Mistress Jenny Maurer’s 14th Rez day

Today marks Mistress Jenny Maurer (Laylady Lay)’s 14th Rez day in Second Life. It’s just a date and Mistress Jenny herself is not inworld on her anniversary day. She returns tomorrow. Nonetheless it is a day that reminds me how blessed we are that we found each other and that we were able to keep our Second Life exciting and varied. That is not just our merit, as opposed to it is the merit of the people, family and friends around us.

We had great 14 years together and the dynamic of our relation has changed completely. I’m very happy to be Mistress Jenny’s married slave, her Ehesklavin. Thank you for everything, Mistress Jenny. I hope for many more years with you. I love you.

Your loving wife and Ehesklavin

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