Mistress Cherry

I thought it’s about time that I write something about Mistress Cherry (Elenaslv Serenity). I know Cherry since March 2021. At that time she had picked the display name Elena for herself. She had applied for our keyholding service.

At that time I wrote in the diary (read Diary 2021 (38) March 23rd/24th Key Holding service reloaded):
The applicant for our keyholding service was ready to be locked and I summoned her to Psi’s realm. Mistress Jenny demanded that she added our script so that we both have access to her restraints. She, Elena (Elenaslv Serenity), did that immediately. After Flo had left for bed, Mistress took Elena and me to a public but silent place and we further dicussed the conditions. Mistress Jenny was way softer than I intended to be, but….she’s in control *winks*.
After Mistress had set all conditions, we showed Elena our home shortly, then she went off.

March 23rd, 2021: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with Elena

From that day on, Elena stayed in touch with Mistress Jenny and me and she became a regular sub of ours for a couple of months. I learned about her passion for pink and for extraordinairy daring outfits showing a lot of skin. Elena also likes very high heels and prefers having a voluptous and curvy body. Elena is from Italy and hence our time zones fitted. She is making textures for sailing boats and boats and runs a shop together with Ali Vultee. I remember days and nights were she was working for the shop and was fighting with technical problems. We couldn’t leave her locked nor deny IM for longer times as she had to deal with customers. But when she was with Mistress and me, she was always a good girl, always up for new gear, new restraints and willing to try out new features.

Elena aka. Cherry (Elenaslv Serenity) March – October 2021

In October 2021 Elena became Domina Ansar’s sub/slave. And since then she wears the display name Cherry. Domina Ansar and Cherry became regular guests at our Friday night parties.
Cherry stayed in close contact with Mistress Jenny and also with me. Every day she used to say hello to Mistress Jenny and me in IM and she said good night when she left for bed. I think that Cherry talked way more with Mistress Jenny than with me though.

Cherry continued staying in touch with me even after Jenny’s unexpected death. She made a special texture edition for a boat and named it “Jenny and Diomita together forever” and we talked a lot about it. And Cherry continued saying hello and good night…. until November 25th, 2022. We had our Friday night party that night and while dancing Cherry and I chatted. Cherry and I talked about everything, about our SL, what it means for us. Cherry is a very emotional being, always caring, always worrying about others and she is this way in RL too. Then we talked about creppes and Cherry described in detail how her dad makes them for her, what ingredients he uses and she succeeded to make my mouth water. I could almost taste them and she grined evily. One word let to the other and I learned about Cherry’s well hidden domme side. Later she told me that I opened the Pandora’s box. I really did!
We continued talking and when the party was over we retreated to my hidden place. We stayed in-world until 3 AM … and by that time I had submitted to Mistress Cherry. It was a quick, fully unexpected, spontaneous but complete takeover of control!

November 26th: Mistress Cherry and Diomita

That weekend, November 26th/27th, we spent a lot of time together, we talked and I could taste Mistress’ sweet and very addicitve poison several times. Mistress immediately found my weaknesses .. and now I am fully addicted to her juices and to her.
We intended to keep our relation secret, so that Cherry could continue her acitivies in SL as before and so that I could continue leading my family. But then we both didn’t like to hide and we decided that it makes no sense to keep it secret. Hence Cherry asked Domina Ansar for her permission to have me as her collared slave. And I talked with Angelique, slave Holly, Flo, Kitty and Alessi. It turned out not to be a big issue. All just want us to be happy together. And so we made in publicly known at the next Friday night party on December 2nd.

December 3rd: Mistress Cherry with Diomita at home

Mistress Cherry is not a replacement for Jenny. None can ever replace her or take her place. She is very different, starting with her appearance and her way to dress. Mistress is sadistic – Jenny was not. She has other kinks and another way to handle what is hers. And she didn’t have a slow, many year long, process of taking control over me. As opposed to it hit both of us all of a sudden and I submitted to her within a few hours.
Mistress Cherry is very caring. Her main goal is to make me happy in my new role. I for my part think, that is my assignment to make her happy. Well we have a common goal in this point *winks*. Cherry is very emotional and tries not to upset anyone. She avoids any fight. Jenny was very caring as well, but in a different way and she could be quite harsh if needed. What both have in common is their possessiveness. Mistress made it crystal clear to me that I am hers now. She will punish any attempt to run away. Not that I want to run away but her clear statement made me shiver. And I had thought of her as a sub and never noticed anything else! Times have changed for me once again.
I tried to negotiate with Mistress Cherry to get green lights where I can dominate her like at the time we met first. Mistress did not exclude it for all times but she won’t allow it in a near future *sighs*

December 13th: Mistress Cherry and Diomita at home

It might sound complex: Domina Ansar owns Cherry … Cherry owns me … I own Kitty, Flo and Holly. But Cherry doesn’t own Flo and Domina doesn’t own me. Nonetheless the chain of command indicates something else. But in Second Life this is possible and why shouldn’t we live it out then?
We will see how things develop from now on. Mistress Cherry and I started a new chapter in our SL and we look forward to our journey together. Thank you, Mistress Cherry, my love.

