Diary 2021 (167) December 5th/6th Mrs. and Mrs. Maurer

Sunday, December 5th, became a particular day in Second Life. When I came inworld in the afternoon, Jenny was shopping and I joined her. We looked at lovely fetish clothes, then we went to club DeLust where we just chatted with some other guests (in IM) and among us. It was very enjoyable. I think I haven’s mentioned so far, that Mistress Jenny granted me some time off, she didn’t change my collar, but she just wanted me at her side. Hence I could a bit come down and enjoy time at her side, wife and wife.
I had to take a short break for RL and when I returned Jenny was gone, a she had also to tend to her RL suddently. I played a bit around with the pictures I took and added some filters. I like the result!

December 5th: Mrs. Jenny Maurer and Mrs. Diomita Maurer at club DeLust

When we met at night again, our pet Sun and Flo were inworld. Jenny and I discussed what to do that night, but didn’t decide. Instead we went seeing pet Sun, caught up with her and took her to the games tables where Flo had jsut finsihed her 3rd game against herself (she won all surprise surprise). And while we said hello to Flo… slave Holly came inworld, slave Alessi joined us, Ebony came by …. and Argi visited us …. and all of a sudden we were 8 people. A spontaneous family night.

December 5th at home: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Maurer’s pet Sun, Flo, slave Alessi, slave Holly, Argi and Ebony

We talked and chatted and in the meanwhile Jenny and I helped our slave Holly to get a white catsuit and i adjusted her chastity gear, added vixen cuffs and coloured all in “gold”. When we were done with that I asked all to line up for a picture.

We went to our terrace and spent the whole night there. Flo cuddled with Argi on one sofa, Ebony occupied the other sofa. Jenny and I sat in our chairs with slave Holly, slave Alessi and pet Sun close to us at our feet. What a chat night, very relaxed, we have a great family around us! Flo and Sun were the first to leave for bed and we sorted us again. Ebony cuddled with Argi and Alessi too Sun’s place at my feet. It was already after midnight when we stood up to go to bed. We had a lovely family night!

December 5th at home: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Maurer’s pet Sun, Flo, slave Alessi, slave Holly, Argi and Ebony

Monday, December 6th, I had again a nice and relaxed time in the later afternoon with Jenny. We went to club Domme a Domme first and cought up with our mutual news there. we had some IMs but nothing was going on and we moved on to Puerto Esclava after a while. We both enjoyed just being together and made some alternative plans for the upcoming nights with the slaves.

December 6th: Mrs. Jenny Maurer and Mrs. Diomita Maurer at club Domme a Domme and at Puerto Esclava

I had the idea to create some more pictures of us at club DeLust and we went there before we had to log off to tend to our RL. This time Jenny held me in her arms. I used the same setting and filters for the pictures as the day before. These pictures will look great at home.

December 6th: Mrs. Jenny Maurer and Mrs. Diomita Maurer at club DeLust

At night we gathered at the house, Jenny, Alessi, Sun and Angelique. we said hello to Angelique, but she was about to leave for bed. We went on a short simploring tour looking for a Winter fun side. We visited “Lemon Trees Christmas Snow“, a lovely place, great for taking pictures, but the activities, that Jenny was looking for were missing. I might return for a full simploring tour, if I find the time for it.

December 6th: A visit to Lemon Trees Christmas Snow

We returned home, as slave Holly had come inworld and took the slaves to Psi’s realm. Sun had to leave for bed as well and I took care of Alessi and Holly and locked them up restrictively. I had fun and enjoyed looking at the two. They did well and pleased Jenny and me. And of coruse I took quite some pictures. slave Holly took also some pictures with her restircted view, always intriguing to see her world.

December 6th – a short spontaneous bondage night: Jenny, Diomita, Maurer’s pet Sun, slave Holly and slave Alessi

We stayed about an hour at Psi’s realm, then went to Carnal Intentions with the slaves to wind down a bit before we went to bed.

December 6th: Jenny, Diomita, slave Holly and slave Alessi at Psi’s realm and at Carnal Intentions

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