Art in Second Life 2022 (89) Eunoia by Zia Branner

I got an invitation from Zia Sophia (Zia Branner) to attend the opening of her latest exhibition named “Eunonia” at the Third Eye. I had no time to attend the opening but went there soon before.

Third Eye is Jaz (jessamine2108)’s home and gallery – a place that is designed to showcase art, particles, inspire stories, and offer a quiet place to relax and rejuvenate. Jaz says: “It is the culmination of my many dreams – to create a place that nurtures and helps the growth of all types of creative endeavors – be it words, pictures, or particles.
Jaz shares the land with Harry Cover (impossibleisnotfrench), who runs his shop “L’Artisan” on the sim. Both are artists and I have reported about them before.

The Third Eye gallery is in a skybox. It is a classic gallery, in the form of a “L”. Zia’s pictures are arranged at the walls, in the center is a plave to dance and to celebrate events.

Impressions of “Eunoia” by Zia Branner @ Third Eye (1)

Zia explains the word Eunoia in the notecard that came with the invitation:
Eunoia comes from the Greek word eúnoia. The meaning of this word is: beautiful thinking, a well mind. It indicates a mind in balance, benevolence, goodwill and kindness. 
In all lives from time to time it isn’t easy to have a mind in balance. We have our downs, we have our challenges. There is cold, there is warmth. Our strength then lays in our goodwill, in our kindness and with this the balance in our mind and our well being goes up again.
For me Eunoia is represented by the main colors blue and red. Of course you can assign to it the colors that are most applicable to you.

Zia’s pictures are mostly abstract, yet the human brain tends to sort the impressions and to compare with known patterns. Some of them clearly look like labdscapes, like a beach or like a waterfall. Others are completely abstract, colourful and with multiple forms so that you can see objects like stones, teeth,  hands, or even persons or faces. And often the main colour is blue or red.

Impressions of “Eunoia” by Zia Branner @ Third Eye (2)

Zia Branner had many drawing and painting art lessons at official institutes RL. She is also autodidact on things that did not come along in class. To her making art is a way of life. Often experimenting with techniques as a learning process …. The most important thing to her is that it makes her happy to see others enjoy her art as much as she loves creating it.
Zia is in Second Life since 2008. She uploaded her RL paintings into SL. Zia owns an art gallery/shop “Elven Falls Art Collective“. Zia also has other permanent exhibitions at The Galleries, Emergent and at Carmel Art Community.

Zia Sophia (Zia Branner)’s motto is : “The Earth without ‘art’ is just ‘eh'”

Thank you Jaz (jessamine2108) and Harry Cover (impossibleisnotfrench) for providing the space for the arts and for enabling this exhibition by Zia. Thank you Zia for your artwork. I enjoyed my visit.

P.S.: Don’t forget to grab the two gifts in the center of the exhibition space. One gift is a 3D object created by Harry, the other is a painting from Zia.

Landmark to Third Eye and to “Eunoia” by Zia Sophia (Zia Branner)
Zia Branner’s art gallery/shop “Elven Falls Art Collective”
Zia Branner at “The Galleries”
Zia Branner at “Emergent”
Zia Branner at “Carmel Art Community”

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