Diomita’s 14th Rez Day


Diomita at 16 months old

I met Diomita shortly after I joined SL and we connected right away. Our blog tells the long journey that we have enjoyed together and how close we have been over the years. We often get IMs from people telling us how much they enjoy reading our profiles as they show briefly how we have developed and the time we have shared. Diomita has been getting closer to me in her submissive role more and more over the recent past and the more she falls the deeper the stronger my Domme side seems to feel. Our journey still has a very long way to go and we still have no idea of the destination. We don’t have a map, and we continually look at ways to keep everything fresh. One thing is for sure, without Diomita I would have left SL a long time ago. Having such a close friend as Diomita helped make the past 2 Years fly by. I know hand on heart that knowing Diomita has changed me for the better and I am looking forward to many more years together. Thank you for keeping our story up to date for our followers and enjoy being spoiled today. All my love Jenny xxxxxxxx


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