Simploring 2022 (10) Grauland June 2022

Wednesday, June 8th, JimGaranad told me that he had remodeled Grauland again. He also told me that this iteration would stay only a few weeks – and I should just enjoy. Well, I did enjoy exploring and as I made quite some pictures once again and as it is another different and interesting sim design, I will report about my visit and keep my impressions for the blog.

I have visited Grauland in 2019 the first time (read here), three times in 2020 (read here, here and here) and twice in 2021, in April 2021 (read here), in November 2021 (read here), in January 2022 (read here) and in May 2022 (read here). Grauland of June 22 is a strategic military base on a remote, rocky island.

Grauland June 2022 – bird eye view and orientation map

The landing on Grauland is on a pier that leads to a high stairwell built into a steep rock. I walked up the stairs and from there you have a first overview over the sim. Stairs lead down again into the rock. Actually the rock is hollowed out and contains a quite complete infrastructure for soldiers to live. I first explored the headquarters, a building with a control room, a cafeteria, conference room and a lounge.

Impressions of Grauland June 2022 (1) – Landing, the stairs, the headquarter building

Impressions of Grauland June 2022 (2) – Entertainment, Lounge, conference room, control room and cafeteria

Grauland is an adult sim owned by JimGarand. Jim owns a shop for poses, the M-1 Art Poses. At the landing pier you find a teleport board to the M-1 Art Poses shop, that is located in another room of the headquarter building. I had a look at the store and stepped out of the building. If you walk along the wooden pier there you reach a seperate island with just 4 chairs and a campfire.
If you walk along the rock though, you come to a big gate. This gate is the entrance to a tunnel, that leads through the rock to the other side. The tunnel has also a connection the the headquarters.

Impressions of Grauland June 2022 (3) – M1 Art poses store, campfire and tunnel through the rock

Next to the headquarters are the team quarters. You can reach it from the headquarters or through a seperate entrance. The teamquarter building has a glass roof to provide some daylight.

Impressions of Grauland June 2022 (4) – Teamquarters and bridge to the hangar

I continued my simploring tour and went over the large bridge that leads to an hangar. Inside you find a futuristic combat aircraft. I could even sit in it and look at the instruments – yet I couldn’t fly it 😦

Impressions of Grauland June 2022 (5) – Hangar with combat aircraft

On all strategic point of the military base you find canons. But in peaceful times and when not working, the soldiers can relax. Besides the campfire, you find loungers in front of the headquarters, some air mattresses and a large floating rubber boat. Although I wasn’t dressed for it …. I could not resist to try out some poses…..

Impressions of Grauland June 2022 (6) – One of the canons / Diomita posing

I had fun simploring. JimGarand created another interesting place. I like the hidden headquarters and teamquarters – and I had great fun posing. Thank you, Jim, in particular for sharing your place with the public.
If you want to see Grauland June 2022, then you might have to do it soon. I look forward to seeing the next iteration.

Landmark to Grauland
Grauland flickr
JimGarand’s store M-1 Art Poses on the marketplace

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