Dairy 2021 (137) October 11th/12th Watching table dance

Monday, October 11th, I met with Mistress in the afternoon for 2 hours. First thing Mistress did was putting me into am armbinder again, then she left and summoned me to club Delust. We caught up with our news there. Then, to my surprise, Mistress removed the armbinder and unlocked my slave collar, replacing it with the sub collar. I was speechless first. It might have been the shortest red light in years. Anyway, a reason to smile. Mistress does as she sees fit.

We roamed that afternoon, we were at club DeLust, at Puerto Esclava, at Heavy Bondage Club, at club Domme a Domme and at Dark Butterfly. We watched, read profiles and chatted. I was a relaxed afternoon at Mistress’ side.

October 11th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club DeLust, at Peurto Esclava and at Heavy Bondage Club

At night pet Sun was present and I took her with me to Puerto Esclava. Later Mistress Jenny and then Holly joined us there. When Puerto Esclava was shut down for a restart we went back home to our terrace and had a nice chatty night with slave Holly and pet Sun. I announced that I planned to spend the next night at our dungeon and slave Holly’s dry British humor made us laugh once again!

Sun: oh yes
Diomita Maurer: well, Holly, then you just follow the screams tomorrow night
slave Holly (honoursgirl): yes Mistress Diomita
Sun shivers
Diomita Maurer: no worries, I assume that Mistress with leave the order that I don’t break her toys during her vacation
Mistress Jenny: you are free to play with our toys how you see fit as long as you replace and breakages, Diomita
Diomita Maurer: thank you, Mistress
slave Holly: worry sis if you see Mistress Diomita in the pet store looking for black puppies
Sun giggles
Diomita Maurer coughs laughing RL and SL

October 11th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Puerto Esclava and at home with Sun and slave Holly / at club Domme a Domme

After Sun and slave Holly had left to bed, Mistress Jenny and I spend some time at club Domme a Domme.

Tuesday, October 12th, Mistress started into a one week vacation. I was lucky to catch her online in the morning. Thus I could spend some relaxed time with her at Puerto Esclava and at home.

October 12th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Peurto Esclava and at home

I had some time roaming around in the later afternoon, and I went shopping as I saw a nice outfit. When I returned slave Holly and shortly after her pet Sun came inworld. I took them to Carnal Intentions for a short time. Back home I selected an outfit for pet before I went off to tend to my RL

October 12th: Diomita with slave Holly and Sun

At night I first had a skipee with Flo, Alessi and Sun watched and I had a long break for RL unexpectedly inbetween. When we had finished I took Flo, Sun and Alessi to our dungeon. Flo was licked by slave Alessi and I was licked by our pet Sun. That was a nice start. slae Holly joined us and Flo left for bed. I had just placed Sun on the uneven bars and made slave Holly lick her ass and pussy when Mistress Jenny came inworld. We both watched the show.

October 12th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with Flo, Sun, slave Alessi and slave Holly in our dungeon

We went to Carnal Intentions when the girls were done. And there we got the next show – table dance, first featuring a male alone, then a couple and finally 2 males. There was main chat going on and the show was great to watch while we talked amoung us.

October 12th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with slave Alessi and slave Holly in our dungeon

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