Diary 2023 (28) March 23rd – 26th Cocktails

I have been lazy since I returned from my vacation. I didn’t visit any gallery or installation although my SL had been quiet. Thursday, March 23rd, I met with Flo and we played one round of skipee, then Flo went off again. She is still recovering from a surgery RL. slave Holly came inworld but she was tired. Hence we just played a round of skipee, then she went off. Finally also Mistress Cherry was busy creating textures.

I decided to continue a roleplay, that I had started after my return from vacation. I am fulfilling my subside in this roleplay being a servant in a big manor. The Mistress there agreed that I may come and go – just when I’m there, I’m under control. I will see if anything longterm will develop. And for right now I won’t reveal more.

Just when I started, slave Alessi came inworld. I told her that I was busy and she understood. and that is it already for Thursday.

Friday, March 24th, we had our regular Friday night party. I picked “Cocktail party” as a theme: “It is Friday once again and we start in our weekend. Today is National Cocktail Day in the UK. Wear your most daring mini skirt or bra or come as you are (even naked) and enjoy some cocktails with us as we dance into the weekend. DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes for us”
I had fun decorating the dancefloor. slave Holly had agreed to serve cocktails .. and she had very special cocktails like “Pop My Cherry” for me, “Lick My Pussy” for Mistress Cherry or “Bad Bitch” for Ebony. That was fun!

March 24th, Friday night party: the decorated dancefloor / Vani (vanilla Meili) next to the cocktail in the center

We had fun and the cocktail party was well attended, we had many guests. Once again a great start into the weekend.

March 24th, Friday night party: Mistress Cherry, Diomita, Flo, slave Holly, slave Alessi, Ebony Massey, Sarah Fhang, Vani (vanilla Meili), Janina Foxdale, Monica Pleasure (monicapleasure), Virgo Babii (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, JodieSayers, Katty Restless, Morgie Darkstone, Kira Skytower, Laura (laura00175), Claven Albatros, Donna Jo (donnajo19720828), Baroness Capelo, Moxie (Moirapat), Erika (ErikaYoung) (lower row)

Saturday, March 25th, I spent some time in my new roleplay in the afternoon. At night I first met with Mistress Cherry at home and we caught up with news, then I played a round of skipee with Flo, then hopped over sims for a while.
I met again with Mistress and we went to club Domme a Domme and cuddles for a while while watching the (silent) crowd. slave Alessi came inworld just when I was about to leave early, as the night was short for me due to time change in Europe. I summoend her to us for a few minutes, then I logged off before midnight.

March 25th: Mistress Cherry and Diomita at home, Diomita at club DeLust, Mistress Cherry, Diomita and slave Alessi at club Domme a Domme

Sunday, March 26th, I spent again time roleplaying and I chatted quite a bit with Mistress Cherry. My night began as usual playing skipee with Flo. She lasted quite long and we played 3 rounds, then I took her with me to Carnal Intentions. slave Holly came inworld soon after and I summoned her to us. We spent an hour at Carnal … outside of the club as most people stay outside there in the meanwhile.

March 26th: Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo and slave Holly

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