Diary 2023 (42) April 26th/27th Varied days

Wednesday, April 27th, I met Zana in the morning at club Domme a Domme. I simply can’t stay away from her and shall enjoy her as long as it lasts. We talked a bit though not long as Zana had to leave (no picture).
I returned in the early afternoon for 30 minutes. slave Kari (Karifinnagan) was present but I was at Puerto Esclava and didn’t have much time due to RL. I returned in the later afternoon and slave Kari was still or again present. I took her to club Domme a Domme again for a bit, then I made up my mind and we returned home. A few weeks ago I had bought a new toilet seat and hadn’t tried it out yet. slave Kari was my guinea pig. And as Zana came inworld too she watched while I tried the different poses with slave kari fixed as my toilet slave. And although I didn’t plan it … I peed and filled her mouth. (Untortunately I forgot to take pictures again!). Again Zana didn’t have much time and left again. I went outside with slave Kari and sat down on a bench by the path. Angelique joined me there. She was looking lovely as always! slave Kari left to tend to her RL and Angelique and I discussed clothes. Flo came by …. What a coming and going *giggles*. Finally I decided to copy Angelique’s outfit that she had put together as mix and match. Then we played a round of skippee (Angelique won it easily) and moved on to club DeLust. slave Holly joined us there and I finally thought of taking a picture.
Angelique left, then Flo left .. and slave Holly and I talked about the upcoming Friday night party that almost would take place at her 2nd collaring anniversary. An nice occasion for “chains and leashes, locks and keys chastity, some may come but never leave”
I returned home with slave Holly and put her in chains and chastity …. and tried out the new toilet seat again with my favourite toilet slave Holly.

A full and varied day….. just without many pictures.

April 26th: Diomita, Angelique, Flo and slave Holly at club DeLust and at home

Thursday, April 27th, I spent some quality time with pet Zana. I saw her at club Domme a Domme and was upset as she didn’t approach me. Instead she explored racks and equipent exhibited outside of the club. I noticed her interest in a shibari-rack, a very old one … which I do own for way more than a decade. I think it is from my early days in Second Life.
Anway, I returned home and pet was in her glass cell. I reprimanded her to approach me if not told otherwise. Then I let her out of the glass cell and tied her up on the shibari-rack. I licked her close to an orgasm, then I took her with my strapon and then enjoyed licking up her juices. Afterwards I brought her back into her cell, as it was bedtime for her. What a start into my day!

April 27th: Diomita and Zana at home

In the afternoon slave Kari was present and I spent some time with her at club Domme a Domme, we talked but I also was 30 minutes absent while she was view restricted looking just at me. She’s a quite behaving and willing slave so far.
Later I went shopping with her and got her the May slave Outfit already. I dedicated the glass cage in the house to slave Kari as her preliminary home.
At night Zana was shortly in-world. I took slave kari to Zana’s cell and released Zana and let her dress for me …. Oh and Zana liked the outfit I had chosen for that night. She craved to kiss my butt and I granted it. We went to club Domme a Domme for 10 minutes, then Zana had to start her day.

April 27th: Diomita with slave Kari and Zana at home and at club Domme a Domme

I stayed at the club with slave Kari and was just about to move somewhere else with her when Flo came online. We returned home and played skipee. It was slave Kari’s first skipee game besides exercising alone and Flo and I helped her. When she had to leave, Flo and I played another round, then we moved to club DeLust for 15 minutes, before it was Flo’s bedtime.
slave Alessi came online late. I returned home and summoned her to me at the sun terrace. Then I made her change into the May slave outfit. She’s the second wearing it now.

April 27th: Diomita and Flo at club DeLust / Diomita and slave Alessi at home

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