Diary 2023 (50) May 14th/15th Two more quiet days

Sunday, May 14th, I was inworld early in the morning. Kitty was present and we hopped a bit over sims while we caught up with mutal news and just chatted. We stayed finally at club Domme a Domme. Zana came there too accompanied by bunz (Aizur Zessinthal). It became fuller at the club … we had almost a farm or a zoo there. There was a rabbit (bunz), a puppy (piddles aka littleforcetoy), several ponies and some hucows. That gave reason for some main chat. I talked a bit with Zana, but not much and I didn’t touch her *sighs*. slave Alessi joined us later, after she had cleaned the house. Soon later Kitty and Zana left for bed. I stayed a few moments longer with slave Alessi, then I tended to my RL.

May 14th: Diomita at club Domme a Domme with Kitty, slave Alessi, Zana and bunz (Aizur Zessinthal)

I was inworld again in the later afternoon and met Monique (MoniqueDefoe) at club Domme a Domme. We had a nice chat while watching what was going on at the club. I also roamed a bit and had an interesting chat at Puerto Eslava.

At night I played 2 rounds of skipee with Flo. slave Holly came inworld just when we were finishing our 2nd round. I took Flo and slave Holly with me to club Domme a Domme. It was very full (and laggy) that night and not easy to find a place for us. But finally we found a place to stand (and kneel). Zana came by and as usually she succeeded to liven up the main chat a bit. Later her bunny bunz (Aizur Zessinthal) joined her there as well.
Flo went off quite before flotime and and Holly left for bed at flotime. Hence I returned home with Holly.

May 14th: Diomita at club Domme a Domme with Flo, slave Hilly, Zana and bunz (Aizur Zessinthal)

Monday, May 15th, I was inworld in the morning and roamed around a bit. I met with Zana and we had a nice chat – and no i won’t reveal details here. At night Flo wasn’t present for the usual game of skipee. I went to club Domme a Domme and spent the whole night there. First I had slave Red (newlifeloading) at my feet, later slave Holly and slave Alessi. Zana also came there and she was teased quite a lot by Tonya. And sweet Charlotte Hazelnut (charlottejersey) joined her for some time. It was an entertaining night.

May 15th at club Domme a Domme: Diomita with slave Red (newlifeloading), Zana Darkthorn, Charlotte (charlottejersey), Tonya, slave Holly and slave Alessi

Diary 2023 (35) April 10th A full and varied day

When I came inworld on Monday, April 10th, Zana was in her glass cell together with her maid Phoa (Phoa Oh). Another one of her inner circle of friends, Helen Feristane (helentvs), was standing outside. I said helo and went to CM to change. I hadn’t changed my clothes for almost 2 days. Upon my return Zana was once again released. Helen used another RLV toy close by – well, that is deactivated now for good reasons *winks*.
Phoa and Helen had to leave and I showed Zana around our island a bit more, taking her to areas not that easily to find. We had some quality time together. slave Alessi was present shortly and cleaned the house – good girl!

Zana and I went to club Domme a Domme for some fun. And we found some fun, a nicely wrapped up girl, ready for tease and for being taken. We had fun. When Zana had to leave for bed I took her home and into her glass cell. And I summoned the girl, her name is Max, to our Stonehaven patio as well and leashed her there. After Zana had logged off I teased the victim a bit. But I also had her in IM to talk OOC. It’s not me spoiling anybody’s fun – and Max is currently the toy of someone I know. Hence I took her to club DeLust and left her there just like Zana and I found her before at club Domme a Domme. Then I tended to my RL.

April 10th: Diomita at home with Zana and Helen / at club Domme a Domme with Zana and Max / at home with Max

In the afternoon, Mistress Cherry came back in-world after being off for 3 days. We had the opportunity to talk and to catch up. And I had a lot to catch up with her (I forgot to take a picture).

