Diary 2023 (57) May 31st – June 2nd Summer begins

Wednesday, May 31st, I was quite early at night. I went to club Domme a Domme where Kai Harraway (kaipelous) joined me and decorated me kneeling at my side. We had quite some entertaining main chat. Cherry came by and I could admire her full butt and stroke it *winks*. The place around me filled in the course of the night. First Ramana Karu joined me, then slave Holly and finally slave Alessi. Charlotte (charlottejersey) also visited and we chatted a little bit. Time flew by quickly and one after the other had to leave again. Eventually it was just me with slave Holly and slave Alessi – and the club had become quiet.
I took the two to club DeLust for about 20 minutes so that we could see a few other faces. slave Holly even managed to get a little bit of main chat running, but it ebbed down quickly again. We returned home a bit before midnight – time for bed.

May 31st: Diomita at club Domme a Domme and club DeLust with Cherry, Kai, Ramana Karu, Charlotte, slave Holly and slave Alessi

Thursday, June 1st, I spent some time inworld in the morning. I had Kitty in IM. She’s still enjoying her new position as executive assitent, educating (or scaring away) maids. And I had a visitor at home and spent time chatting before I had to head off to care about my RL.
At night I spent time at club Domme a Domme again. Flo didn’t show up, hence no skipee. Luckily there was entertainment at the club and I enjoyed my time there. Later I had slave Holly, slave Alessi and maid Monique (moniqueDefoe) around me. For the June slave outfit I added the thin D’Evil chastity belt and a leg harness to the May outfit. And I put slave Holly and slave Alessi in there not new outfits. Nothing more to report from Thursday.

June 1st: Diomita at club Domme a Domme with slave Holly, slave Alessi and maid Monique

Friday, June 2nd, I was inworld several times throughout the day. I mostly stayed at club Domme a Domme. It was quite entertaining. In the late afternoon slave Kari (KariFinnagan) came inworld. She had been away for quite a while due to her RL. I put her into her June slave outfit adding the chastity belt and the leg harness. Unfortunately slave Kari had technical problems and crashed several times – then didn’t reappear.

June 2nd Diomita at club Domme a Domme: alons, with slave Kari and with Zana

I was not only in-world, I also spent quite some time in RL enjoying a lovely sunny day. The nice weather inspired me to pick the following theme for the Frida night party: “It is Friday once again and we start into our weekend with a party. Yesterday the meteorological Summer began. And it is nice outside. Let us have the first beach party of the Summer, wear not too much or come as you are (even naked). DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes for us.”
I dressed already for the pary while staying at club Domme a Domme. Zana came inworld and joined me there.

The party started slowly. First we were just a few people: Virgo, Della, Starry, Cherry, slave Alessi, Baroness Capelo, Sarah, Erin and Zana. But then Claven arrived with a large entourage and the dancefloor was full.
We had fun and quite some of us were topless in the end. A great start into a Summer weekend.

June 2nd – Friday night party: Diomita, Cherry, slave Alessi, Erin (lilerin2020), Zana Darkthorn, Sarah Fhang, Morgie Darkstone, Jeanette Darkstone (arandomjeanette), Shima (shimah2000), Nat Cailín (Natalie Lygon), emmy (lockmetoo) (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Baroness Capelo, Claven Albatros, Laura (laura00175), Donna Jo (donnajo19720828), Sally Peterson (allypeterson), Sara (Saraphine Claremont), Michelle Mueller (michellemueller), Property of Goddess Zee 4 (claireadams18), Kira Skytower, Erika (ErikaYoung), Virgo Babii (lower row)

Diary 2023 (52) May 18th/19th Endangered species day

Thursday, May 18th, I spent quite some time in Second Life but was also doing something else in RL. Nothing really to report besides some chats, some nicer, some annoying *winks*.
One chat was outstanding and flattered me a lot, though also amused me …

XX: you’re a legend….happy to meet you
Diomita: am I?
XX: yes, you were around a long time
Diomita: that’s true
XX: You have a reputation as a ruthless domme
Diomita: and I am not ruthless …. I care way too much
XX smiles
Diomita: but thank you …. which domme wouldn’t want to have the reputation of being ruthless

In the afternoon slave Kari was inworld and she greeted me properly. Her skills are improving. I took her to Lochme with me. She got a tinkler from me the day before and it happened that afternoon that she had to pee. Luckily we weren’t inside so I could lead the slave a bit aside and on the grass for peeing. I had to leave to tend to my RL and tried to teleport slave kari home, but that failed. And trying a relog ended in slave kari not returning.
When I came back in the early evening, Flo was playing skipee already and we played 2 rounds together. slave kari returned and this time the teleport worked properly. I took a break to have dinner.

