Diary 2023 (24) February 28th – March 2nd Quiet days

Tuesday night, February 28th, was different though it was quiet. Flo and I were alone at home. As Flo was going to be away for one week and I would be off for vacation upon her return, we spent the time together playing cards. I wanted to distract Flo as the reason for her absence is not vacation. We played 3 rounds with different outcome once again.
Flo had just left when slave Holly came inworld comparably late. slave Holly had had a tiring day and was up playing cards. Hence I ended up playing cards all night – and no picture *winks*

Wednesday, March 1st, was a quiet night as well. As Flo was absent, I played a few rounds of skipee alone …. and of course I won. That is the upside of playing alone, though it is just relaxing and not competitive.
I went to club DeLust and watched the silent crowd. When slave Holly came online, I summoned her to me. We caught up with our mutual news and while we were at the club I had a funny short IM with one of the other guests and I shared with slave Holly:

Diomita Maurer: I seem to have some reputation in here…
XX: I love how you fuck your slaves Miss
Diomita Maurer: you know how I fuck them?
XX: I mean how you lock them
slave Holly: two word that often get mixed up Mistress – lock and fuck!
Diomita Maurer laughs
slave Holly: somehow that explains the whole BDSM thing! it’s where I’ve being going wrong all these years!
slave Holly: I never meant to get locked!!!!
Diomita Maurer: now you’re fucked …. you are locked most of the time and rarely get fucked
slave Holly: *grins* like minds Mistress – I was about to say – either way fucked!

slave Holly was tired and intended to go to bed early. It fitted well that slave Alessi came online.

Diomita Maurer: Shall I bring you home and to bed and pick up Alessi there?
slave Holly: yes thank you, Mistress Diomita – see if anyone here notices the difference!

I brought slave Holly home and took slave Alessi to club DeLust …. seems that really none noticed!
slave Alessi: If you only look like for a few moments and not that closely, the switch might really have gone unnoticed. 🙂

March 1st: Diomita at club DeLust with slave Holly and slave Alessi

On Thursday, March 2nd, I spent a relaxed night at club DeLust first. When Holly came inworld I summoned her to me and we caught up with our mutal news and chatted a bit. Then we reurned home and playe one round of skipee, then we both went to bed early.

March 2nd: Diomita at club deLust with slave Holly

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