Diary 2018 (216) December 4th/5th – Calas Galadhon’s yearly Christmas installation

Tuesday, December 4th, I went simploring in the late afternoon and visited Winter Wonders and Floating Islands (read yesterday’s entry here).

At night Jenny and I went exploring Calas Galadhon’s Chrismas installation 2018, called “A Christmas Midnight Clear” (read here). A visit there has become a tradition for us. We made the sleigh tour and we explored a bit riding a horse. The installation is great once again and we intend to visit it a few times more during the season.

December 4th: Jenny and Diomita’s first visit to Calas Galadhon’s yearly Christmas Installation

slave Flo came inworld and had to wait for our return home. As a reward Mistress Jenny let her choose which club to visit and slave Flo choose club DeLust. It was full there and after we found a nice place, slave Flo danced for us and the other guests. She’s a real eye candy in her tight corset, the ballet boots and wearing the hood. We spent some time at club DeLust and after slave Flo left we went to Mesmerize Dungeon shortly before we retreated home and …. (no pictures *winks*)

December 4th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo at club DeLust and at Mesmerize Dungeon

Wednesday, December 5th, Mistress Jenny and I had some time in the afternoon together. We went exploring Bound by Desire Club and Public RLV Playground. I had come across it when I met Gwendolyn (gwendoelynn) the day before at club Domme a Domme. I hadn’t seen Gwendolyn for more than 5 years, she was together with Wiltrud Piccard that time as far as I remember. Bound by Desire is the place she spends most of her time as she told me. It was quite empty at the time we visited. Mistress Jenny leashed me and had a look around, then we moved on to Trouble Tavern for a bit and then our time was already over again.

December 5th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Bound by Desire / at Trouble Tavern / at home

Back home in our skybox, Mistress left me leashed on a timer, as she couldn’t be online at night.
My night became very relaxed and entertaining. I went to club Domme a Domme, made myself confortable in a chair and watched. It’s rare but it happens, there was entertainment in public chat and it was quite amusing. A naked Mistress, hooded with a leather cow mask, wearing a buttplug that sent electric shocks and vibrations every once in a while, was having her way with a sub. She played with the sub’s restraints, tying her up in different poses. She mooooed, which brought her the nickname “Moostriss” and she was calling for others to join the sub. Anyway, it was fun watching.
At the time that the two had stopped their play, slave Flo came inworld and I summoned her to me. She decorated me well and I played a bit with her restrictions. We both looked around and read profiles until slave Flo had to leave again for bed.

December 5th, a relaxed night at club Domme a Domme alone and with slave Flo

I myself went shopping. With all the eye candy that night, I saw someone wearing a very nice dress that caught my attention – and I bought it. Before I called it a night myself, I went on a short kinkploring tour checking 3 landmarks that I collected while reading profiles, one facesitting club – empty, one prison – empty, one private place – protected. In particular the prison with it’s adjacent rooms looked promising and might be a nice place to take Mistress Jenny to, when I get back in control.

Diary 2018 (103) June 13th Jenny’s back home

Wednesday, June 13th, Jenny returned from her vacation. I was together with Angelique when Jenny came inworld in the afternoon. I left Angelique and went seeing her. Jenny had been inworld already in the morning and bought a new dress to suprise me – she did surprise me. It is a very nice dress with an open back that presents her lovely behind perfectly. We went to Domme a Domme to catch up and I enjoyed having her at my feet. Welcome back home, Jenny.

June 13th: Diomita and her property Jenny at Domme a domme

Our night was once again totally different than I expected it to be. We met Rubber Rocket Doll slave Flo and Angelique at home and had some visitors at the landing point. We went there but when we arrived just one visitor was left over, Wiltrud Piccard. We chatted a bit and Wiltrud was a good girl kneeling for me. Then slave kelly came inworld as well and Jenny went picking her up at the Keep.
Angelique had to leave early and we went back to the house as Rubber Rocket Doll Anne was there in the meanwhile – what a busy start into this night! Anne didn’t stay long though. Jenny and I had a longer chat with Wiltrud and slave kelly while slave Flo listened most of the time.

June 13th: Diomita and Jenny at home with Rubber Rocket Dolls slave Flo and Anne, Angelique, slave kelly and Wiltrud Piccard

Wiltrud had a lot to report and slave kelly was very curios about her. She knew Wiltrud only as an extreme Mistress and was quite surprised seeing her kneeling. Time really flew by way too quickly. I retreated with Jenny early to have some time of togetherness in our skybox (no picture). It’s good to have her back.

Diary 2018 (77) May 4th-6th Drone Flo

As I was off for the weekend there’s not much to report for the diary about Friday, May 4th, and Saturday, May 5th. When I returned inworld Sunday night, May 6th, I first caught up with Mistress Jenny before we went home. It turned out to become a way more busy night than Mistress Jenny and I had expected it.

