Diary 2018 (103) June 13th Jenny’s back home

Wednesday, June 13th, Jenny returned from her vacation. I was together with Angelique when Jenny came inworld in the afternoon. I left Angelique and went seeing her. Jenny had been inworld already in the morning and bought a new dress to suprise me – she did surprise me. It is a very nice dress with an open back that presents her lovely behind perfectly. We went to Domme a Domme to catch up and I enjoyed having her at my feet. Welcome back home, Jenny.

June 13th: Diomita and her property Jenny at Domme a domme

Our night was once again totally different than I expected it to be. We met Rubber Rocket Doll slave Flo and Angelique at home and had some visitors at the landing point. We went there but when we arrived just one visitor was left over, Wiltrud Piccard. We chatted a bit and Wiltrud was a good girl kneeling for me. Then slave kelly came inworld as well and Jenny went picking her up at the Keep.
Angelique had to leave early and we went back to the house as Rubber Rocket Doll Anne was there in the meanwhile – what a busy start into this night! Anne didn’t stay long though. Jenny and I had a longer chat with Wiltrud and slave kelly while slave Flo listened most of the time.

June 13th: Diomita and Jenny at home with Rubber Rocket Dolls slave Flo and Anne, Angelique, slave kelly and Wiltrud Piccard

Wiltrud had a lot to report and slave kelly was very curios about her. She knew Wiltrud only as an extreme Mistress and was quite surprised seeing her kneeling. Time really flew by way too quickly. I retreated with Jenny early to have some time of togetherness in our skybox (no picture). It’s good to have her back.

Diary 2018 (100) June 9th – A varied night in control

Saturday, June 9th, became a very enjoyable and varied night. I went to Heavy Bondage Club first and had fun reading profile and watching the weired crowd (I’m aware being a part of it :-)). Angelique joined me there and we had a longer very nice chat. She’s getting a lot of compliments for her outfit and I have to admit it is really gorgeous.

June 9th: Diomita and Angelique / Diomita, Angelique and slave Flo playing skipee with Rubber Rocket Doll Anne watching us

We went home where we met the two Rubber Rocket Dolls Anne and slave Flo. I took Anne out of her cage and brought her and slave Flo to the Skipee table. Angelique, slave Flo and I played skipee and slave Flo couldn’t refrain from teasing Anne constantly. After the game, I brought Anne back to the porch and I placed her back into her personal cell. Then I placed slave Flo close by ….. and put her into her personal cage as well. Two Rubber Rocket Dolls at the entrance of our house 🙂

Jenny, Angeliue and Diomita with the Rubber Rocket Dolls Anne and slave Flo

Jenny came inworld and I took some picture of our Rubber Dolls together with Jenny, Angelique and myself. Then I retreated with my property and enjoyed my control. She’s Mine and will always stay Mine, no matter how we develop. Well, that’s mutual *winks*.

June 9th: Diomita enjoying her very owned Mistress, her property, her “Mine”

What a varied and enjoyable Saturday night!

Diary 2018 (99) June 7th/8th Nothing worked out as planned

Thursday night, June 7th, was odd. Angelique, Rubber Rocket Dolls slave Flo, Dani and Anne and a dog were present when I came inworld. The dog belonged to none, a stray and it could talk. Actually the dog was a stray sissy looking desperately for a place to stay.
As I wasn’t up for going to a club nor for a session I wanted to have a game of greedy or skipee. That failed. All Rubber Rocket Dolls had no touch. We stood in the game area of our home sim and chatted. Angelique left early as she was very tired.
I brought Rubber Rocket Doll Anne back to the porch to place her into her personal Rubber Doll cage again and wanted to take a picture of our 3 Rubber Rocket Dolls. That failed, because dani crashed and didn’t return. I took a picture of the remaining two dolls together with me and the dog, who was still around.