Diary 2022 (87) June 24th/25th When Mistress is away (1)

Friday, June 24th, was the first day of Mistress Jenny’s vacation. I was inworld in the later afternoon and changed into an outfit for our party at night. Mistress and I had talked about a potential theme and I was thankful for her help. So the theme was “It’s Friday again, it’s tme for our party again. We have had a week of blue skies so bring out the Blue in you or wear something light or nothing at all – or come as you are. DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes for us.
After changing I went to club Domme a Domme and met Dely (krysbia) and Faye (Boy Serenity) there. Then I spent some time at club DeLust watching the eye candies before I logged out for dinner.

June 24th: Diomita at club Domme a Domme with Faye and at club DeLust

The party was fun at night. When I rezzed a table …. When the cat is away the mice dance on the table… I must have deleted the lights by accident. That was a bit stressful, as I had viewer issues .. it took me an hour to repair the mess. But with a glass of wine and the good music that was forgotten quickly. And after midnight …. we had a strip party too *laughs* – a hot Summer night!

June 24th Friday night party: Diomita, slave Holly, Flo, Ebony Massey, slave Holly, Baroness Capelo, Diomita, slave Holly, Dely (krysbia) (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, LaLuna Starchild, Jayson Dakota, Virgo Babii, Virgo Babii, Baroness Capelo, Diomita, Dely (krysbia) (lower row)

Saturday, June 25th, I visited a gallery in the later morning. I returned inworld at night. slave Lily (Lily Bloodrose) was at home. I went seeing her and as she had prepared herself for being tied up, I was nice and tied and locked her, then took her with me to club Domme a Domme to decorate me.

June 25th: Diomita with slave Lily at club Domme a Domme

We stayed a bit at club Domme a Domme and I teased slave Lily. She had told me weeks ago that she had to move in SL and I asked her if the movement is finished. She confirmed it and we went seeing her place. I was surprised as it is a real large place, a big house and slave Lily has a lot of rooms to be tortured. The tour took some time….
We returned home as Flo and slave Alessi showed up there. Ebony was also present. Then we had a skipee night. We, slave Alessi and slave Lily on one side and Flo and me on the other side played as teams. Ebony watched and teased Lily a bit. The first round was quick (Alessi and Lily won), the second round was closer, but slave Alessi and slave Lily won it again. Ebony began to understand the game and might have been more excited than we were. Ebony also noticed that slave Lily had had her 9th rez day anniversary the day before. I made sure that she got her spanks after the game.
I had a relaxed night.

June 25th: Diomita inspecting slave Lily’s homeplace / playing skipee at home (Diomita, Ebony, slave Lily, Flo, slave Alessi) / Diomita spanking slave Lily for her 9th rezday

Diary 2022 (74) May 28th/29th A relaxed weekend

Saturday, May 28th, I was inworld twice during the day. In the later morning I met Kitty at FDS Dungeon. We talked and caught up with our news. It was nice seeing Kitty alone, a rare treat for both of us.
In the afternoon I met with Mistress Jenny. We went to club Domme a Domme and summoned slave Lly (Lily Bloodrose) to us. slave Lily had been busy with her RL lately and that might last a few more weeks, she was eager to see and to decorate us. And she decorated us well, good slave girl.
Mistress and I left slave Lily and went to Carnal Intentions for a while and later to Puerto Esclava. At Puerto Esclava Mistress took my leash and I had a short time kneeling at her feet.

May 28th: Diomita and Kitty / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme with slave Lily / at Carnal Intentions and at Puerto Esclava

At night Mistress Jenny was out. I played a skipee with Flo and slave Holly first. And then, as slave Alessi were also present, we played another round as teams. The game was long and (at least to my surprise) Flo and I won it in the end by 1 card, after we were behind a lot. When the game ended it was far over Flo’s bedtime and she retreated to get some sleep.
I took slave Holly and slave Alessi to Carnal Intentions and had fun restricting them and leashing them to each other while they were forced to look at me. Where ever I moved or turned to, slave Holly and slave Alessi followed me. I had the idea that it would be nice if you could force them to look at somebody else …. for example at each other. There’s still potential to improve the AnaVision HUD.