May 18th: Diomita and slave Kari at home and at Lochme

When I returned Flo was still or again playing skipee. And slave Kari was standing by the table. Flo and I played another game, then I took Flo and slave Kari to club Domme a Domme. Zana joined us there for a while and as usual she livened up the club. We had fun once again. After that it was a coming and going, more going …. Zana left, I brought slave Kari home, slave Holly joined us as well as slave Alessi, Flo left at flotime, then I brought slave Holly home and eventually just me and slave Alessi were left over.

May 18th – a night at club Domme a Domme: Diomita with Zana, Flo, slave Holly, slave Alessi and Flo

After I had to end my relation with Zana on May 9th, we stayed in touch. We talked but there’s no future for us. It hurts. I don’t want to overload this blog with negative feelings, so let’s get back to more enjoyable things like the Friday night party. Holly had proposed the thene for it:
It is Friday once again and we’re having our party to celebrate the start into our weekend. Today it is ‘endangered species day’. True Dommes are becoming rare as well as true subs. Wear your best Domme or sub outfit and boost the population – or come as you are (even naked). DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes for us.
Frustration is best overcomed with fun an dancing and good music.

May 18th – Friday night party: Diomita, Angelique, slave Holly, Flo, slave Alessi, Cherry (elenaslv Serenity), Ebony Massey, Sarah Fhang (upper row)m Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Beauty (sleepingbeauty Enchantment), JanaBrookie, Dely (krysbia), Baroness Capelo, Claven Albatros, Erika (ErikyYoung), Morgie Darkstone, Shy (shahniyah), Virgo Babii (lower row)

Diary 2023 (43) April 28th/29th Some may come but never leave

Friday, April 28th, I met with Zana in the morning. She was at home and gave me a more detailed tour over her place. There are quite some living on her sim, she herself uses one house, but it is lovely.
I had Kitty in IM for the first time since several months. It’s good to know that she’s back and doing well!
I had to tend to my RL for a bit and Zana asked me to hand her my leash. I did and ended at my pet’s feet .. well, at this moment at MsZana’s feet. When I returned we talked and cuddled, made plans not knowing if we can realise them ever. And finally MsZana couldn’t refrain from leaving a mark on my exposed bottom .. well “I touch it, I own it” as she uses to say *grins*.
It was Zana’s bedtime and time for me to get a bit to eat, hence we both logged off.

April 28th: Zana and Diomita at Coral heights (Zana’s home)

slave Holly was going to celebrate her 2nd collaring anniversary and her 11th rezzday that weekend. Hence she and I had picked an according theme for the Friday night party: “It is Friday again and we celebrate another start into our weekend. This weekend is Holly’s 2nd collaring anniversary and her 11th rezzday anniversary. Therefore the theme for tonight is “chains and leashes, locks and keys, some may come but never leave”. Having this in mind come wearing chains or being leashed and locked – or come as you are (even naked) and celebrate with her and us. DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes for us.”

I was inworld in the afternoon for a bit and had a short but nice roleplay at Puerto Esclave. And I spent about 30 minutes with slave kari at Carnal Intentions. I had some chats … but that’s it.
After dinner I returned online. slave kari was still present and I summoned her to me to club Domme a Domme where she was useful as my seat. We chatted a bit, the club was mainy quiet. We stayed until Zana appeared …. and slave Holly came inworld, then we returned home. slave Kari had to leave to tend to her Rl … and we went preparing the party. It was another great party, it was full … and we had a lot of chat and banter. Just perfect to celebrate the start of slave Holly’s anniversary weekend.

April 28th Friday night party: slave Holly, Diomita, Angelique, Cherry (Elenaslv Serenity), Flo, slave Alessi, Ebony Massey, Sarah Fhang, Faye, Baroness Capelo, Ruby (Rubyinblack Starlight), SweetMileena (upper row), Della randt, Starbright Wingtips, Zana Darkthorn, Monique (MoniqueDefoe), Ramana Karu, Charlotte Hazelnut (charlottejersey), rene Rugani, Claven Albatros, Laura (Laura00175), Kiki Weyland (kikimiyama), Erika (ErikaYoung), Silja (siljasubspace), Virgo Babii (lower row)

Did we have fun? Yes a lot of it!

When I came inworld Saturday morning, Zana was at her home together with her puppy piddles (litteforcetoy) and Chance Hazelnut. I went there and we had a short chat. Then we moved to Puerto Esclava. Chance couldn’t follow us as the sim was full with us entering it. We stayed about half an hour at Puerto Esclava and jo (joselyn Lavender) joined us and decorated us well. Then I brought Zana home and into her glass cage for her night.

