Diary 2022 (72) May 24th/25th Rules

Tuesday, May 24th, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. We went to club Domme a Domme. Mistress has educated and formed me, I have rules. One rule is that I have to offer her my leash when we’re out on our own. I offered Mistress my leash and she took it immediately. And when I’m leashed then I am to kneel and may only whisper in main chat. I failed this rule already accidentally and I know I get punished if I fail, I have become quite focused in the meanwhile.
The rules add to my submission and helplessness and with every time spent at Mistress’ feet the feeling gets more intense.
We stayed quite a while at club Domme a Domme that afternoon. Faye came by and knelt a short while for us (well more for Mistress Jenny as I was kneeling myself). Dona (swittepet) sat quite close to us, she had brought her own seat. I talked with Mistress about profiles and people and about my feelings. Mistress is very happy how we are and satisfied with the progresses I made. After more than one hour we moved on the club DeLust where Mistress allowed me to worship her feet and boots for a few minutes before we returned home and into our RL.

May 24th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at club Domme a Domme with Faye (Boy Serenity) and Dona (swittepet) / at club DeLust

We began our night as usual playing a skipee with Flo. Alessi came by and watched us for a while. We went to Carnal Intentions after the game and summoned slave Holly to us when she came inworld. I played a bit with the vision restriction of Flo and of the slaves and added Mistress and me to their view. We talked and watch. Later, Flo was already off to bed, we returned home and played another skipee as teams. It was a long and weired game that lasted way longer than usual and it was way beyond our bedtime when it was over. But we had fun playing.

May 24th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo, slave Holly and slave Alessi

Wednesday, May 25th, Mistress and I met in the afternoon again. Mistress took me to club Domme a Domme where we caught up with our news. I had hoped to stay next to her but I had to offer her my leash and Mistress took it again. Hence I kneeled at her feet again and Mistress did enjoy it a lot. Later we moved on to club DeLust. We talked about my upcoming green light. I admit I’m a bit nervous about it. It has been more than just a months since I had my last green light and so much has changed again. But I don’t want to refrain from it. We also talked already about the upcoming Friday night and about a theme for it.
Whenever Mistress addresses me with “Ehesklavin” I am to answer “I am your perfect slave, Mistress”. Mistress uses that often and when she does it in public it is a bit embarrassing for me for two reasons. Firstly it sounds presumptuous and secondly it is a public confession. This time it led to a bit of main chat about me … *sighs*. Mistress enjoys that.
Mistress had locked my hands in front, just because she couldn’t resist (her words). But in the course of that afternoon I was a bit inattentive in IM. I admit I also tested my limits, tried to get into the mood for the green light. Although Mistress noticed itm she didn’t punish me right away, but when we returned home to tend to our RL, Mistress decided that my hands stay locked in front as a reminder until she returns at night.

May 25th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at club Domme a Domme and at club DeLust

At night Mistress did not unlock my cuffs as she had announced … just when she came inworld I didn’t notice the leash that she was still holding and I made the next mistake forgetting to whisper. That “earned” me being cuffed all night long. We played a skipee with Flo, another quite long game and slave Holly came inworld and watched us. After the game Mistress took Flo, slave Holly and me to “Abandoned Bunker Somewhere“. It is a new place and Kitty is exploring it at the moment. But without any tour guide we were a bit lost. I saw Alessi coming inworld and summoned her to us.

After 10 minutes Mistress decided to stop exploring and went to Carnal Intentions with us. In the meanwhile she had locked slave Holly arms in front like mine .. later she also locked slave Alessi’s wrists in front. It was quite embarrasing for me and it was all my fault. But complaining wouldn’t help. And I have to realize that it still was a comparably mild punishment. Mistress could be way harsher, yet she prefers subtle punishments, that have a longer lasting effect.
We spent the night at Carnal Intentions. I talked a bit with slave Alessi, slave Holly and Mistress and just endured being punished in front of the slaves. Mistress demonstrated crystal clear who is in charge. But she also had to pay a price … she was flooded with IMs. I enjoyed that this only hits the one in charge, I had a quiet and relaxed night .. besides feeling embarrassed and ashamed.

May 25th: Mistress Jenny at Carnal Intentions with Diomita, Flo, slave Holly and slave Alessi

After we had said good night to slave Holly and slave Alessi, we retreated into our skybox. I thought Mistress would unlock my cuffs – she did not *sighs*. As Opposed to Mistress added ankle cuffs and locked them connected with a short chain that aloowed only small steps. Lesson learned – don’t provoke Mistress Jenny….
And that’s it for this diary entry.

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