May 28th: Diomita at Carnal Intentions with slave Holly and slave Alessi

We returned home as I had to bring away the wine that I drank.I made slave Alessi watch while I used slave Holly as my toilet. slave Alessi got the part of cleaning me afterwards. Quite a ritualized procedure – but I love it. It combines the neccessities of life with kink *winks*.

May 28th: Diomita at home with slave Holly and slave Alessi

This time the mice didn’t dance on the table while Mistress Jenny was away.

Sunday, May 29th, I came inworld in the later morning,actually for a simploring tour. slave Holly was at home and she had had help cleaning the house, a pony girl named Jessica (JessicaMcCain). I stopped my simploring tour before I had begun it and returned home to see slave Holly and the visitor. Kitty was also inworld and she joined us as well. We chatted and I teased Jessica, slave Holly and Kitty. And knowing Kitty, she’s always fun and made me smile. I left after about half an hour and tended to my RL.
After lunch I started another attempt to go simploring. I visited Frogmore & Finnygook Cove (read here). It was a longer simploring tour, I enjoyed it a lot. Mistress Jenny was already inworld for our afternoon appointment when I ended my tour. We went to club DeLust and just chatted for an hour. That day the “Backflash of the month” post – Backflash May 2022 “Celebrations.” (May 25th, 2012) https://wp.me/psPPu-89g – had been published and I asked Mistress to read it. We talked about how we changed – and also how deep our relation had become with time. Just in 2022 our relation has experienced another dynamic with my full enslavement. Out hour together went by very quickly.

May 29th: Diomita at home with slave Holly, Kitty and Jessica (JessicaMcCain) / Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at club DeLust

We had a relaxed night playing skipee with Flo and slave Holly as teams. We had a rare team constallation, Mistress Jenny and I were playing against Flo and slave Holly. It was another close game that Mistress and I won by just 2 cards.
We went to Carnal Intentions and spent the rest of the night there chatting mostly just anoung us. Faye decorated as for a while as well. Mistress Jenny and slave Holly discussed the the jubilee of “our” precious queen, a big event in the UK …. slave Holly and I just wondered if Mistress’ collaring anniversary isn’ the real (top secret) event that weekend *winks*

May 29th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo, Faye and slave Holly

Diary 2022 (56) April 20th/21st Diomita’s 9th collaring anniversary

I often wrote that times flies. It might be that writing a diary makes you even more aware of it. Anyway, when I met Mistress Jenny on Wednesday, April 20th, in the afternoon she took me to club Delust and she talked with me about my collaring anniversary the next day. Mistress asked me about my wishes – and I really have none. I’m happy as it is. Well, I don’t like wearing ballet boots as I can’t walk at all in them in RL and hence it is a bit unrealistic but that’s no reason to complain. I proposed to see a tattoist to change our tattoos according to our position within our relation and Mistress agreed to that in general but not as a present.
Mistress took me to Marine Kelley’s shop and to Sensations and we looked around there but we both got no convincing idea. Mistress is also happy as it is now. Finally we visited Carnal Intentions and Faye came by for a few minutes. But then Mistress Jenny had to leave and to turn to her RL. Also the time in this afternoon flew by way to quickly again.

April 20th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at club DeLust and at Carnal Intentions with Faye

We had a relaxed night with a full house. When i came inworld, Mistress Jenny, Flo and slave Lily (Lily Bloodrose) were already present and Mistress Jenny summoned me to the game tables. Flo was playing skipee with slave Lily. Mistress had made progresses regarding Holly’s room and told me about them. We are almost set for slave Holly’s 10th rezzday / 1st collaring anniversary.
When Flo and slave Lily had ended their game, we played a skipee as teams and while we were playing slave Luci (Luci Glendale) and slave Holly came inworld. We played another game with 3 teams. It became a very close game with each team having one long run. In the end slave Holly and I won it unexpectedly.

We went to Mesmerize Dungeon for a change but is was more or less empty, at least there was none talking. Hence we moved on to Psi’s realm for the rest of the night. After Flo had left, slave Z (Zado Ninetails) came inworld. We chatted quite a lot among us as not much was going on at Psi’s realm either.

