Art in Second Life 2021 (115) Michiel Bechir Galleries in December 2021

I visited the current exhibtion at Michiel Bechir Galleries that features the art of 4 female artists, three of them unbeknownst to me so far: Evie Heights (Eve Pearl), Mya Audebarn, Serenitee Bliss and Rose (rosehanry). With just a few exceptions the exhibtion shows female portraits – 4 artists, 4 different styles and interpretations.

My visit started right outside of the gallery where the artwork of Evie Heights is showcased on esels. The seven pictures are all showing female portrait pictures, all with a different layout. While on the first glance there are 7 different females, actually all pictures show one and the same person thus proving how different we perceive a face depending on how it is showcased.
I couldn’t find Evie Heigths as an username and asked Michiel Bechir about her. Evie Heights is Evie (Eve Pearl) and I saw her artwork 2 months ago at The 22 art space (read here). Evie is in Second Life for 13 years. You can fin more of her art on her flickr page.

On the ground floor of the gallery you find 2 rooms. The room on the left side features the art of Serenitee Brunswick (Serenitee Bliss). Although most of Serenitee’s pictures show female faces, she places them into different backgrounds. The whole presentation provides a happy and romantic atmosphere, maybe also enhanced by the floor design and the wall paper. Above the entrance is a statement of Serenitee about her art:
Welcome to my little world of creation. I’v been in Second Life a long while and have experienced many things. Photography has become my number one love. Creating images that tell stories or bring about emotions is very fulfilling. My style go from one end of the spectrum to another. You’ll see abstracts, whimsical, fairy tale, fantasy, heartbreak, eroticism, sensuality, landscapes and just about everything else.
You can find more of Serenitee’s artwork on her flickr page.

The room on the right side is decorated winterly and snowflakes fall down on the floor out of the nothing. The room features the artwork of Mya Audebarn. Mya is in Second Life since 2009. I couldn’t find much about her, just that she speaks Portugese. Mya has a flickr page and writes there about herself:
I’m Mya … I don’t introduce myself as a photographer, I don’t have any techniques … I’m someone who uses emotions and feelings … Each photo has some feeling and when someone appreciates or perceives it, I feel really happy. If I can touch hearts, I will feel fulfilled …
And yes, her portraits tell a story, they are mysterious and romantic.

On the second floor you find a classic gallery room with the portrait artwork of Rose (rosehanry). The portraits are all with a simple white background, most just show the face, no hair, glasses or jewelery, nothing that distract from the face itself. Rose wrote about this collection of portraits:
This portraits show the different moods we usual show behind the pc/laptop when we use our avatar… is a minimalist work for the receptor focus on the mood or expression and make in his mind a story and go beyond that face in the portrait.
More of her art can be found on her flickr page.

Thank you Michiel Bechir for another great exhibition featuring artists who I haven’t come across so far. It’s great to see this variety of portraits, style and ways of presentation. Thank you for providing the space for the arts at Michiel Bechir Galleries and for curating your galleries. Many thanks also to the participating artists. I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Michiel Bechir Galleries at Embrace
Evie (Eve Pearl)’s flickr page
Mya Audebarn’s flickr
Serenitee Bliss’ flickr
Rose (rosehanry)’s flickr

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