June 7th – at the game area at home (left picture from left to right: slave Flo, mutt (relaias.sewell), Angelique, dani Sheryffe, Dio, AnneWanne) / on the porch of our house (right picture, from left to right: mutt (relaias.sewell), Diomita, AnneWanne, slave Flo)

After also Anne left, I took Rubber Rocket Doll slave Flo and the dog to Mesermize Dungeon where Jenny joined us for 45 minutes. I caught up with her about all RL and SL news and was happy to hear that she’s enjoying her vacation. Overall, it was still a nice and relaxing night although nothing worked out as I planned it.

Friday night Party June 8th: slave kelly and Betina Sands (left) / Diomita, Jenny, Angelique, slave kelly, slave Flo and the Pixies’ gang in the background (right pictures)

Friday night, June 8th, we had our regular Party and it was fun as always. slave kelly was allowed to dance and to talk and enjoyed in particular chatting with her former sister Betina, who attended our party decorating Claven. Jenny joined us for an hour and we had time to chat and to catch up before she returned into her vacation. It was a perfect start into the weekend.

Diary 2018 (98) June 6th Ladies Paradise Finishing School

Wednesday, June 6th, I intended to go simploring in the afternoon. I found an offline IM from slave kelly that she wrote the night before after I left her in the cell at the keep. She expressed how eager she is to serve her owners as well as how deeply she submitted to Jenny and me, quite a change compared to how she was when we enslaved her.
When I got inworld, slave kelly was online and Rubber Rocket Doll slave Flo was with her at the keep. I decided to take slave kelly with me on my simploring tour. As the sim, I wanted to go to, was a moderate sim, slave kelly had to wear at least a little bit of clothing.
I took her and slave Flo to velvet dreams where she got a leather bikini (one of the group gifts there). Rubber Rocket Doll slave Flo, slave kelly and I spent a short time at Lochme and I tried to attract some attention by slapping slave Flo’s torpedo breasts but this time we couldn’t get any additional victim. After slave Flo left for dinner I went simploring with slave kelly. We visited “Paradiso” (read yesterday’s post here).

June 6th: Diomita with Rubber Rocket Doll slave FLo and slave kelly (upper left) / Diomita simploring Paradiso with slave kelly

The simploring tour fitted well to slave kelly’s mood, eager to cuddle, eager to serve and to please. She had fun being with me and in particular trying out some of the cuddle poses at “Paradiso”. After the simploring tour I brought her back into her cell.

Wednesday night was quite full and varied. I met Rubber Rocket Doll slave Flo and Angelique at home. Angelique told me about the Ladies Paradise Finishing School, a place and an institution delaing with 19 century etiquette. Proper attire and behavior are expected. The school itself is a boarding school for young women, who are prepared for their future life as a good wife, as it was common during the 19th century. In particular, etiquette and dressing rules are being taught.
Spontaneously I took Angelique and slave Flo with me and we visited the school and met the head mistress and the housekeeper there. Although we were not dressed properly at all, we were welcomed nicely. Our conversation was a bit slow and difficult though. But I can tell that both, Angelique and slave Flo were impressed nonetheless, slave Flo because the school in particular demand tight (Victorian) corsets and Angelique looking forward to some roleplay.

June 6th: Diomita, Angelique and slave Flo at home (left) / Ladies Paradise Finishing School (upper right) / Diomita and Jenny at home with Angelique, slave Flo and slave kelly (lower right)

Jenny came inworld and joined us there but it was difficult for her to catch up that quickly. Hence we returned home soon after and talked there. slave kelly joined us and later also Rubber Rocket Doll Anne. We chatted for about half an hour and it was quite funny as everybody had a different expectation and desire.
– slave Flo talking about the corsets and the head mistress being very strict and sadistic in her eyes
– Angelique focusing on possible roleplay
– slave kelly eager to feel close to me and rubbing her face against my thigh
– Anne trying to communicate but her gaggish was hard to understand
– Jenny trying to find out about Angelique’s wishes and desires
… and me trying to hold the threads together

June 6th: Rubber Rocket Doll slave Flo with Rubber Rocket Doll Anne / Diomita with slave kelly at club DeLust

When Jenny had to return to her vacation (Enjoy, my love!), it was just me, slave kelly, slave Flo and Anne left over. I teased Anne together with slave Flo and we had some fun intentionally misunderstanding her gaggish *winks*. And after slave Flo and Anne went off, I spent some relaxing minutes with slave kelly at Delust before I brought her back into her cell at the keep.

