Art in Second Life 2021 (100) “Duet” by Evie and Dutch Ireman @ The 22 art space

I got an invitation for the latest exhibition at “The 22” art space in Bellisseria, that opened October, 2nd. The exhibtion is named “Duet”. It features the art of Evie (Eve Pearl) and Dutch Ireman, a duet of two photographers, couples of images and geminate ideas.

The concept behind it was born more or less by chance. At first, the gallery curators selected four pictures of each artist’s established production and suggested that Evie and Dutch completed the sets of images in a way that would make some sense to them. The results came with a positive surprise: even if each photographer didn’t know who else would join them in the exhibition, they provided the gallery with photos that could be arranged in sets of two. In other words, the concept for the exhibition just emerged from that: there were duets – both of pictures and of ways to think of those photographs.” (taken from the accompanying notecard of the exhibition)

Impressions of “Duet” by Evie and Dutch Ireman @ The 22 art space (1) – on the upper left “Dusk” by Dutch Ireman and “Cosmic girl” by Evie (lower left)

In order to underline that concept, other elements have been placed in the gallery, together with the pictures. They are some daily, common items, that people generally think of as forming duos or tend to see as halves of a certain unit. Of course, there is no intention to draw attention from the photographs to other objects, they are just a detail, a way to actually emphasize the dualism that characterizes “Duet”, the exhibition.” (taken from the accompanying notecard of the exhibition)

The objects are everyday life items, that occur as pairs like gloves, shoes, salt and pepper.

Impressions of “Duet” by Evie and Dutch Ireman @ The 22 art space (2)

Evie (Eve Pearl) and Dutch Ireman were both new artists for me and I couldn’t find our mach about them. If they didn’t know of eachother is it a nice coincidence that both joined Second Life almost at the same time almost 13 years ago – another duet. You can see more of their art on Evie (Eve Pearl)’s flickr  and Dutch Ireman’s flickr pages.

Impressions of “Duet” by Evie and Dutch Ireman @ The 22 art space (3) – on the upper left Ship to wreck” by Evie and “Shy” by Evie (lower left)

The 22 Art space is a gallery in Bellisseria, a continent with many Second Life prime members homes. The gallery is on one of these homes. It is owned and curated by Randy Firebrand and Ricco Saenz. The gallery’s name refers to the Modern Art Week in 1922 in Brazil, also known locally as “The 22 Week”.
Thank you Ricco Saenz and Randy Firebrand for enabling and presenting this exhibition. You guys have great ideas and found an outstanding concept to present Evie and Dutch’s artwork. I enjoyed my visit a lot.
“Duet” by Evie and Dutch Ireman @ The 22 art space” shall stay open until December 11th.

Landmark to The 22 Art Space in Bellisseria
Evie (Eve Pearl)’s flickr:
Dutch Ireman’s flickr:

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