April 28th/29th: Diomita and slave Kari at club Domme a Domme / Diomita, Zana, piddles and jo at Puerto Esclava

In the later afternoon I visited the installation “Memento Vivere” by Selen (to be published tomorrow), then I sat down in front of the glass cage at home waiting for Zana to show up while I was writing the post about my art visit. As Zana didn’t show up until I had finished my post, I went visiting another new exhibition “Zornian Women” by Kian (to be published over tomorrow). Then I began writing about this exhibition. For some reason I checked who’s online and found out that Zana had already logged in at her homeplace. Once again the RLV restriction of the cell hasn’t worked as it is pretended to work. I will have to have a look into the settings once again. For sure, this way the cell is just fake. And as Zana was busy already, I logged out to finish the post.
Upon my return half an hour later I went to Puerto Esclava and then to club Domme a Domme. I stayed outside of the club at the puddle pool and watched people coming and going, I went to club DeLust, I read profiles and scanned outfits. Nothing happened.
Zana was still busy and stayed busy until she logged out at midnight.
When slave Alessi came inworld she hold company for me and endured my bad mood that night. We were at DeLust, at Puerto Esclava and at club Domme a Domme – of course nothing happened, what fitted to my mood. at midnight, when Zana had logged off, I returned home with Alessi and we played one round of skippe before bed.

April 29th: Diomita with slave Alessi at club DeLust, Puerto Esclava and club Domme a Domme

Diary 2023 (39) April 17th-21st Some time off

I have been a few days off and returned Thursday night, April 20th. Zana was inworld and at her place. I went seeing her and we caught up with our news and enjoyed a bit of togetherness. My pet Zana was eager to be at my feet and I took her to club DeLust for a bit.

April 20th: Diomita and Zana at home and at club DeLust

Flo came inworld and I returned home with Zana, but she had to leave to tend to her RL soon after. I played a round of skipee with Flo and another round with Flo and slave Holly after she had joined us. It was nice to catch up with the two and to relax playing cards. After the game both went off to bed.
Zana returned inworld right in time when we had finished our game. She brought her puppy Mars (Mars Manatiso) with her and we went to club Domme a Domme where Zana organzied a seat for me, good pet! slave Alessi joined us as well and we stayed there for the rest of the night and had fun chatting and teasing.

April 20th: Diomita at club Domme a Domme with Zana, slave Alessi and puppy Mars

For the party at night slave Holly and I picked an open theme, that leaves room for everyone to select a nice outfit. “It is Friday again, time to celebrate the start of our weekend. Today is “World creativity and innovation day”, so don’t wear your favourite colours or dresses, think out of the box – slaves to be dressed by their superiors. Or come as you are (even naked), anything goes! DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes for us.

Friday, April 21st, I was inworld a few times during the day. Besides a few chats nothing happened. In the early evening Kari (KariFinnagan) talked with me at HBC. I had seen her around at our home a fw times. She always was polite, shy and patient. I decided to take her under my wings and wa busy getting her keys and full control for around 2 hours before I had to leave for dinner.
At night I continued talking with Kari and taking further control. We all gathered at the decking …. Kari, Angelique, slave Holly, slave Alessi, Zana, Scarlett (Echo Kavanagh), Phoa (Phoa Oh) and I. Zana, Phoa, Scarlett and Kari had to leave though before the party started at 10 PM (1 PM SL time).

Friday night party, April 21st: Diomita, Zana, Kari (KariFinnagan) and Scarlett (Echo Kavanagh) before the party, Diomita, Angelique, slave Holly, slave Alessi, Ebony Massey, Sarah Fhang (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Erika (ErikaYoung), Baroness Capelo, Laura (laura00175), Claven Albatros, Virgo Babii (lower row)

We were not as many as usual. Sometimes it is hard to predict and to understand why we are that many or that few people. Fun? Yes, we had fun nonethessless. Another good start into our weekend.

Diary 2023 (37) April 13th/14th Varied Days

Thursday, April 13th, I was inworld in the afternoon for a bit and had some roleplay, not my kink, yet entertaining and to some extent exciting.
At night I was running late, that late that Flo had already stopped playing cards and played with the dice. Right when I came on I became busy. I had Mistress Cherry in IM, Zana in IM, Flo at the table and another sub IMing me.
I invited Zana over to watch Flo and me playing out skipee round and while we played I was already distracted. slave Alessi and slave Holly come inworld and joined us. Zana’s maid Monique (MoniqueDefoe) came inworld and joined us at well. Zana growled and I had to gag her. Zana wanted to show Monique my house as she wants her to clean there too …. and I lost terribly against Flo … no wonder.
After the game Flo went off to bed and I took slave Holly and slave Alessi to the house where we joined Zana and Maid Monique. And finally also Zana’s sub Monica (Monica Emor) came in-world and Zana summoned her to us.
It was challenging to follow the main chat and the different levels of the conversation. Anway, Monique left after a while to tend to her RL and I had to take slave Holly to bed as she was tired. Zana, Monica, slave Alessi and I went to Ravenser Odd for the rest of the night. There was a lot of main chat and in the end Zana also began to tease slave Alessi. For sure a new experience for Alessi. Anyway it was a varied night.

