Simploring 2021 (30) Beaufort Castle

For my simploring tour on Tuesday, September 7th, I picked Beaufort Castle from Sl Destinations

Impressions of Beaufort Castle (1) – overview

Beaufort Castle, or more precisely “Beaufort Castle Estate, Highlands of Scotland“, is embedded into other Scottish places. The landmark description is short but fitting very well and provides the basic information:
A virtual recreation of Beaufort Castle in Beauly Scotland. The castle is a 19th century Scots Baronial castle in the region of Beauly, located in the Highlands of Scotland of SL. Built by Ethan MacAlpin, Earl of Evergarden. Outlander fans welcome!

Beaufort Castle Estate, Highlands of Scotland is located in a moderate sim, the castle and the park consume 3750 prims, which may give you an impression how detailed it was built in Second Life. Actually it is the virtual counterpart of Beaufort Castle in Scotland.

Impressions of Beaufort Castle (2) – Beaufort Castle in the physcial world

I looked it up at wikipedia:
Beaufort Castle or Castle Dounie (Scottish Gaelic: Caisteal Dhùnaidh) is a Baronial style mansion built in 1880 and incorporating older building work. It is situated on the right bank of the River Beauly near the town of Beauly in Inverness-shire and is 1 mile (1.6 km) north of Kiltarlity and 13 mi (21 km) west of Inverness. There has been a castle on the site since the 12th century. Beaufort was the traditional seat of the Lords Lovat until 1994 when it was sold by the 15th Lord Lovat to meet inheritance taxes.” (source wikipedia,_Scotland)

From the outside Beaufort Castle is already quite impressive and I took many pictures and tried several environment settings, which changes the character of the castle a lot.

Impressions of Beaufort Castle (3) – outside views

I walked inside and found a teleport and information quite next to the entrance inside. I grabbed the notecard about the castle:
Beaufort Castle in the Highlands is closely modelled on the RL castle and features three main levels accessible by a tower staircase. It is currently the largest building in the Highlands of Scotland of SL and was built by Ethan MacAlpin (Ethan Evergarden), with select stain glass by Axaria MacAlpin (Axaria Evergarden). Enjoy a stroll through the informal gardens and glens around the castle or find the hidden doors and passageways inside. The Lord and Lady Evergarden welcome you to Beaufort Castle in the Highlands of Scotland! Be sure to visit our other regions-we have a total of seven now, including Beauly, Dornoch, Glen Coe, Greater Loch Ness, Inverness City, Loch Ness and Urquhart.
(taken from the notecard availabe at the castle)

Inside the castle is almost completely furnished, although there would be space for more furniture. But the spacious rooms and hallways fit to the character of the castle.

Impressions of Beaufort Castle (4) – inside views

There’s all you would expect: Historic RL pictures of the Beaufort Castle and pictures of the virtual counterpart at the walls, pictures of the the owner family in Second Life – Ethan MacAlpin (Ethan Evergarden) and Axaria MacAlpin (Axaria Evergarden), knights in armour standing alongside the hallways, fireplaces, seating opportunities, a music room and a room with wine, a library room, an everyday dinning room and a real big event and dinning room over 2 floor with a decorated ceiling.

Impressions of Beaufort Castle (5) – inside views

Visiting and exploring Beaufort Castle was pure fun. There are some hidden doors and rooms, which provides a little bit of adventure for the visitor. I really enjoyed my visit and going to the other places that are mentioned in the notecard that I grabbed is now on my to do list (I need a 3rd and 4th life to cover all of my passions!).

Impressions of Beaufort Castle (6) – a view back when I finished my visit

Thank you Ethan MacAlpin (Ethan Evergarden) for building Beaufort Castle and for sharing it publicly. Great work!

Landmark to Beaufort Castle

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