Maurer’s pet Sun aka. Newlifeloading

In the Diary post “Diary 2021 (136) October 9th/10th The collaring of our pet Sun” I wrote about our newest family member Maurer’s pet Sun (Newlifeloading). Some readers might have found that I published something about our pet in the section “Our subs”.

I met Sun Boucher (Newlifeloading) end of 2020 the first time. I don’t remember where anymore and I just have the transcript of the private IM. She must have been dressed in a way that underlined her butt as I approached her making a remark about her butt. I wanted to provoke her and to find out on which side of the leash she would feel comfortable. The next time I saw her, was in the begin of August and then one week later we talked a bit more.
Sun told me that she’s from Denmark and that her SL changed when her RL changed and prevented her to come inworld during the day. Henceforth she had little contact to her partner in SL (Manella Boucher) and to her family in Second Life. Sun was a submissive to Devi (deviant1), who I know from several encounters, but was not owned by her anymore. Sun is the (SL) daughter of Essa (Essanem Spark), who I also know from a few encounters and who is the partner of Devi.
Sun joined Second Life almost 2 years ago on October 29th, 2019 and she was quite addicted spending almost her whole days in Second Life. During this time she learned a lot, not only about herself but also about the technic of Second Life, about places and about shopping. She learned how to do things. She owns a place to retreat to in Essa’s sim, she loves to sail her own boat, to ride her own bike and she accumulated a large wardrobe. Sun defines herself as a switch leaning towards the submissive side. She has been educated at Roissy Val d’Oise.

Mistress Jenny and Diomita with pet Sun (Newlifeloading at Carnal Intentions, at Psi’s realm and at Puerto Esclava

After our first longer conversation I invited Sun to our Friday night party and she followed my invitation and joined our party on Friday, August 13th. Since that day she is with us. Sun is an obedient girl who loves to be controlled very strictly – thus a perfect match to us. She knows her place, loves to serve and to please. She follows orders willingly and also enjoys more than just a little bit of pain. She had been a ponygirl for quite some time and was eager to be a puppy. I warned her that she should be careful what to wish for, but she was too curious. A few days later Sun became our puppy, our pet. I restricted her view, her talking and her hearing, and I trained her.

Mistress Jenny and Diomita with our pet Sun at Puerto Esclava and at home

Being a helpless puppy can be a very intense experience and we kept Sun as our family puppy for 3 weeks. That was long enough to grow her complete submission to us, long enough to realize that she lost control, but not too long to fully extinguish the desire. For sure Sun will have more puppy time with us. Her time as our family puppy also led to a closer realtion to Mistress Jenny and me and to our family. Consequently we took our pet into a trial on Friday, October 1st.

We collared Sun as Maurer’s pet Sun on Saturday, October 9th. Welcome to the family, pet.




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