Art in Second Life 2022 (1) Funday by Cica Ghost

Sunday, January 2nd, I got an invitation from Cica Chost to see her newest installation, the first of 2022. It is called “Funday“.

And so my 2nd day in 2022 (see all the two’s *winks*) became my first Funday. The thought Cica gave to us with her installation fits very well: “Happy Sunday Funday :)”
As I usually do, I zoomed out first and choose Midday as enviroment to get an overview. The landing is right in the middle of the sim. You can easily spot Cica’s shop for this installation, 2 ponds and a group of higher Cica-ish buildings, which I called Highrise-buildings. After this zoom out I used the shared environment settings again (as recommended).

Funday by Cica Ghost – overview and orientation map

Funday is just to have fun – and I had fun. There are a lot of buildings, walls and places at Funday, you can easily lose the orientation. The main animals at Funday are cows, chicken and sheep. You find them as 3D animals as well as in paintings on the walls. And there are a lot of paintings on the walls, all in the typical Cica style. The cows, chicken and sheep are available for purchase in Cica’s shop at Funday.

Impressions of Funday by Cica Chost (1)

There is so much to discover, I certainly didn’t see all and for sure did not try out everything. You should hoover with your mouse over objects, many contain animations, so that you can dance or sit for example. There are also places where you can just dance. Look out for the signs “Dance”.

Impressions of Funday by Cica Chost (2)

The paintings are mostly simply funny. For example the chicken that is jealous of the another chicken which holds a balloon. Or the two monsters that fight to be touched by you. If you touch them you get a link to Cica’s store on the marketplace where you can buy the little monsters that are from a previous isntallation of Cica Ghost. Also the frogs, which take a bath in one of the two ponds, are from a previous installation of Cica. Hence you can meet old acquaintances at Funday.

Impressions of Funday by Cica Chost (3)

You can walk up ladders to get into the highrise-buildings and use bridges up there to get from one room to the other. Also here are opportunities to sit or to dance. You have a nice view from up there and may find more walls with paintings. I looked out for Cica’s cat, that is in almost all of her installations and I thought I had found it in a painting at one wall, at least the ears and the tail of a cat. I also found a bar to have a drink. Did I mention that there are cows and sheeps and chicken at almost every corner?

Impressions of Funday by Cica Chost (4)

It was quite busy when I visited and I could watch people having fun and I shared the fun and balanced on a rope with another visitor. As I said – try out everyhting, you will have fun! Of course I also visited the Loch Ness monster that peeks out it’s head at the second pond. Finally, shortly before I had to leave I found the cat and I sat down next to it with a big smile in my face.

Impressions of Funday by Cica Chost (5)

Seeing the world with the eyes of children, having fun, dancing with fellow friends or even just with other visitors and forgetting problems for a short while is what you do on a happy Sunday Funday. Thank you Cica for the fun I had at Funday. It was a pleasure to visit and to write about it! And I still have a smile in my face.
As always, I don’t know how long Funday is available, that depends on the feedback and number of visitors and Cica’s mood and plans – hence go there soon and enjoy!

Landmark to Funday by Cica Ghost
Cica Ghost’s flickr:
Cica Ghost’s shop C I C A
Cica Ghost on the marketplace

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