My night was eventful … full
When I came inworld Zana was present as well as Max who I had stored at club DeLust before. I released Zana from her cell and as Max did not behave I just leashed her at the wall. I took Zana to the decking and we talked of a bit catching up with mutal news. In the menwhile Flo had arrive and was playing cards. Zana and I went over to her and while Zana changed into new clothes Flo and I played a round of skipee.
Flo won the game btw …. but while we played a lot was going on, Maxi was released from the wall, some people came, other left. In the end there was Zana, Flo, Kari (KariFinnagan), Phoa (Phoa Oh), the victim Max and I. We all went to club Domme a Domme and had some fun there. Phoa danced for us. and Max squirmed for us. Eventually Katie (Katielouisse) appeared and claimed her slave Max. She won’t try to kick us again (that night at least).

April 10th at club Domme a Domme: Diomita, Zana, Kari, Phoa, Max and Katie

We moved on the Ravenser Odd afterwards and stayed there for the rest of the night. Zana’s family members came in and left, slave Alessi joined us too and we had fun with some banter and puns.

April 10th at Ravenser Odd: Diomita, Zana, Charlotte Jersey (charlottejersey), bunz (Aizur Zessinthal), slave Alessi

I took the opprotunity to take some nice pictures of Zana and me ….

April 10th: Diomita and Zana

After Zana had left, bunz left too … and i stayed with slave Alessi and follwed mainchat and enjoyed the atmosphere until it was time for bed for me too.

Diary 2023 (34) April 8th/9th Some Easter fun

Saturday, April 8th, I was inworld in the morning and visited the current exhibition at Nitroglubus Roof Gallery “Sans titre” by JadeYu Fhang (read here). After my visit, I met with Zana. She was at Ravenser Odd. She had further explored the sim. We went to club DeLust together, where Faye joined us. As usual with Zana we remained mainly in main chat (and thus entertained the other guests), but that didn’t inspire others to talk. It was already late for Zana and I desired some time with her. I took her to my secret hideaway – we talked and she licked me to another lovely orgasm. I crowned her night and left her in my new Joe Goldberg glass cell at home for her night. Then I went visiting another place. I have so many requests in the meanwhile but rarely the time but RL is first and in Second Life I often have other priorities at the moment.

April 8th: Diomita, Zana and Faye at club DeLust / Diomita and Zana at home

At night Flo was present and I played a round of skipee with her. While we played, Zana came inworld. waking up in her cell. Flo and I continued playing and finished the round. Then we looked after Zana. I opened the cell and while Flo continues playing (and winning against herself), I went to the sun terrace with Zana and changed into another outfit. Zana loved it and could worship my bum and my boots afterwards.
When Zana and I returned to the games table Flo had won 3 times. We went to club Domme a Domme together.

April 8th: Diomita at home with Zana / at club Domme a Domme with Zana and Flo

We had some quality time at club Domme a Domme shaking up the club a bit, chatting here and there and with baroness Capelo. Finally Zana wanted to complete her plans of kidnapping Sappy aka. SapphicSentiment (Durham Novaland). Sappy was already a few days sitting at the club and reading and Zana had in mind to provide her a place in the front row of pods at Ravenser Odds. Sadly sappy was absent and hance she missed the fun .. and we missed it too. we decided that we didn’T want to miss out the fun with her and left her at club Domme a Domme. Instead we just went alone to Ravenser odd and enjoyed the new club. It took a while to get someone dancing and sadly we seemed to be the only who livened up the club. But we had fun! At midnight it was time for Zana to start her day and for me to go to catch some sleep. I brought her back into the glass cage at home, where she could spent the time of my absence.

April 8th: Diomita with Zana at club Domme a Domme with Sappy aka. SapphicSentiment (Durham Novaland) / Diomita and Zana at club Ravenser Odd

Sunday, April 9th, Easter, I saw that Zana had left the glass cage when I came in-world in the morning. She tole me that bunz aka Erika Fairchylde (Aizur Zessinthal) had used the nearby rack to grab her out. I met Zana at Raveser Odd where she was together with her maid Phoa Vos-Rose (Phoa Oh). We chit-chatted a bit then we returned home to check about the cage. I tried different things, but the rack has to be in a higher RLV hierarchy than the glass cage. I moved it far enough away so that it can’t be used anymore for this purpose. I also set some other detail for the cage and I hope that it is safer now.
Another friend at Zana, Charlotte Jersey (charlottejersey), came by and we all moved to the decking and stayed there just talking and teasing eachother until Zana had to leave. I left her in the glass cage again.