April 13th at home and at Ravenser Odd : Diomita, Zana, slave Holly, Maid Monique, slave Alessi and Monica

slave Holly and I also spoke about a theme for the party the next day. I fixed it to: “It’s Friday again, time to start our weekend. Please select somthing shining in one single colour and let us try to get all colours of the rainbow – or come as you are, even naked. Let’s make a colourful start into the weekend. DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes for us.

Zana had to leave to tend to her RL and it was already late, hence I took Alessi back home and began writing. Acutally I stayed inworld a bit longer waiting for Zana to return. Eventually she came back online and I had her lick me and get her fix that she was craving for before I finally went to bed.

My Friday, April 15th began with Zana again. I met her at Ravenser Odd where she was trying to sell a girl who was locked in one of the pods. We had some mainchat and we were also talking in IM. Zana was wearing an armbinder and she was topless. After the other guests, including the girl who had been locked in the pod, had left we stayed a bit in the club and later at home and just continued talking until Zana had to go off to bed.
During the day I spent a bit of time in Second Life and had one short roleplay.

April 13th/14th: Diomita an Zana at home and at Ravenser Odd

Friday late afternoon I went visiting Melusina’s newest exhibition “A minimal gaze” at UASL (read here). And at night we had our party as every Friday. Virgo forgot sending out the group message, hence not all of our guests were aware of the theme but as there is always the option to come as you, that didn’t matter nor didn’t we have less fun. The party was again nicely well attended.

April 14th – Friday night party: Diomita, Mistress Cherry, Angelique, slave Flo, slave Holly, slave Alessi, Zana Darkthorn, Monique (MoniqueDefoe), Charlotte Hazelnut (charlottejersey) (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Jayson Dakota, sapphire (littleShy97), Domina Ansar, Myya Eldrich, Virgo Babii (lower row)

April 14th – Friday night party: 2 pictures taken by slave Holly (upper row), Laura (laura00175), Claven Albatros, Baroness Capelo, Morgie Darkstone, Andrea (Andreas Breadbin) Sarah Fhang, Erika (ErikaYoung), Virgo Babii (lower row)

Diary 2023 (33) April 7th An eggselent start into the Easter weekend

Friday, April 7th, God Friday, I was inworld in the morning. I wento to club DeLust where it was comparably quiet and sat down in a chair there. I had in mind to write a bit but before I started Faye came to me … and I had Zana in IM. Zana told me that she was just exploring a new BDSM venue named Ravenser Odd , owned and built by Joe (Jo Lecker). I joined Zana there and I took Faye with me.
It became an interesting and in the end exciting visit. The new venue is large and offers several themed rooms as well as clubs. Zana and I were in particular excited to see new cells that were inspired by the netflix series “You”. WOW. We also loved the pod prison that moves the pods on a stage so that everyone can see the inmates and the inmates can look into a club (if they are allowed seeing). I tried it out and Zana had fun teasing me.
Zana and I continued exploring the new venue, Faye was captured in one of the pods by another guest.
The scenery and the last days had brought Zana and me closer. We share some kinks and more importantly some attitudes and think quite alike. In addition we both switch. Long story short we ended up on a sofa and cuddled … and Zana fingered me to an orgasm…. and I licked her to an orgasm. maybe it was a bit too much or more precisely it was just right because in the aftermath Zana ended happily at my feet and on my leash. She enjoyed it – I enjoyed it. I took her home with me and we talked until Zana had to leave to bed – and I had to care about my RL.
What a morning!

Friday, April 7th: Diomita, Zana and Faye at Ravenser Odd and at home

The theme for our Friday night was easy to pick – Easter bunnies: “It’s Friday once again and as it is the Easter weekend please get out your bunny outfits or come as you are (even naked) and start into Easter dancing, chatting and having fun. DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes for us.”

