Diary 2022 (87) June 24th/25th When Mistress is away (1)

Friday, June 24th, was the first day of Mistress Jenny’s vacation. I was inworld in the later afternoon and changed into an outfit for our party at night. Mistress and I had talked about a potential theme and I was thankful for her help. So the theme was “It’s Friday again, it’s tme for our party again. We have had a week of blue skies so bring out the Blue in you or wear something light or nothing at all – or come as you are. DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes for us.
After changing I went to club Domme a Domme and met Dely (krysbia) and Faye (Boy Serenity) there. Then I spent some time at club DeLust watching the eye candies before I logged out for dinner.

June 24th: Diomita at club Domme a Domme with Faye and at club DeLust

The party was fun at night. When I rezzed a table …. When the cat is away the mice dance on the table… I must have deleted the lights by accident. That was a bit stressful, as I had viewer issues .. it took me an hour to repair the mess. But with a glass of wine and the good music that was forgotten quickly. And after midnight …. we had a strip party too *laughs* – a hot Summer night!

June 24th Friday night party: Diomita, slave Holly, Flo, Ebony Massey, slave Holly, Baroness Capelo, Diomita, slave Holly, Dely (krysbia) (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, LaLuna Starchild, Jayson Dakota, Virgo Babii, Virgo Babii, Baroness Capelo, Diomita, Dely (krysbia) (lower row)

Saturday, June 25th, I visited a gallery in the later morning. I returned inworld at night. slave Lily (Lily Bloodrose) was at home. I went seeing her and as she had prepared herself for being tied up, I was nice and tied and locked her, then took her with me to club Domme a Domme to decorate me.

June 25th: Diomita with slave Lily at club Domme a Domme

We stayed a bit at club Domme a Domme and I teased slave Lily. She had told me weeks ago that she had to move in SL and I asked her if the movement is finished. She confirmed it and we went seeing her place. I was surprised as it is a real large place, a big house and slave Lily has a lot of rooms to be tortured. The tour took some time….
We returned home as Flo and slave Alessi showed up there. Ebony was also present. Then we had a skipee night. We, slave Alessi and slave Lily on one side and Flo and me on the other side played as teams. Ebony watched and teased Lily a bit. The first round was quick (Alessi and Lily won), the second round was closer, but slave Alessi and slave Lily won it again. Ebony began to understand the game and might have been more excited than we were. Ebony also noticed that slave Lily had had her 9th rez day anniversary the day before. I made sure that she got her spanks after the game.
I had a relaxed night.

June 25th: Diomita inspecting slave Lily’s homeplace / playing skipee at home (Diomita, Ebony, slave Lily, Flo, slave Alessi) / Diomita spanking slave Lily for her 9th rezday

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