Art in Second Life 2022 (32) Status Menti by Elfi Siemens

At Nitroglobus Roof Gallery a new exhibition was opened Friday, March 25th: “Status Menti” by Elfie Siemens.

Exhibition Poster created by David Silence based on a work of Elfi Siemens

The exhibition “Status Menti” consists of 14 pictures of Elfi Siemens. The outstanding exhibition space with it’s mirroring floor and open sky adds a lot to the experience of it. Adwehe, whos artwork was featured at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery in February, tuned in her great lights/shadows art into Elfi’s art work. The space, the light effects and the appearing and vanishing objects in different colours make the space itself unique. Don’t forget to use the preset environment settings in your viewer (in Firestorm top menu “World” -> “Environment” -> “Use Shared Environment”.
Dido Haas, owner and curator of Nitroglobus Roof Gallery, wrote about “Status Menti”:
This exhibition shows the very personal and emotional work of Elfi Siemens. It touches my heart and I am sure it will touch yours too. Elfi is an artist who is not afraid to show images from (as she calls it) ‘places deep inside’. Don’t expect bright colors and happy images, instead take your time and let the works displayed on the walls of Nitroglobus descend and create their own stories in your head and heart. As Elfi says: ‘Sometimes people find stories in my pictures, of which I myself didn’t even think of’.

And Elfi Siemens herself wrote: “Status Menti / State Of Mind is an emotional trip through my personal darkness – and who knows, maybe you will find parts of your own inner twilight zone in those images painted with shadows.

Impressions of “Status Menti” by Elfi Siemens @ Nitroglobus Roof Gallery (1)

Elfi Siemens joined SL in 2007 and was fascinated about the endless possibilities SL has to offer to creative minds:
For me it can take the art of photography to a different level, simply because I have the power to change the lighting or the scenery to my will, and ‘freeze’ a moment as long as it’s needed to get the (for me) perfect picture.
Most images I created since 2020 come from places deep inside, inspired by situations and emotions, often telling stories from the darker sides of human life – stories that have no room in all the colorful and sunshiny photo albums around us. I have learned from the few exhibitions I made so far in SL: Sometimes people find stories in my pictures, of which I myself didn’t even think of.

Impressions of “Status Menti” by Elfi Siemens @ Nitroglobus Roof Gallery (2)

In my personal opinion Efi Siemens pictures are outstanding. They are creative and inspire to get literally into them to spin your own story about them.
You can find more of Elfie Siemens on her flickr page. Elfi also owns a sim named “Quoted Memories“, a scenic urban area made for photographersm that also offers some unique backdrops.

Nitroglobus Roof Gallery is owned and curated by Dido Haas. She has a separete room at the gallery to showcase her own art, the main room is mostly dedicated to feature other artists.
Thank you, Dido for providing the space for the art and for enabling the exhibition “Status Menti” by Elfi Siemens, which will be open for the public until around April 22nd, 2022. Thank you Elfi for your great artwork. I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Nitroglobus Roof Gallery
Elfi Siemens’ flickr
Landmark to Elfie Siemens’ sim “Quoted Memories”
Elfi Siemens flickr group for “Quoted Memories

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. didohaas
    Apr 03, 2022 @ 10:32:34

    Love this review, thanks sooo much Diomita for your visit to my gallery and for dedicating a post to Elfi’s exhibition STATUS MENTI! Appreciate A LOT!


  2. Elfi Siemens
    Apr 03, 2022 @ 17:30:40

    Dear Diomita, thank you so much for your visit and this really great review, it’s most appreciated! ❤


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