April 30th – Holly’s 2nd collaring anniversary and 11th rezzday

Today marks our Holly’s 2nd collaring anniversary and her 11th rezzday. Congratulations Holly!

Jenny and I met Holly (honoursgirl) at Puerto Esclava a bit more that 2 years ago and we took her under our wings. It changed her and also our Second Life. Holly became a very devoted and dedicated slave to us. She has wit, is openminded trying out new things and trying out herself. It is just a joy having her around. When she became our slave, she got some rules and assignments and she still follows her rules and fulfills her assignments without any complain.
Jenny’s death changed a lot in our family. Holly and her dedication to me and to our family contributed a lot to keep our SL and our family going. I can’t be more thankful. I am really surprised that Holly is with me just 2 years now, it feels way longer for me. To put into one word – Holly is a true gem.

Thank you for your love and dedication, Holly. I hope for many more collaring anniversaries to come for you and for us!

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