Art in Second Life 2021 (124) “And darkness came” by Nils Urqhart @ United Artists of SL

I got an invitation from Nils Urqhart to see his newest exhibtion at United Artist of SL, that opened Thursday, December 16th.

This time Nlis doesn’t present Real Life pictures, but images he created from his RL photos by modifying the lights and moods. “And darkness came” is a cold universe, plunging visitors into a dark and eerie atmosphere where only a few dim lights appear on the snow and ice of the mountains.

The exhibtion comprises about 35 pictures, all taken originally in the French Alpes. They show huts, mountains and rocks, all dived into a blue-ish, foggy atmosphere. The darkness forces the spectator to have a closer look to see the details of the pictures. And if you have been in the mountains at Winter, then you know that the light and the atmosphere can be like this – hard to see any details.

Impressions of “And darkness” came by Nils Urqhart @ United Artists of SL (1)

Nils Urqhart (Paul Maurice in RL) is a French photographer in RL. He takes his photos mainly in French Alps and other French mountains (Vosges, Jura, Bugey, Aubrac…). Nils has a lot of exhibitions in different SL galleries every year. You can get a list with all of his current exhibition from the board in the center of the exhibitions space at United Artists of SL.
Nils is in SL since December 2007. Since 2010, his photos have been on display year-round at Art gallery Rill’Arts. Nils (or Paul in RL) has an own website where you can purchase his pictures to decorate you RL home.

Impressions of “And darkness” came by Nils Urqhart @ United Artists of SL (2)

Nils Urqhart is the creator of the RL Photo Festival Helvellyn, the Helvellyn Christmas Market and the Helvellyn Summer Fair – all three are annual artistic events. He also provided quite a list of potential contact opportunities besides his webpage: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Impressions of “And darkness” came by Nils Urqhart @ United Artists of SL (3)

I like Nils Urqhart (Paul Maurice) RL pictures. They are kind of a connection element between RL and SL. With “And darkness came” you visit a “real” exhibtion in a virtual environment – and all safe without any restrictions *winks*. Thank you Nils for another great exhibition

Landmark to Nils Urqhart “And darkness came” @ UASL
Landmark to Art Gallery Rill’Arts
Nils Urqhart (Paul Maurice in RL)’s website
Paul Maurice on Facebook
Paul Maurice on Twitter
Paul Maurice on Instagram

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