Simploring 2022 (18) Cherishville Summer 2022

In Spring 2020 I visited Cherishville (read my simploring report here).
Thursday, August 4th, I came across pictures of Cherishville in Summer 2022 and I decided to visit again. It has nothing to do with the sim I visited back in 2020. Just the owner and designer is the same: Lam Erin.
Cherishville is built on a moderate full region. It is a big island with a picturesque mediterrean town in the center. The town is built on a large rock.

Impressions of Cherishville Summer 2022 (1)

The landing point is on the beach. I started my visit there and walked along the beach and coast around the whole sim.

Impressions of Cherishville Summer 2022 (2)

Close to the landing is a lovely decorated old VW Bus that is used to sell drinks. Not far away is a beach bar where I sat down for a first break. And close to the bar is a pier with a fishing boat and a ship petrol station.

Impressions of Chrishville Summer 2022 (3)

Following the coastline I came to a residential house, I saw several waterfalls, a water mill and a wind mill, a ship wreck and some flamingos. And I came across a lot of spots to sit down and to watch the world go by.

Impressions of Cherishville Summer 2022 (4)

After I had surrounded the island I went up to the town, that offered more picturesque motifs for photographers, be it in street cafés or at the marketplace.

Impressions of Cherishville Summer 2022 (5)

There’s also some art and a little bit hidden is a garden with free running phesants.

Impressions of Chrishville Summer 2022 (6)

I took tons of photographs. Cherishville is just perfect for taking pictures. I used the shared environment that dives the sim into a summerly hot light. You can almost feel the heat and the desire to stay in the shadow. Cherishville is a great place to explore, to sit and cuddle, to escape on a short virtual summer trip – just very enjoyable. And very well built with love for details. Even though I visited only shortly, It took more than an hour just to walk around the island.

Impressions of Cherishville Summer 2022 (7)

Thank you Lam Erin for creating this lovely place and for sharing it publicly. I enjoyed my short Summer trip a lot.

Landmark to Cherishville Summer
flickr group for Cherishville Summer

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