April 8th: Diomita at Ravenser Odd and at home with Zana, Phoa and Charlotte

I spent the afternoon being on and offline yet nothing worth to be reported happened. At the early night I went visiting Cica GHost’s newest installation “Hoppy Town” (post follows in a few days). Flo came inowlrd and changed from her bunny Easter outfit into a white dresse. And Zana came inworld as well. Flo and i went seeing her and I released her from her “room” (the glass cage). Then Zana watched Flo and me playing one round of skipee. In the meanwhile slave Alssi had come inworld as well.
After the game we all went ot club Domme a Domme and tried to shake up the club. Baroness Capelo was there and we teased her to be in the front row of Ravenser Odd. It look a while of banter and farted out chocolate egss but finally we got BC out of her bunny life and took her to the new club. But storing went wrong and Zana ended up in the front row of pods with views on the dance floor, BC was in 2nd row. We had fun and banter. Flo danced for us until she had to leave for bed. Finally I released Zana and managed to restore BC in the front row.

April 9th: Diomita at home and at Raverser Odd with Zana, Flo, slave Alessi, Baroness Capelo and Charlotte

Too bad that Zana had to tend to her RL. I brought her home and returned to the club. I tried to convince a guest to dance for us – in vain. Eventually I released BC from her pod and made her dancing for us and the other guests. To sum it up a fun night at the new club.

Diary 2023 (33) April 7th An eggselent start into the Easter weekend

Friday, April 7th, God Friday, I was inworld in the morning. I wento to club DeLust where it was comparably quiet and sat down in a chair there. I had in mind to write a bit but before I started Faye came to me … and I had Zana in IM. Zana told me that she was just exploring a new BDSM venue named Ravenser Odd , owned and built by Joe (Jo Lecker). I joined Zana there and I took Faye with me.
It became an interesting and in the end exciting visit. The new venue is large and offers several themed rooms as well as clubs. Zana and I were in particular excited to see new cells that were inspired by the netflix series “You”. WOW. We also loved the pod prison that moves the pods on a stage so that everyone can see the inmates and the inmates can look into a club (if they are allowed seeing). I tried it out and Zana had fun teasing me.
Zana and I continued exploring the new venue, Faye was captured in one of the pods by another guest.
The scenery and the last days had brought Zana and me closer. We share some kinks and more importantly some attitudes and think quite alike. In addition we both switch. Long story short we ended up on a sofa and cuddled … and Zana fingered me to an orgasm…. and I licked her to an orgasm. maybe it was a bit too much or more precisely it was just right because in the aftermath Zana ended happily at my feet and on my leash. She enjoyed it – I enjoyed it. I took her home with me and we talked until Zana had to leave to bed – and I had to care about my RL.
What a morning!

Friday, April 7th: Diomita, Zana and Faye at Ravenser Odd and at home

The theme for our Friday night was easy to pick – Easter bunnies: “It’s Friday once again and as it is the Easter weekend please get out your bunny outfits or come as you are (even naked) and start into Easter dancing, chatting and having fun. DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes for us.”

In the afternoon I returned and got the cell that zana and I saw at Ravenser Odd. Unfortunately it is non-RLV. I talked with the owner of Ravenser Odd and as I failed to add according scripts, Joe (Jo Lecker) helped me setting it up and getting the right scripts. He was really very helpful and patient with me. It took us over an hour to get it running perfectly. But now it works and looks perfect.
slave Lisa watched us. I was just done with some fine tuning when Dely (krysbia) came by. She and I teased Lisa a bit.

