Diary 2023 (32) April 6th Black, Red, Yellow …. and Green

Thursday, April 6th, I spent again some time online during the day. I hopped over the sims and clubs, I watched people, I observed and I had some chats. At night I played 3 rounds of skipee with Flo, all games were close and we had fun playing. Flo went to bed afterwards and I went to club Domme a Domme. I turned out to become a quite outstanding night. Zana (Zana Darkthorn) was at the club together with her maid Monique (MoniqueDefoe) and another sub, a bunny sub (as Easter is getting close) named bunz aka. Erika Fairchylde (Aizur Zessinthal). Domna Marcia (DomnaMarcia) was sitting in front of the group on an human chair Lisa Lovely (loveylisa1) … and Lea Ihnen was watching the scene. As always Zana was chatting with her girls and friends in main chat. It makes me smile to see how a club can be livened up with some main chat. It was fun. When slave Holly came in-world I summoned her to me. As Zana wore her hair short Holly immediately saw that Zana and I looked a bit like twins and that gave reason for some banter and fun!
Zana had to tend to her RL and had to leave and after she had left her entcourtage left soon after. Shame.
I stayed at club Domme a Domme. slave Alessi came also in-world and I summoned her to me…. a black slave and a red slave.

April 6th at club Domme a Domme: Lea Ihnen, slave Holly, Diomita, Domna sitting on Lisa, Zana with “bunz” behind her, maid Monique (left side from left to right) / Diomita with slave Holly and slave Alessi

slave rene (rene Rugani) called me and I summoned her to us as well. That did attrack some attention for several reasons, firstly as my “collection” grew (now Black, Red and Yellow), secondly as rene is more known as a domme. Well, she might have to get used to be at my feet *winks*. I chatted publicly that I’d love to have even more colours.

April 6th at club Domme a Domme: Diomita with slaves Holly, Alessi and rene

The only one who had remained from before was Domna’s chair Lisa (lovelylisa1). Lisa asked about the slave outfit and I told her where to get it and promised that I would get her a fitting skirt if she modified the armbinder and hood to green. Et voilá after some issues with RLV and menus I got a fourth slave that night. What a group! I had fun and the other guests had also fun. Now I have the challenge to get even a fifth – we will see!

April 6th at club Domme a Domme: Diomita with slaves Holly, Alessi, rene and Lisa

slave Holly and I took quite a series of pictures as long as I had all around me. First rene had to leave and then it was time for Holly to leave to bed as well. Hence I took slave Holly, slave Alessi and slave Lisa home. Lisa enjoyed it a lot that I took control of her and her enslaved life and despite of her timezone (Central US) I decided to take her under my wings and under consideration. I chatted with slave Alessi and slave Lisa, I gave Lisa her slave tag and showed her around a bit. She also got some first assignments. We went to club DeLust for another half hour and I met Zana there again.

April 6th at club Domme a Domme and at home: Diomita with slave Holly, slave Alessi and slave Lisa

It was already 1.30 AM, really late, when I returned home and brought the slaves to bed.

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