Art in Second Life 2023 (12) Happy place by Cica Ghost

When I got the invitation to “Happy place by Cica Ghost” I was prevented from going there right away. But I looked forward to visiting it. The name itself did catch my eye, in particular as I know Cica’s art. And I was not disappointed!

Before you enter you’re asked to “use shared environment” as the windlight settings belong to Cica Ghost’s art. You should also have advanced lighting turned on and switch shadows from sub/moon and projectors on.

Happy place” by Cica Ghost is exactly what the name promises, a happy place. You see a lot of green, flowers and trees, steep hills with flat tops, green meadows and a dark sky with yellow to orange glowing clouds. The landing itself is on a flat top of a hill. Walking down you are welcomed by elephants, of course elephants with big cica eyes and the eyes seem to follow you, so as if the elphants wanted to see who is entering the happy place.
I saw a washing line between two trees with drying clothes and a happy little monster. Right at one tree holding the washing line I discovered a cat. Cica often places a cat into her installations. I imagine, she is doing that for me.

Impressions of “Happy place” by Cica Ghost (1)

In the back part of “Happy place” are quite some of the steep hills with the flat top. There are houses – of course houses in “Cica-style” – on the flat tops, You can walk up the hills using ladders. You can sit in front of the houses, if there’s a bench and you can watch the scenery from up there. Perhaps you see a balloon cruising over the place. Hoovering over objects will tell you, where you can “sit”. The ballon is one of these opportunities. Once you’re in the gondola, you can dance while cruising over the place.

Impressions of “Happy place” by Cica Ghost (2)

There are new and old companions at “Happy place” by Cica Ghost. The new ones are little harmless and happy monsters and you can buy them directly in the installation. FInd the cave with the vendor boards.
But there are not only new companions, you will find also old acquaintances, like the girl and the cow or the two birds .. or the sheep that build a circle on another flat top, where you could dance surrounded by them. Cica also placed some furniture in her installation, little islands of peace where you can sit down and enjoy as if your were in your living room!

Impressions of “Happy place” by Cica Ghost (3)

I noticed that you can sit on the elephants and I had fun tickling their trunks. I’m sure there’s way more to discover!
It is just a happy place.

Cica also provided a quote again. You find it in the landmark description: “If there ever comes a day, when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.” It is not the first quote from Winnie the Pooh, that Cica used for her places. And again the quote is very fitting to her artwork.

Impressions of “Happy place” by Cica Ghost (4)

To no surprise Cica succeeded once again making me smile and thus she allowed me to escape from everyday life for a bit. Thank you for another great (and happy!) installation, Cica!

Don’t wait too long with your visit to “Happy place“, you never know how long it may stay – it is a temporary world.

Landmark to “Happy place” by Cica Ghost
Cica Ghost’s shop on the marketplace
Cica Ghost’s flickr:

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