Friday, April 7th: The new “Joe Goldberg” (from netflix series “You”) cell … Dely, Diomita and slave Lisa

The party at night was full of bunnies. We had fun with banter and with pun. It is always great to see so many guests participating. Zana was at the party for the first time and brought a couple of her family and friends with her. I had a lot of chats, took many pictures and I enjoyed the party. I just forgot to ake a picture of slave Lisa, nobody is perfect *winks*

April 7th – Friday night party with bunnies: Diomita, Angelique, Flo, slave Alessi, Dely (krysbia), Claven Albatros, Sarah Fhang, Morgie Darkstone, Jeanette Darkstone (arandomjeanette) (upper row), Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips, Bacon Amore, Jayson Dakota, Erika (erikayoung), Donna Jo (donnajo19720828), Baroness Capelo, Virgo Babii (lower row)

April 7th – Friday night party with bunnies: Zana Darkthron, Erin (lilerin2020), Erika Fairchylde (Aizur Zessinthal), Mara Farlight, Phoa Vos-Rose (Phoa Oh), Helen Feristane (helentvs), Relena Keepers (sprocketlocs), Oz Oriana (Silvermain Seljan) (upper row), a view on our dancefloor, Scarlett (Echo Kavanagh), Virgo Babii (lower row)

Diary 2023 (32) April 6th Black, Red, Yellow …. and Green

Thursday, April 6th, I spent again some time online during the day. I hopped over the sims and clubs, I watched people, I observed and I had some chats. At night I played 3 rounds of skipee with Flo, all games were close and we had fun playing. Flo went to bed afterwards and I went to club Domme a Domme. I turned out to become a quite outstanding night. Zana (Zana Darkthorn) was at the club together with her maid Monique (MoniqueDefoe) and another sub, a bunny sub (as Easter is getting close) named bunz aka. Erika Fairchylde (Aizur Zessinthal). Domna Marcia (DomnaMarcia) was sitting in front of the group on an human chair Lisa Lovely (loveylisa1) … and Lea Ihnen was watching the scene. As always Zana was chatting with her girls and friends in main chat. It makes me smile to see how a club can be livened up with some main chat. It was fun. When slave Holly came in-world I summoned her to me. As Zana wore her hair short Holly immediately saw that Zana and I looked a bit like twins and that gave reason for some banter and fun!
Zana had to tend to her RL and had to leave and after she had left her entcourtage left soon after. Shame.
I stayed at club Domme a Domme. slave Alessi came also in-world and I summoned her to me…. a black slave and a red slave.

April 6th at club Domme a Domme: Lea Ihnen, slave Holly, Diomita, Domna sitting on Lisa, Zana with “bunz” behind her, maid Monique (left side from left to right) / Diomita with slave Holly and slave Alessi

slave rene (rene Rugani) called me and I summoned her to us as well. That did attrack some attention for several reasons, firstly as my “collection” grew (now Black, Red and Yellow), secondly as rene is more known as a domme. Well, she might have to get used to be at my feet *winks*. I chatted publicly that I’d love to have even more colours.

April 6th at club Domme a Domme: Diomita with slaves Holly, Alessi and rene

The only one who had remained from before was Domna’s chair Lisa (lovelylisa1). Lisa asked about the slave outfit and I told her where to get it and promised that I would get her a fitting skirt if she modified the armbinder and hood to green. Et voilá after some issues with RLV and menus I got a fourth slave that night. What a group! I had fun and the other guests had also fun. Now I have the challenge to get even a fifth – we will see!

April 6th at club Domme a Domme: Diomita with slaves Holly, Alessi, rene and Lisa

slave Holly and I took quite a series of pictures as long as I had all around me. First rene had to leave and then it was time for Holly to leave to bed as well. Hence I took slave Holly, slave Alessi and slave Lisa home. Lisa enjoyed it a lot that I took control of her and her enslaved life and despite of her timezone (Central US) I decided to take her under my wings and under consideration. I chatted with slave Alessi and slave Lisa, I gave Lisa her slave tag and showed her around a bit. She also got some first assignments. We went to club DeLust for another half hour and I met Zana there again.

April 6th at club Domme a Domme and at home: Diomita with slave Holly, slave Alessi and slave Lisa

It was already 1.30 AM, really late, when I returned home and brought the slaves to bed.