Art in Second Life 2022 (39) Exaggerations by Blip Mumfuzz @ Andante Gallery

Following Inara Pey’s blog I came across her post “Blip’s exaggerations in Second Life” and a gallery which I had not visited before – the Andante Gallery, operated by Jules Catlyn and Iris Okiddo (IrisSweet). The Andante Gallery has new exhibitions every 5 to 6 weeks. The current exhibition is by Blip Mumfuzz and titled “Exaggerations”.

The gallery itself is larger than it seems on a first glance and consists of two L-shaped buildings with a center court.
Most of the pictures of Blip Mumfuzz in this exhibition are flowers and plants that are processed with filters or additional layers to create a dominant colour, floral abstracts, exaggerations as the title implies. Blip used the windows of the gallery building to showcase more of her art looking from inside to the outside.

Impressions of “Exaggerations” by Blip Mumfuzz @ Andante Gallery (1)

I had come across Blip Mumfuzz in March 2020 the first time, when she exhibited at La Maison d’Aneli (read here). I also saw her exhibition “Urban and Industrial Images”, that excited me because of the way and the environment in which Blip presented her art (read here). I personally think she has the talent for the right way to showcast her work.
Blip Mumfuzz is a SL verteran, being inworld since 2007. Blip takes extraordinairy pictures in Second Life. Her art is to select the right cut-out of a picture, she looks for the abstract in the common, she “helps people to “see” the world with their mind and not just with their eyes.
Some pictures at the exhibition are different though. For example there’s a series of 3 pictures “Grill, Breakfast and Back” that capture everyday life scenes. And through one window you can see the picture “Microbus”, that is an example of Minimalism in Blip’s artwork. Amoung the floral abstraction pictures, these pictures gain particular attention.

Impressions of “Exaggerations” by Blip Mumfuzz @ Andante Gallery (2)

You can see more of Blip’s art at her flickr page or at her Mumfuzz Gallery.

The exhibition “Exaggerations” by Blip Mumfuzz at Andante Gallery will stay open until May 8th. Thank you Blip for this exhibition, thank you Jules Catlyn and Iris Okiddo (IrisSweet) for enabling it and thank you Inara for your post. I enjoyed my visit.

landmark to “Exaggerations” by Blip Mumfuzz at Andante Gallery
Inara Pey’s blogpost “Blip’s exaggerations in Second Life”
Blip Mumfuzz flickr
Mumfuzz Gallery

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