Diary 2018 (97) June 4th/5th – Jenny’s 10th collaring anniversary inworld

Monday, June 4th, we had another Rubber Rocket Doll night. It started at home with Rubber Rocket Doll slave Flo and her victim of two days before Dani Hellershanks, aka. Rubber Doll 425084256. We had two visitors on our homesim, actually friends of Angelique, Lara and peggy. They were cuddling in our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer.
I took the Rubber Rocket Dolls there and we chatted a bit with Lara and peggy. Of course we also spoke about the Rubber Rocket Dolls and the torpedo breasts and slave Flo fired her torpedo twice. It didn’t end in another Rubber Rocket Doll just because Lara and peggy both were not up for it (which is ok *winks*).
Nonetheless the dolls and me had fun.

June 4th at our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer: Diomita with Rubber Rocket Dolls slave Flo and dani and with 2 guests – Flo firing her torpedo

We went to Mesmerize Dungeon again where Angelique joined us. I picked up slave kelly when she came inworld and brought her to MD as well. And later Jenny and Rubber Rocket Doll Anne joined us too. We also had the opportunity to see another Rubber Rocket Doll, Transann, who showed us the cage for the dolls that is included in the latest update. There’s more fun to come!

June 4th at Mesmerize Dungeon: Diomita and Angelique with slave kelly and with the Rubber Rocket Dolls dani (red) and slave Flo (purple)

Tuesday, June 5th, was Jenny’s 10th collaring anniversary, a particular day for her and for me as well. I have already posted an entry about this annisary (read here).
My night began again with the Rubber Rocket Dolls, first with Anne, then with Anne, slave Flo and 425084256 (dani Sheryffe). Rubber Rocket Doll 425084256 was all in black as someone changed her colour settings. I couldn’t change that as dani still wears the free enforced Rubber Doll suit and the menu was blocked ….

June 5th: Diomita with the Rubber Rocket Dolls dani (black), Anne (pink) and slave Flo (purple)

I decided to try the new cage for the Rubber Dolls and placed Anne into a cage on the porch of our house. I was just done with that, when slave kelly came inworld. I picked her up from the Keep where I left her the night before. And then Jenny came online. slave Flo had prepared a Champagne shower for us. Thank you slave Flo!

June 5th: Champagne shower to Jenny’s 10th collaring anniversary. (from left to right: slave kelly, Diomita, Jenny, Anne (in the cell on the porch), Rubber Rocket doll slave Flo (purple) and Rubber Rocket doll dani (black))

We left our Rubber Rocket Dolls and retreated to our loft where we spent half an hour of togetherness celebrating Jenny’s 10th collaring anniversary properly. Thank you for 10 years of your love and devotion, Jenny. I hope for many more!

June 5th: Diomita and Jenny celebrating Jenny’s 10th collaring anniversary

After Jenny went off back into her vacation RL, I returned home and found a visitor wearing a heavy yoke bar with spheres and standing on the slut platform. She had called me the day before and asked where she could get the yoke bar. She saw slave kelly wearing it on my dA page. And there she was ….. too tempting *grins*. I took control of the prepared victim and let her enjoy the restrictions, which slave skelly described as follows:
You can barely see, you can’t touch anything, you could be freaking out in there and no one knows….you can’t even scratch your nose!
And when they want your attention, they bang rudely on the sphere. It’s deafening and painful. How do you think you could pee and then wipe yourself in that thing? And then it gets heavy, and your arms and shoulders start to ache
Perfect, isn’t it?

June 5th: Diomita with slave kelly and Rubber Rocket Doll dani (back in red) teasing a visitor on our slut platform

As Rubber Rocket Doll 425084256’s collar was acessible again, I changed back her colour settings to red and black as you can see on the picture above. I set timers for our visitor and brought slave kelly back to the cell at the keep.
What a full and varied anniversary night!

