Simploring 2022 (2) Dyrhólaey

Serene Footman is back in Second Life. A few weeks ago he re-opened Furillen for a few weeks and I visited it again and enjoyed the many memories (read my post about Furillen here). Serene’s sims are always outstanding. He rebuilds RL places in Second Life, places many of us never heard about before, or weired places with a very particular history or background. I didn’t see all of them, but many. And visiting a place of Serene like Khodovarikha (read here and here) or Rummu (read here) or Ukivok (read here) ..or… or.. was always a highlight of my Second Life.
And now Serene opened Dyrhólaey, his interpretation of Iceland in Second Life. It was not Serene’s attitude to rebuild exactly a part of icleand, he wanted to provide the atmosphere and to highlight some specific features of this beautiful place. I’ve never been to Iceland, it is still on my list of places to visit some time (hopefully). But now I can visit at least visit the southernmost point of Iceland, the home to the ‘endless black beach’ in Second Life and inhale some of it’s atmosphere and get some unique impressions.

Birdeye view and orientation map of Serene Footman’s Dyrhólaey

Serene wrote a very detailled blogpost about Dyrhólaey. He explained what you can see on the sim, which buildings he has picked for Dyrhólaey and where they are in reality. He described Icelands flora and fauna, the different birds, the sheep and horses. He gave background information about the wrecked plane and about the piano on the beach. To sum it up – I didn’t want to rewrite Serene’s post, I can’t do it any better! I strongly recommend to to read Serene’s post about Dyrhólaey before visiting the sim in Second Life.
Dyrhólaey is best viewed using shared environment with advanced lighting. The day/night cycle set to 24 hours. My first visit was late at night and I had the luck to see some aurora borealis in the skies, my second visit was during the day and the sim looks different at daytime.

First impressions of Serene Footman’s Dyrhólaey – aurora borealis in the skies

Serene Footman’s Dyrhólaey – The cliff retreat by architect Alex Hogrefe / Diomita enjoying the view over Dyrhólaey

Serene Footman’s Dyrhólaey – The café inspired by the Ion Hotel in Nesjavellir / the piano and horses on the beach

Serene Footman’s Dyrhólaey – wreck of the DC3 US Navy airplane 1973 / puffins / Skarðsviti Lighthouse / buildings on the high plateau of Dyrhólaey

Serene Footman’s Dyrhólaey – Svartifoss waterfall / columns of Reynisdrangar / places to enjoy and relax

As with previous sims Serene had some help from others builders. Harry Cover (aka impossibleisnotfrench) buildt the wreck of the DC3 US Navy airplane 1973 and Mara Telling made the bar in the cliff retreat by the architect Alex Hogrefe (which was never realised).

For your own visit, keep in mind that Serene’s sims usually are only available for a few weeks.
Thank you very much, Serene! I did enjoy my visit to the fullest.

Landmark to Dyrhólaey
Serene Footman’s post about Dyrhólaey
flickr group for Dyrhólaey

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