Diary 2021 (157) November 17th In control

Wednesday, November 17th, I was inworld in the late morning. I got a picture from slave Holly that made me smile. Many years ago Jenny and I bought lockets that sent pre-defined messages. We noticed that the messages did fit to what we just were doing quite often and that made us laugh: “The lockets knew”. Nowadays we use the lockets every once in a while for brainwashing our slaves.

On our sim we have a script named “Slave’s mind” that also sends predefined messages to those we add to the script. The predefined messages are the rules, the slaves have to follow. So it is kind of a reminder and also a kind of brainwashing. When Holly went peeing, she just got the rule about peeing – “the Slave’s mind knew” *winks*

November 17th: slave Holly captured the moment “the Slave’s mind knew”

I had in mind just to peek into Second Life. But as so often it didn’t work out as planned. K was present and she started to put me in my place. I might reveal who K is some time soon. So far she seems to become a permanent second owner of me, but we will see. So far she (and also I) enjoy.

In the afternoon I met with Jenny and took her to club Domme a Domme. I had fun teasing and restricting her. I made her crawl at the club and put her in one of the small cages there. Dely (krysbia) came by and joined me in teasing Jenny. Without any conspiracy between Dely and me, Dely asked me to keep Jenny under my control for at least another week. Jenny was gagged and hence dely couldn’t understand what Jenny replied to her request. I did understand it – she struggled to give in and insisted that my green light only lasted one more day. Bad girl, Jenny.

November 17th: Mistress Diomita and Jenny at club Domme a Domme with Dely (krysbia)

I was not upset. I did not have in mind to overstep the limit Jenny had set for me when I control her. Nonetheless, I am in control and I can’t accept Jenny to struggle or talk back. I said good bye to Dely and took Jenny to our secret skybox. Once there and without hesitating I made Jenny strip, then I put my strapon on and fucked her brain off. I had fun explaining that I still own her – and she had fun too (she might not admit).

November 17th: Mistress Diomita fucking her property Jenny

Jenny and I had a relaxed night, When we came inworld, none of the family was present and we went to Puerto eslava to catch up and to look good and to have a look on what was going on there. We went to Carnal Intentions when slave Holly came inworld and Sun joined us there soon after. We had just a chatty night again, relaxed and enjoyable

November 17th: Mistress Diomita and Jenny at Puerto Esclava and at Carnal Intentions with slave Holly and latex doll Sun

Finally, just before we went to bed and off and after we had brought Holly and Dolly to Holly’s room, I got this picture from doll Sun – just perfect.

November 17th: slave Holly and latex doll Sun = Holly and Dolly

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