Art in Second Life 2022 (33) Make a wish by Cica Ghost

Sunday, April 3rd, Cica Ghost opened a new installation named “Make a wish“. You find the complete title – or the thought Cica provides with her installation in the landmark description: “Make a wish upon a Blobfish :)”

As usual with Cica’s installation you shall use shared environment, set advanced lighting and activate shadows from sun/moon and projectors.
To say it right away “Make a wish” by Cica Ghost did conjure a smile in my face from the very beginning of my visit. The island Cica designed is quite meager but there are some fertile corners where you find single trees and daisies – the kind of “Cica-daisies” which I planted also at our homesim. You see some single buildings spread over the island, quite high buildings in the typical “Cica”-style. There are several ropes stretched between trees, poles and buildings. And Cica hid many animations, be it on these ropes or on roofs, be it on chairs and benches or be it dancing animations (look for the sign “Dance”).
At the building close to the landing point is a small table with two chairs, where you find the first inhabitants of “Make a wish“, two ladybugs that are eating a daisy.

Impressions of “Make a wish” by Cica Ghost (1)

And not far away are two rockskipper fish, that lay around lazy. Of course they have big eyes and of course they are big. You can even sit on one of these rockskipper fish.

The star at “Make a wish” is a huge blobfish. It lives at the shore of a pond and there’s a figure looking at it. I placed myself next to that figure and looked at the sad and ugly face of the blobfish – and made a wish!
Further inhabitants are three storks and one cat. This time Cica did not hide the cat, thank you Cica!

Impressions of “Make a wish” by Cica Ghost (2)

I had a lot of fun exploring “Make a wish“. I tried some of the animations – use your mouse and hoover over buildings, animals and ropes to find them. I sat down and watched and I found a few more rockskipper fish as well as another stork besides the couple that is also the motive of the poster.

Impressions of “Make a wish” by Cica Ghost (3)

Once again Cica created a lovely fantasy world this time around two very outstanding fishes – blobfish and rockskipper fish. To be honest I never heard about both and looked them up on the net. Blobfish are famous for being the most ugly fish. When they are in the sea they are not that ugly, but once outside they look really sad and ugly! And rockskipper fish are famous as you can find them outside of the water on rocks. Both blobfish and rockskipper fish are not as huge as they are at “Make a wish” by Cica Ghost.
You can grab your own blobfish for free right at the entrance where Cica has several boards, with her artist bio, the tip jar, visitor counter, a link to her store and the free blobfish.

Impressions of “Make a wish” by Cica Ghost (4) – blobfish and rockskipper fish

I enjoyed my visit and I brought a blobfish with me. I might take it out for making a wish every once in a while.

Diomita with her blobfish at “Make a wish” by Cica Ghost

Thank you Cica for another lovely installation!

Landmark to “Make a wish” by Cica Ghost
Cica Ghost’s shop inworld
Cica Ghost’s shop on the marketplace
Cica Ghost’s flickr:

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