May 6th at home: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, slave Drone Flo, slave slut cecy, Anne, Angelique and Wiltrud

Angelique, Anne and slave Flo were at home and soon also slave slut cecy and Wiltrud joined us there. We put slave Flo into ther HybridZ drone suit and added a communication implant. Now slave Flo can communicate only with a lamp indicating “YES” and “NO”. It is an experience she had long ago before meeting us and becoming our slave – and now we will keep her like this, encased in her own world, for a while. We will have fun with our slave for sure! And Anne will have fun with her too *winks*
I selected something different to wear for Angelique, something very transparent and Angelique has to collect some of her pee, so that we can add it to slave Flo’s smell box.
slave slut cecy didn’t do her dusting at all the last week and hence will have to wait for permission to get another orgasm.

May 6th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Wiltrud and slave slut cecy at club DeLust

And Wiltrud? She knelt just close to me and was patient. We’re going to explore her submissive side and take control of it and her slowly and persistently.
After Anne, slave Flo and Angelique had left, Mistress Jenny and I visited club DeLust with slave slut cecy and Wiltrud for a few minutes. Time flew by way to quickly again.

Diary 2018 (74) April 30th / May 1st

There’s not much to report about Monday, April 30th, at least not for the blog. I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon and we went to our secret retreat and just talked about plans, then played 2 rounds of Yathzee (no pictures).
At night we spent about an hour at home in our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer. slave Flo danced for us and for our guest Wiltrud Piccard. Anne joined us there and we talked also about slave Flo’s and her “rubber project”, soon Anne and slave Flo be nicely restricted *winks*. Mistress Jenny and I left slave Flo and Anne at home to further develop their project and visited Wiltrud’s private place (no pictures again).

April 30th at our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Anne, Wiltrud and slave Flo

Tuesday, May 1st, Mistress Jenny and I found slave Flo in a drone suit, HybridZ Latex Atemkontrolle. That is a drone suit, slave Flo had before we enslaved her and she was eager to experience it once again. Hence, the rubber outfit, that Anne is trying to put together (I call it Anne’s rubber project) will have to wait for a bit.
slave Flo wrote a manual for Mistress Jenny and me for this drone suit. There was just one minor but important issue: she couldn’t set Mistress Jenny nor me as her owner and hence we couldn’t control all menus except those that are public. slave Flo tried to reset the suit but she and we failed and we gave in after an hour. slave Flo will contact the maker now. Instead of playing with our drone slave Flo we decided to have a game of skipee before this short but relaxing night was over.

May 1st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo in her HybridZ drone suit

Diary 2018 (51) March 24th – Getting entertained

Saturday afternoon, March 24th, Jenny and I had just a short time togehter. I took her to Heavy Bondage Club for catching up.

At night Angelique and the two slave drones were inworld. We went to Mesmerize Dungeon where we met Wiltrud Piccard. Wiltrud began to tease the two drone slaves and Angelique and our group entertained the Dungeon. We talked about business. I had once sold a sissy to Wiltrud and I surprised her still knowing the name of this sissy and the date. Wiltrud suspected that I record all businesses with slaves. Actually I just looked it up in this blog. The post, that I wrote about this deal, is one of the most clicked post (read here).

March 24th: Diomita and Jenny at Heavy Bondage Club / Diomita and Angelique with slave drone Flo I and Flo II (AnneWanne) at Mesmerize Dungeon meeting Wiltrud Piccard

After the two slave drones went to bed, Angelique and I went visiting slave slut cecy at Psi’s realm and Wiltrud accompanied us. It was quite full at Psi’s. Wiltrud began to tease slave slut cecy and again it was quite entertaining just to listen and to watch. And our slut was not just drippin’ wet in Second Life *winks*.

March 24th: Diomita and Angelique getting entertained at Psi’s realm

I had an entertaining night.

Diary 2017 (138) August 20th – Fin’s Dolls (II)

Sunday, August 20th, was again full of contrasts. I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. We went to Heavy Bondage Club and caught up while looking at profiles. Mistress got a lovely new dress and she bought it for me too, we might have a night in partnerlook some day soon.

Sunday night was totally different than I expected it to be. Just slave Flo was present when I came inworld. I took her to Domme a Domme, where it was quite full and quite quiet. I met Wiltrud Piccard there. I once sold a slave to Wiltrud and I know her for several years now, but we never played or got into any deeper contact. After one hour I returned home with slave Flo to look after Fin’s dolls. We found Fin’s Beauty (Virgo) leashed at the Stonehaven wall, just as I had left her the night before.