In the afternoon I returned and got the cell that zana and I saw at Ravenser Odd. Unfortunately it is non-RLV. I talked with the owner of Ravenser Odd and as I failed to add according scripts, Joe (Jo Lecker) helped me setting it up and getting the right scripts. He was really very helpful and patient with me. It took us over an hour to get it running perfectly. But now it works and looks perfect.
slave Lisa watched us. I was just done with some fine tuning when Dely (krysbia) came by. She and I teased Lisa a bit.

Friday, April 7th: The new “Joe Goldberg” (from netflix series “You”) cell … Dely, Diomita and slave Lisa

The party at night was full of bunnies. We had fun with banter and with pun. It is always great to see so many guests participating. Zana was at the party for the first time and brought a couple of her family and friends with her. I had a lot of chats, took many pictures and I enjoyed the party. I just forgot to ake a picture of slave Lisa, nobody is perfect *winks*

April 7th – Friday night party with bunnies: Diomita, Angelique, Flo, slave Alessi, Dely (krysbia), Claven Albatros, Sarah Fhang, Morgie Darkstone, Jeanette Darkstone (arandomjeanette) (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Bacon Amore, Jayson Dakota, Erika (erikayoung), Donna Jo (donnajo19720828), Baroness Capelo, Virgo Babii (lower row)

April 7th – Friday night party with bunnies: Zana Darkthron, Erin (lilerin2020), Erika Fairchylde (Aizur Zessinthal), Mara Farlight, Phoa Vos-Rose (Phoa Oh), Helen Feristane (helentvs), Relena Keepers (sprocketlocs), Oz Oriana (Silvermain Seljan) (upper row), a view on our dancefloor, Scarlett (Echo Kavanagh), Virgo Babii (lower row)

Diary 2023 (28) March 23rd – 26th Cocktails

I have been lazy since I returned from my vacation. I didn’t visit any gallery or installation although my SL had been quiet. Thursday, March 23rd, I met with Flo and we played one round of skipee, then Flo went off again. She is still recovering from a surgery RL. slave Holly came inworld but she was tired. Hence we just played a round of skipee, then she went off. Finally also Mistress Cherry was busy creating textures.

I decided to continue a roleplay, that I had started after my return from vacation. I am fulfilling my subside in this roleplay being a servant in a big manor. The Mistress there agreed that I may come and go – just when I’m there, I’m under control. I will see if anything longterm will develop. And for right now I won’t reveal more.

Just when I started, slave Alessi came inworld. I told her that I was busy and she understood. and that is it already for Thursday.

Friday, March 24th, we had our regular Friday night party. I picked “Cocktail party” as a theme: “It is Friday once again and we start in our weekend. Today is National Cocktail Day in the UK. Wear your most daring mini skirt or bra or come as you are (even naked) and enjoy some cocktails with us as we dance into the weekend. DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes for us”
I had fun decorating the dancefloor. slave Holly had agreed to serve cocktails .. and she had very special cocktails like “Pop My Cherry” for me, “Lick My Pussy” for Mistress Cherry or “Bad Bitch” for Ebony. That was fun!

March 24th, Friday night party: the decorated dancefloor / Vani (vanilla Meili) next to the cocktail in the center

We had fun and the cocktail party was well attended, we had many guests. Once again a great start into the weekend.

March 24th, Friday night party: Mistress Cherry, Diomita, Flo, slave Holly, slave Alessi, Ebony Massey, Sarah Fhang, Vani (vanilla Meili), Janina Foxdale, Monica Pleasure (monicapleasure), Virgo Babii (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, JodieSayers, Katty Restless, Morgie Darkstone, Kira Skytower, Laura (laura00175), Claven Albatros, Donna Jo (donnajo19720828), Baroness Capelo, Moxie (Moirapat), Erika (ErikaYoung) (lower row)

Saturday, March 25th, I spent some time in my new roleplay in the afternoon. At night I first met with Mistress Cherry at home and we caught up with news, then I played a round of skipee with Flo, then hopped over sims for a while.
I met again with Mistress and we went to club Domme a Domme and cuddles for a while while watching the (silent) crowd. slave Alessi came inworld just when I was about to leave early, as the night was short for me due to time change in Europe. I summoend her to us for a few minutes, then I logged off before midnight.

March 25th: Mistress Cherry and Diomita at home, Diomita at club DeLust, Mistress Cherry, Diomita and slave Alessi at club Domme a Domme

Sunday, March 26th, I spent again time roleplaying and I chatted quite a bit with Mistress Cherry. My night began as usual playing skipee with Flo. She lasted quite long and we played 3 rounds, then I took her with me to Carnal Intentions. slave Holly came inworld soon after and I summoned her to us. We spent an hour at Carnal … outside of the club as most people stay outside there in the meanwhile.

March 26th: Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo and slave Holly