Simploring 2022 (5) La petite Provence

I visited La Petite Provence, a place built on a 1/2 full region, rated moderate. It is a French place and hence also the landmark description is in French, here’s the translation: “welcome to the little provence, village to visit, a tp will take you to different sky, snow chalet, magical cave, space … come and discover and enjoy

La Petite Provence – bird eye view and orientation map

Right where you land in a litte town located in the Provence, South France, is the above mentioned teleport pad from where you can visit a snow chalet, a magical cave and a space station. I stayed on the ground and kept the other destinations for another visit.

La Petite Provence is nicely seperated from the rest of the region with sheer rock walls. The sim is surrounded by forested islands with many waterfalls. I visited the town first. It has the typical charm of these small towns with narrow alleys, small store, street cafés, a market place with stands for vegetables, fruits and other goods and a place to play boule. It is spring and the flowers are blooming.
Across the town are rabbits and eggs, the leftovers of an egg hunt for Easter that took place here and weren’t yet removed at the time of my visit. Actually these decorations look a bit weired in the pictures I took.

La Petite Provence – exploring the town (1)

Beside the rabbits and eggs the town is picturesque. There’s a little promenade from where you can see the lighthouse and also in the narrow alleys you come across some stores and stands. I really enjoyed the place.

La Petite Provence – exploring the town (2)

From the town you can walk uphill to visit the large villa that is on top of a hill overlooking the town and the sim. The villa seems not to be private, its more like a large meeting area. In the open center you find gaming tables and quite some opportunities to sit. I lay down and had a cocktail in the sun.

La Petite Provence – the large villa

After my cocktail i continued my simploring tour and visited the rest of the sim. On a high plateau close to the villa you find another nice and cosy place to relax. I went to the beach, where you find even more opportunities to sit down and relax or to cuddle with a loved one.

La Petite Provence – a place to cuddle / at the beach

I like all the different places to sit and relax and La Petite Provence is full of them. While the town has the flair of Southern France the views from the beach are nice yet not fitting to the theme in my opinion. You won’t see such forested islands with waterfalls there.
I returned to the town and had a cup of coffee in a street cafe.

La Petite Provence – from the beach back to the town

To sum it up La Petite Provence is a really nice place to stay and to enjoy. I personally liked in particular the small town. La Petite Provence is owned by Opiume Palmer (opiume). I couldn’t find out if her partner Ces Palmer is also involved.
Thank you Opiume for creating this place and for sharing it publicly! I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to La Petite Provence
Opium’s flickr group

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