Diary 2018 (96) June 3rd – Night of the Rubber Rockets Dolls

Sunday night, June 3rd, began quietly and turned into a busy “Night of the Rubber Rocket Dolls”. When I came inworld, just Rubber Rocket Doll slave Flo was present. She had cleaned the whole house, good slave girl! I rewarded her and loosened her gag. slave Flo told me about a new option of her updated Rubber Rocket Doll suit, you can not only inflate the breasts until the become “torpedo breasts”, you can also use cuffs to bind them. I tried this and coloured her breasts accordingly. Then I took slave Flo our to Heavy Bondage Club.
Soon after we got there, I got several IMs asking me about slave Flo’s suit, one message came from Dani Hellershanks (Dani Sheryffe). She was jealous about slave Flo and her suit. I inflated slave Flo’s breasts until they became torpedo breasts and I slapped her breasts. Of course, slave Flo complained. I told Dani to try that … she did and the torpedo was fired, but nothing happened. After a few minutes slave Flo’s torpedo breasts were loaded again and when Dani slapped them again ……. it happened!

June 3rd: Diomita with Rubber Rocket Doll slave Flo at Heavy Bondage Club / … and with Dani Hellershanks who was hit by slave Flo’s torpedo

Forced Rubber Doll Collar (neck) whispers: After touching the breasts of the rubber doll dani hellershanks found themselve bound in tight rubber.
The timelock says dani hellershanks is are trapped for 24 hours now, except dani hellershanks find someone to release them before…
Forced Rubber Doll Collar (neck) whispers: As soon as the suit is locked on dani hellershanks, it begins to inflate… first the mittens, so that dani hellershanks cannot touch anymore…
Forced Rubber Doll Collar (neck) whispers: Now that the mittens are inflated and dani hellershanks’s abilities to touch are gone, the hoods starts to inflate too, giving dani hellershanks’s head the faceless unique shape of a perfect shiny rubber balloon. As more the hood inflates, dani hellershanks’s vision, hearing and talking begins to be affected more and more…
Forced Rubber Doll Collar (neck) whispers: Hearing chat is limited to 10 meter now!
Forced Rubber Doll Collar (neck) whispers: Gaglevel changed… The rubber bulb in dani hellershanks’s mouth is loosely attached and allows some mumble!
Forced Rubber Doll Collar (neck) whispers: Hearing chat is limited to 5 meter now!
Forced Rubber Doll Collar (neck) whispers: Gaglevel changed… The rubber bulb in dani hellershanks’s mouth is attached tighter but still comfortable and affects mumbling a bit more!
dani hellershanks whispers: goormefhfh whafh eff ef eeaum fho eefke effh
Forced Rubber Doll Avatar (chest) whispers: dani hellershanks’s hood is fully inflated now, encasing their head very tightly.
Forced Rubber Doll Collar (neck) whispers: Gaglevel changed… The rubber bulb in dani hellershanks’s mouth is tightened in an incomfortable way and allows only moaning!
Forced Rubber Doll Collar (neck) whispers: Instant Messages to avatars in range of 96 meter are not allowed!
Forced Rubber Doll Collar (neck) whispers: As dani hellershanks can barely see, hear and talk now, she feels the corset beginning to tighten…
As more as it tightens, as less dani hellershanks can breathe comfortabilly, but the corset tightens itself merciless until it reaches it’s tighest shape…
Maurer’s slave Flo (florence.riddler) shivers – knowing dani’s fate
dani hellershanks tries to understand what’s being said

June 3rd – Night of the Rubber Rocket Dolls: Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club with the Rubber Rocket Dolls Dani (red), Anne (pink) and slave Flo (purple)

