kelley to her RemVision and left her alone.

August 30th: Diomita and slave Holly at home

Our slave pet Sun came also inworld. I had unlocked her completely the night before so that she can further adjust and fine tune her puppy gear. Hence both slaves were busy when I logged of for dinner.

At night I came inworld early and set up our new pet. She’s now Maurer’s pet and quite restricted! I bet it won’t take long until she realises what I meant with: “Be careful what you wish for”. But we will see and have our fun with our puppy.

August 30th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home and at Carnal Intentions with Maurer’s pet (Sun), slave Faye and slave Holly

When I was just done Mistress Jenny came inworld and I demonstrated what our pet had learnt already. slave Holly returned inworld and I can tell, she was quite excited about her experience. And slave Faye came inworld as well. We all went to Carnal Intentions.
Our pet had to leave for RL all of a sudden and hence Mistress and I teased our slaves and relaxed. I had to pee and instead of going home quickly I took slave Holly with me and used her properly as my toilet. slave Holly had to pee herself – what comes in has to go out – and I accompanied her to her bucket.

August 30th: Diomita at home with slave Holly / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with slave Faye and slave Holly

When we returned to Carnal Intention, Mistress Jenny had made herself comfy with slave slave Faye and put slave Holly in a cage nearby … just because I can. Time went by quickly again and soon later we had to return home and to bed.

Tuesday, August 31st, I met Mistress Jenny briefly in the later monring, when I logged in to check my messages. She had to leave though and I didn’t stay inworld long myself, I just changed and went on a 10 min sim hopping, then I logged off. I met Mistress in the afternoon again. Our slave Faye was present and we took her to Psi’s realm with us. I rezzed the same rack that I used ofr slave Holly the day before and fixed slave Faye on it. This time I used the vibrator of the rack to stimulate Faye. I restricted her tightly, took touch, names, location, inventory…. and I restricted her view. Then we teased her the the vibrator, with spanks and told her that all eyes were on her. I was “This soul” *grins*. Actually there was some attention at Psi’s – everythime something is going on it attracts people. But we weren’t lucky that afternoon. Just as we neared the high … the sim was restarted (Restart Tuesday) and we had to leave.

August 31st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Faye at Psi’s realm and at Carnal Intentions

We went Carnal Intentions with Faye and spent the rest of our time that afternoon there until Mistress Jenny had to leave. I left slave Faye restricted and leashed at Carnal Intentions and returned home with Mistress Jenny. After Mistress had left I tended to slave Holly, who had soem issues with her collar. I hope that I could solve it. slave Holly had also sent me her thoughts, her feelings during the week before including her RemVision experience the day before. She wrote about habits, routines and rituals. It’s very interesting (and made me smile) as she realizes what happens, yet can’t do anything about it. I think alike. I realize how my submission to Mistress Jenny gets stronger and stronger and also why and what is causing it – yet I can’t change a thing. Acceptance is what you can do about it and slave Holly accepts and enjoys.
I also saw pet shortly, but I had to leave to tend to my other SL activities visiting other places and writing about them.

At night Mistress Jenny wasn’t present. I went inworld early as I had got an invitation to see Cica Ghost’s newest installation named “Sandcastles”, which was opened that day. It was still early when I was done with my visit. Cica succeeded again conjuring a smile in my face.

Impressions of “Sandcastles” by Cica Ghost

During my visit our new pet had come inworld and I said hello to her in IM before I logged off to write the report about Cica’s “Sandcastles” (read here). That took a bit longer than I had planned. When I tried to get inworld again, I couldn’t as SL was mainly down. I remember the days when it was more familiar that you couldn’t get inworld for a few hours, nowadays it is quite rare luckily. I succeeded to get inworld after half an hour. None of the family and friends were inworld. I bgean hopping over empty places – crashed – and it took again half an hour to return. I tried to buy a new rackand my balance dropped to -1 L$, hence shopping was no good alternative. Finally I went to Carnal Intentions. slave Alessi was there and joined me and we had the time to talk a bit – and I had the time to restrict her a bit. And then slave Lily (Lily Bloodrose) joind us as well. SL was still quite empty, but overall I had a relaxed night *winks*.

August 31st: Diomita at Carnal Intentions with slave Alessi and slave Lily

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