Art in Second Life 2023 (14) “Transcend Struggle” by Yann GYRO @ Nitroglobus Roof Gallery

Dido Haas invited me to see the March exhibition at her Nitroglobus Roof Gallery: “Transcend Struggle” by Yann GYRO. The offical opening will take place tonight, March 6th, at 12 PM SLT (9 PM CET).

“Transcend Struggle” by Yann GYRO (sempiternel) consists of 7 partly very large pictures and several animated 3D objects. Dido Hass wrote in her notecard about “Transcend Struggle” by Yann GYRO: “Yann’s topic isn’t easy; it deals with illness and death, but also gives sparks of hope for the future.

Although I’m used to the mirroring floor at the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery, it still impresses me how much it adds to the exhibited art. Yann’s pictures deal with the fight against cancer, they worship the beauty of his mother, they express his love and strong bonds to her – and they express the fight torn between hope and desperation.

Right at the landing point you find a poem by Yann GYRO. The poem is also kind of a description of the installation:

You faced the fear, when you heard the news
But I was here, and I saw you rise and choose
To find your power, and stand tall with grace
And embrace the challenge, with courage in your face

The journey is tough, but I’ll always be near
To guide you with hope, and wipe away your tear
With love and strength, we’ll conquer and transcend
And do what’s needed, to heal and reach the end

The shadow holds a gift, I know it’s true
I see it in you, as you become more bold and bright too
I’m here to support, as you face what’s ahead
And grateful for the bond, that will never be shed

Resilience blooms, in the face of the fight
You won’t be defeated, I’ll stand by your side
I am your ally, with a heart to conquer
Resilience thrives, as we stand as one victor.

Impressions of “Transcend Struggle” by Yann GYRO @ Nitroglobus Roof Gallery (1)

Close to where you land you see a white 3D statue of a woman levitating in the center of the space – and it bursts into pieces. The statue is placed in front of a huge picture, held in red, a scaring picture dealing with cancer. In the back of this wing is another 3 – part picture of cells and in front of it literally rains pills, red, blue, green and white pills. Overall a very touching scenery!

In the other wing you can see the same statue, now not bursting into peices but surrounded by the same pills. Another 3D object, that permanantly rotates, shows parts of the exhibited pictures, also on a bed of pills.

Impressions of “Transcend Struggle” by Yann GYRO @ Nitroglobus Roof Gallery (2)

Accompanying a loved person in their struggle against a deadly illness is an experience that you can’t forget, that you don’t want to forget. As opposed to, it creates a strong bond to the person – beyond death. I personally can sense this bond looking at Yann’s pictures and exhibits. And they are very artful too!

Yann Gyro (sempiternel) is in Second Life since 2018. I first saw his art – very different from what you see in “Transcend Struggle” at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery – at La Maison d’Aneli in May 2021 (read here) and in December 2022 (read here). Yann is a photgrapher and designer. Yann has his own store on the marketplace. He also has a flickr account.

Nitroglobus Roof Gallery is owned and curated by Dido Haas. Thank you, Dido for providing the space for the art and for enabling the exhibition “Transcend Struggle” by Yann Gyro (sempiternel). And thank you Yann for your art.
As it is the March exhibition at the gallery “Transcend Struggle” shall be available until the end of this month.

Landmark to Nitroglobus Roof Gallery and to “Transcend Struggle” by Yann GYRO
Dido Haas’ blog
Yann GYRO (sempiternel)’s store on the marketplace
Yann GYRO (sempiternel)’s flickr

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  1. didohaas
    Mar 06, 2023 @ 23:39:32

    Dear Diomita, thank you soo much for your review of Yann’s installation @ Nitroglobus. Appreciate coz I know you didn’t have much time with your holiday coming up very soon. Enjoy and relax!


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