Forced Rubber Doll Collar (neck) whispers: Finally, after the corset has finished it’s evil tightening process, dani hellershanks has a strange feeling as her boobs starts to grow, roughly forming a bombs shape…
Forced Rubber Doll Collar (neck) whispers: Now that the suit is fully tightened and inflated, and not that it is enough, dani hellershanks feels her wrists, thighs and ankles tied together with heavy chains…
dani hellershanks feels her body being manipulated
Forced Rubber Doll Collar (neck) whispers: So, what is dani hellershanks’s new Rubber Doll Name and Number? Let’s generate one for her…
Rubber Doll Nr. 425084256 tries to warn the crowd.. these babies are loaded now
Rubber Doll Nr. 425084256 finds it harder and harder to breathe
Rubber Doll Nr. 425084256 couldn’t catch my breath
Rubber Doll Nr. 425084256 tries to remind everyone my name is dani, not some number

Now Dani, ehm Rubber Doll Nr. 425084256, is locked in her new suit for 24 hours. I changed the colours and she didn’t move from my side anymore that night. Anne, who is our other Rubber Rocket Doll right now, joined us at Heavy Bondage Club. Having there Rubber Rocket Dolls around me, I attracted a lot of attention and was busy in IMs, when Jenny came inworld. We went to Mesmerize Dungeon to meet her and while I caught up with Jenny about RL and SL we both got other IMs about the dolls. Jenny is having a good time as it should be!

June 3rd – Night of the Rubber Rocket Dolls: Diomita and Jenny at Mesmerize Dungeon with the Rubber Rocket Dolls Anne (pink), Dani (red) and slave Flo (purple)

We had fun at Mesmerize Dungeon and chatted until it was everybody’s bedtime …. it was the “Night of the Rubber Rocket Dolls”

Diary 2018 (94) May 31st / June 1st within the family

Thursday, May 31st, was the first day of Jenny’s vacation. When I came inworld at night, the two Rubber Rocket Dolls slave Flo and Anne were present and slave kelly was still hanging in the 4 post rack by the dance floor. I went with the two dolls to slave kelly and soon after Angelique joined us. We chatted and teased slave kelly, then I went with Angelique and the slaves Flo and kelly to Mesmerize Dungeon where we stayed for about an hour, chatting and reading profiles.

May 31st: Rubber Rocket Dolls slave Flo and Anne (left) / Diomita, Angelique and slave Flo at the 4 post rack with slave kelly (right)

It was quite a relaxed night – at least for me. It might be that Angelique and the slaves weren’t as relaxed as I was *winks*. After slave Flo left for bed I brought slave kelly home and leashed her by our house and Angelique and I spent some time of togetherness at club DeLust. We had quite an erotic chat.

May 31st: Diomita and Angelique at home (upper left) / Diomita and Angelique with slave Flo and slave kelly at Mesmerize Dungeon (lower left) / Diomita and Angelique at club DeLust (right)

Friday night, June 1st, we had our regular party. The party is always a highlight for me, a great start into the weekend. And Jenny, being on vacation also came by. Starry and the Pixies were quite numerous represented and Starry welcomed her friends with “If you want to dance with us, just click my ass“. That led to the following comment of our slave kelly: “I thought Miss Starbright had said “if you want to dance, just lick my ass!

Friday night Party June 1st

We had fun!

Diary 2018 (91) May 24th – 27th – Change of Control

Thursday, May 24th, I met slave kelly when I got inworld in the afternoon. I stood in front of her cage when we got a visitor, Leana Campese. Leana had explored our island the day before and returned to see me at afternoon. She doesn’t hide being a sub and the way slave kelly was tied up and treated did impress her obviously. I was just about to tease her a bit by locking her up next to slave kelly, when she had to leave. I took slave kelly out of the cage and teased her and enjoyed myself, then I brought her back into her cage and went on a simploring tour (see yesterday’s post here)

May 24th. Diomita with slave kelly and Leana Campese

Mistress Jenny and I spent Thursday night at Heavy Bondage club with slave kelly and Rubber Rocket Doll Flo, later Rubber Rocket Doll Anne joined us as well. slave kelly had a litte “accident”, the grass at Heavy Bondage Club might have a barren spot there soon. When we were just about to leave, Rubber Rocket Doll Flo touched Rubber Rocket Doll Anne’s breast with the result that the torpedo was fired on her and forced a second Rubber Doll suit on our Flo – of course that was not very smart and caused some troubles.
After Mistress had left for bed, I stored slave kelly in the cage by our dance floor.

