Diary 2023 (50) May 14th/15th Two more quiet days

Sunday, May 14th, I was inworld early in the morning. Kitty was present and we hopped a bit over sims while we caught up with mutal news and just chatted. We stayed finally at club Domme a Domme. Zana came there too accompanied by bunz (Aizur Zessinthal). It became fuller at the club … we had almost a farm or a zoo there. There was a rabbit (bunz), a puppy (piddles aka littleforcetoy), several ponies and some hucows. That gave reason for some main chat. I talked a bit with Zana, but not much and I didn’t touch her *sighs*. slave Alessi joined us later, after she had cleaned the house. Soon later Kitty and Zana left for bed. I stayed a few moments longer with slave Alessi, then I tended to my RL.

May 14th: Diomita at club Domme a Domme with Kitty, slave Alessi, Zana and bunz (Aizur Zessinthal)

I was inworld again in the later afternoon and met Monique (MoniqueDefoe) at club Domme a Domme. We had a nice chat while watching what was going on at the club. I also roamed a bit and had an interesting chat at Puerto Eslava.

At night I played 2 rounds of skipee with Flo. slave Holly came inworld just when we were finishing our 2nd round. I took Flo and slave Holly with me to club Domme a Domme. It was very full (and laggy) that night and not easy to find a place for us. But finally we found a place to stand (and kneel). Zana came by and as usually she succeeded to liven up the main chat a bit. Later her bunny bunz (Aizur Zessinthal) joined her there as well.
Flo went off quite before flotime and and Holly left for bed at flotime. Hence I returned home with Holly.

May 14th: Diomita at club Domme a Domme with Flo, slave Hilly, Zana and bunz (Aizur Zessinthal)

Monday, May 15th, I was inworld in the morning and roamed around a bit. I met with Zana and we had a nice chat – and no i won’t reveal details here. At night Flo wasn’t present for the usual game of skipee. I went to club Domme a Domme and spent the whole night there. First I had slave Red (newlifeloading) at my feet, later slave Holly and slave Alessi. Zana also came there and she was teased quite a lot by Tonya. And sweet Charlotte Hazelnut (charlottejersey) joined her for some time. It was an entertaining night.

May 15th at club Domme a Domme: Diomita with slave Red (newlifeloading), Zana Darkthorn, Charlotte (charlottejersey), Tonya, slave Holly and slave Alessi

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