April 20th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Mesmerize Dungeon and at Psi’s realm with Flo, slave Holly, slave Luci, slave Lily and slave Z

Thursday, April 21st, marked my 9th collaring day. Mistress Jenny and I had picked the day randomly after we were wearing collars of each other since 2012. It was just fair that I got a collaring day like Mistress Jenny has her’s. Nowadays my collaring day has gained more importance for both of us. When I came inworld in the afternoon I found a nice present from slave Holly in my messages. slave Holly has a talent to present pictures in a different way and to pick the right picture (from our blog). Thank you slave Holly!

April 21st: slave Holly’s present for Diomita’s 9th collaring anniversary

The other present I got was a blog entry that Mistress Jenny wrote on the occasaion of my 9th collaring day. If you haven’t read it yet, the link to it is here. Thank you, Mistress Jenny!

Mistress Jenny locked my arms behind and leashed me after she had got a subhug from me. We went down to the games area to meet Flo there. slave Luci (Luci Glendale) and slave Lily (Lily Bloodrose) joined as there soon after. And even slave Alessi came by shortly. As Mistress had added a hoover text above my head “collared for 9 years today”, I got the attentions that Mistress wanted to achieve. slave Alessi had to tend to her RL again, Mistress Jenny, Flo, Luci and slave Lily and I played a round of greedy. After the game Flo left us and Mistress Jenny took me and the slaves to Psi’s realm where she leashed all of us at the wall of shame. I could sense that Mistress did enjoy demonstrating her power. We didn’t stay long, maybe 15 or 20 minutes, then we returned home and Mistress retreated with me to our skybox, where I got my next collaring anniversary present. I was allowed to lick Mistress and to get my fix – and she allowed me to rub myself at her feet (I had to clean it afterwards of course). Finally before we left to tend to our RL, Mistress changed into a black catsuit that perfectly expresses her position. it was an intense and varied afternoon for me.

April 21st: Mistress Jenny with Ehesklavin Diomita at home and with her Ehesklavin Diomita, slave Luci and slave Lily at Psi’s realm

At night Mistress Jenny took me shopping first thing. We went to Avec Toi and I saw a brand new catsuit there, that was sold at a fetish fashion fair. We went there and Mistress got the fatpack for me. Thank you Mistress Jenny!
Then we returned home and had a skipee with Flo, slave Lily and slave Holly. I didn’t get out any card until the last round when I got rid of just 3 cards before slave Lily won that game. But I did look great holding the cards.
We went to Carnal Intentions after the game … slave Z (Zado Ninetails) and Argi joined us there later. And Argi did once again entertain us very well!
slave Holly: “can’t help smile at Argi’s use of language – it’s very engaging!”
Mistress Jenny: “she has her own dictionary, more colourful than any rainbow”
A full family night to celebrate. Well it was more kind of a “Spoil Diomita” day than a collaring day *winks*

April 21st: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita with Flo, slave Holly, slave Lily, slave Z and Argi

Enjoying Bondage May 2021 – Chains and blindfolds at Psi’s realm

One of our favourite places to be in Second Life is Psi’s realm. The sim exists since 2007 and was in direct neighbourhood to Stonehaven, my first place in Second Life where I had a home. I’m very happy, that Psi’s realm still exists – thank you Psi Merlin!
There’s one room, that is for what reason ever the meeting point at Psi’s realm. Monday, May 3rd, I had an inpromptu Enjoying Bondage night there with Flo, Faye (Boy Serenity), Anastasia Serebryakov (shinrakuonji) and Sarah Minotaur (tanyaxfira) (read Dairy 2021 (59) May 3rd/4th At Psi’s realm). And of course I took quite some pictures. One of these pictures is the bas for this month’s Enjoying Bondage series picture.
I added slave Holly from the time when I had stored her at Psi’s realm. Nicely tied up and chained, with restricted view and gag, she got time to get used to the thought of being owned. The picture I selected was taken on April, 22nd.
Further on I added Mistress Jenny and me from a picture that I took at club Domme a Domme on May 4th. Mistress had blindfolded me and was experimenting with the RLV spheres. And finally I added Angelique from a picture with me that I took on May 1st at Heavy Bondage Club.

Enjoying Bondage May 2021 – Chains and blindfolds at Psi’s realm: (from left to right: Mistress Jenny, Angelique, Diomita, Anastasia Serebryakov (shinrakuonji) (on the floor), Flo, Diomita, Faye, Sarah Minotaur (tanyaxfira) and slave Holly