Art in Second Life 2023 (2) Crowns by Calypso Applewhyte

Owl (Owl Dragonash) invited me to see the first exhibition of 2023 at NovaOwl Gallery “Crowns” by Calypso Applewhyte.

Caly (Calypso Applewhyte) is a SL Photographer from France, who joined SL in 2010. Her focus is the avatar itself as a means of expression to transport emotions. She processes her pictures with Photoshop. I have seen her work already a few times and you can recognise her style, she has found her personal characteristic artistic style. Her pictures do tell stories, like good art does.
According to her profile Caly also blogs and has written articles for several magazines. And she also makes portrait pictures of course. You can see her work also on her flickr account.

Impressions of Crowns by Calypso Applewhyte @ NovaOwl Gallery (1)

Caly likes to choose a common theme for her exhibitions. The theme of this exhibition is “Crowns”. Crowns are a symbol of power and beauty and were and are used in several cultures. Hence you find quite some different forms of crowns. They might be formed by the hair only, they might be flower arrangements to decorate the hair, the might be used to enhance the face or the forehead or they can be classic crowns worn on the head. And you will find all these different crowns at the exhibition. Some of Caly’s pictures did really touch me as what would be quite an average face of an average woman – turns to be very expressive with a crown. I find that intriguing. And I enjoyed my visit a lot.

Impressions of Crowns by Calypso Applewhyte @ NovaOwl Gallery (2)

The NovaOwl Gallery is owned by Uli Jansma, Owl (Owl Dragonash) is the general manager. NovaOwl is an international community on the mainland continent of Corsica. NovaOwl is located on Novatron. It is a meeting place where events take place regularly. Thank you Uli and Owl for providing the space for the art and for enabling this exhibition. I enjoyed my visit.
The exhibition shall be opened throughout January, 2023.

NovaOwl Community Center and Gallery – Landmark to “Crowns” by Calypso Applewhyte
Caly Applewhyte’s flickr

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  1. Owl D.
    Jan 10, 2023 @ 12:40:55

    Thank you Diomita, for taking the time to come by we appreciate it. Defiantly loving this exhibit! Caly’s Crowns have such a beautiful regal any Woman Presence.


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