Art in Second Life 2021 (90) Waiting by Cica Ghost

Sunday, September 19th, I got an invitation from Cica to see her newest installation named “Waiting“. I was surprised getting it, as I just had visited her installation “Sandcastles” (read here), which is already gone now.

Right upon landing, it felt different from what I saw before from Cica. First of all you get big and highly visible recommendations to use shared environment, advanced lighting and shadows from sun, moon and projectors. Cica even provided a picture how it should look like at the landing to make sure, that you use the right settings. The environment settings are very important as they are part of the installation “Waiting“.

Waiting by Cica Ghost is not what I expected to see, and I didn’t leave the installation with a smile in my face like I usually do when I see something of Cica. No Cica-ish animals with big eyes, no Cica store and no hidden cat.
The ground is brown and desiccated – and the sky looks like desiccated ground as well. Acutally after a while you don’t know where is up and where is down. The trees have no leaves, the are just dead and do they root in the sky or in the ground?

Impressions of “Waiting” by Cica Ghost (1)

What you see first when entering the installation are a few buildings. These look a bit “Cica-ish”. I went there and found the first buildings empty. On a high plateau many, really many people cower together as if they seek nearness all being scared of something. It is a very dark and intimidating scenery.
A few people are not cowering on the high plateau but walking around in search of something. In one building cowers another person. Has there just been a catastrophy?

Impressions of “Waiting” by Cica Ghost (2)

Time waits for no one” is the message Cica Ghost provides with “Waiting“. And to be honest, I don’t know what Cica wants to express. As with every art installation, it is what the spectator feels, the visitors have to interpret the art for themselves. My first thought was that the people on the high plateau fled from a flood and that is why the cower on the high plateau – the result of climate change? But then all is desiccated, another result of climate change? Desiccated because of the higher temepratures? Some people try to explore what is left, they try to accomodate, others hide alone in a corner, but most just wait and let happen what will happen.
Well, that is one (that is my) interpretation. But depending on the visitor’s mood, on the personal situation one might get to a totally different interpretation.

Impressions of “Waiting” by Cica Ghost (3)

What else? Two rope nooses but they are not hanging there to commit suicide, instead you can sit there and watch. You can also dance … there are some nails sticking in the desiccated groud, clicking them animates your avatar. By the way, the music Cica has provided is not easy listening.

Time waits for no one – who knows how long “Waiting” by Cica Ghost will be available for a visit? It’s really worth a visit. What is your interpretation?

Addendum: after this post was published Cica Ghost sent me a message and told me what I missed. First of all there is a cat! And Cica had added it just for me – so sorry, Cica *winks*. Secondly there is at least one animal hidden in the dead trees, animals that can bear the aridity. Thank you, Cica.

Landmark to Waiting by Cica Ghost
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