May 24th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly and Rubber Rocket Doll Flo at Heavy Bondage Club

I was not online myself Friday and Saturday due to my RL …. and returned Sunday afternoon. Mistress Jenny and I went to Domme a Domme, where we had a change of control. Mistress replaced my sub collar with my parterning collar and I replaced her collar with her “Mine”-collar – and now I’m back in control of Jenny, Mine. Just like it should be!

May 27th at Domme a Domme – Change of Control: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin -> Diomita with her property Jenny, Mine

Diary 2018 (90) May 23rd – Rockets and Spheres

Mistress Jenny and I spent a relaxed hour at Heavy Bondage Club with our new Rubber Rocket Doll Flo Wednesday afternoon, May 23rd. When Flo left, we returned to our skybox at home and Mistress tied me up with an armbinder and put me into “my” cage … and enjoyed her Ehesklavin. I will publish just one picture here and you have to imagine the rest with your fantasy …

May 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with Rubber Rocket Doll Flo at Heavy Bondage Club / Ehesklavin Diomita in “her” cage at home

Our night was way more busy. First, we spent more than an hour with our niece Angelique in our private skybox. She had to serve us drinks and we talked about her education and had fun … until she had an accident, peeing all of a sudden on the floor of our private rooms. Mistress Jenny was not amused to use no stronger word and she told me off for Angelique’s failure *sighs* (again no further details, no pictures but we had an intense roleplay).

May 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with Rubber Rocket Dolls Flo and Anne and with slave kelly at home / at Mesmerize Dungeon

slave kelly and our both Rubber Rocket Dolls Flo and Anne were inworld for quite a while and we went seeing them after Angelique left. We took them all to Mesmerize Dungeon to expose them and to enjoy playing with the inflatable items, and knocking on slave kelly’s spheres. Ann (Transann) came by and teased the 3 slaves too and I took several pictures for the diary. Before we retreated we stored slave kelly at home on the porch of our house.

May 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with Rubber Rocket Dolls Flo and Anne and with slave kelly at Mesmerize Dungeon, Ann (Transann) is teasing our slaves / Mistress Jenny and Diomita / slave kelly stored at home

Diary 2018 (89) May 22nd – Rubber Rocket Doll (II)

Tuesday, May 22nd, Mistress Jenny and I had not much time in the afternoon due to our RL. We went to club DeLust where we caught up with our mutual news. We also enjoyed togetherness.

May 22nd: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at club DeLust

Ten years ago, 2008 May 22nd, I started Jenny’s trial to become my slave at my little house in the skies of Stonehaven. Now, ten years later, Mistress is in charge. She selected another outfit for me and she left me leashed and locked at club Delust. Times have changed!

May 22nd: Mistress Jenny storing her Ehesklavin Diomita at club DeLust

At night Mistress Jenny picked me up at club DeLust and we met with Angelique and slave Flo. After Angelique went off to bed we went shopping and got “Renies Rubber Doll Avatar” for our slave Flo (see on the SL marketplace here). I call this suit “Rubber Rocket Doll”. We returned home and began to set up our Rubber Rocket Doll.

May 22nd: slave drone Flo becomes Rubber Rocket Doll Flo

All went fine, just the rocket breast didn’t work. We got help from the creator Renie (Renieotherland). She joined us. The reason was and is simple – owners are exempted from being hit by the rockets. Renie was very helpful and explained a lot more about the Rubber Doll suit to us. Later Anne joined us …. and she had the “Rubber Rocket Doll” suit already …. and now we do own two Rubber Rocket Dolls, slave Flo in dark purple and Anne in pink. We had a fun night testing and playing!

May 22nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home with Rubber Rocket Doll Flo (purple) and Rubber Rocket Doll Anne (pink) and with Renie, the creator of the suit

We ended our night in our skybox .. and Mistress Jenny had her way with me – no pictures!

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