August 20th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club (left)
Wiltrud Piccard and Fin’s Beauty Virgo (middle)
Diomita spanking Wiltrud at Fetisch Club Chez Maurer (right)

She was in a stubborn and rebellious mood, showed no respect until I finally I took my belt and began to spank her. slave Flo went to bed …. and Wiltrud showed up at our home and watched me spanking Fin’s Beauty Virgo. She stepped closer as Virgo didn’t address her properly – and I stepped back watching her and Virgo now. No surprise, Fin’s Beauty stayed stubborn and rebellious. I decided to give her more time to reconsider her behavior and invited Wiltrud to see our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer. Wiltrud liked it and playfully licked Miss Conduct’s boots and … she tried out the stocks, she literally invited me and I took the present and spanked her bum, not just playfully. What a pleasure to hear the belt cracking on her back and her moans. Wiltrud took it brave and proved that she has manners.

August 20th: Fin’s dolls Tyra and Virgo on the dual slave post – Diomita, Wiltrud and ally watching

In the meanwhile Fin’s Rubber Slave Tyra and ally (ally259) were present at the patio. Wiltrud had her fun with Virgo until I stopped her as I had other plans for Fin’s Dolls. I placed Tyra and Virgo on the dual slave post and pulled the chains tight. Wiltrud and ally watched silently. Time flew by and it was already very late, hence I retreated. Fin’s dolls can look into eachother’s eyes being gagged and filled by the dildos – and Virgo gets more time to consider her stubbornness.

Enjoying control

Yesterday I enjoyed being in control. I took Jenny to the Lost Domme Resort, where we caught up while I enjoyed having my property at my feet. But there weren’t many people around, so we moved on after a while and visited Mistress Wiltrud’s Holiday Beach House. It was also pretty empty there but downstairs we found a D/s couple and watched a woman doing her exercises in a catsuit and with her hands locked on her back. When they left, I tried the treadmill myself placing Jenny on it for quite some time. Workout can be very relaxing when your part is just watching!

May 16th: Jenny's workout on a treadmill at Mistress Wiltrud's Holiday Beach House

May 16th: Jenny’s workout on a treadmill at Mistress Wiltrud’s Holiday Beach House

The room had more to offer and I tried the suspension rack with Jenny. The upside of such a device is that you can lower it getting the sensitive parts at just the right height *winks*. When we lived at Stonehaven our neighbors were within shouting distance, meaning they could hear us when we shout (that works up to 100 m distance) but not normal chat (which can’t be heard from more than 20m distance). I had a strict rule that anybody (including myself) has to shout their thank you when being spoiled and getting an orgasm. I can tell, that we had a lot of fun just as our neighbors that time could tell, when we had this sort of fun. The rule is still enacted in the Maurer family and today, at Mistress Wiltrud’s Holiday Beach House, Jenny had reason to shout and she did – and we were not alone in the house. So we might get a remark, in particular when we visit more often.

May 16th: Jenny suspended at Mistress Wiltrud's Holiday Beach House

May 16th: Jenny suspended at Mistress Wiltrud’s Holiday Beach House

At night I worked on some details for the bondage night and 2 slaves were present and had their part of the fun, particularly the one on the dildo stand (can you guess who it is?). Sarah came by to say hello and we had a nice chat. Then we went to Lochme with the slaves and later to the Heavy Bondage Club alone and overall had a busy but varied night.

May 16th: Jenny, Sarah and Diomita inspecting the Installation for the next bondage night

May 16th: Jenny, Sarah and Diomita inspecting the installation for the next bondage night

A night out having fun and exploring Ariadne Mountain

Diomita at The Secret House with Poison Fishnet

Diomita at The Secret House with Poison Fishnet

It was one of these nights “between the years”: I had quite some time online and got a new black catsuit that looks really great (when advanced lighting is switched on). In the afternoon Jenny and I were teasing slave L a bit … later I went to The Secret House and watched the standing crowd reading profiles. Poison Fishnet, a sub we know for a while know, approached me. She was overwhelmed by the look of my new catsuit and I allowed her to kneel next to me. I continued reading profiles and reading Ana’s (anarya.vhargon) profile I found something that caught my attention. It was about a sim, that I didn’t know so far:
Ariadne Mountain.

The colourful designed caves at Ariadne Mountain (1)

The colourful designed caves at Ariadne Mountain (1)

“I’m co-owner and decorator of Ariadne mountain. A place to make the most romantic pictures around SL with fixed sunset, a place to explore 15 caves, all different themed, explore the beach with jumping Dolphins and cuddle places. Don’t forget to explore the top of the mountain with some hidden spots. Keywords for Ariadne mountain are, romance, dancing, photography, exploring, nude [no sex], cuddle, RP, relaxing, hangout. At some spots there are teleporters , you must try the option Universe, you won’t regret it 🙂 You can IM me for a private tour.”
(Quote from Ana’s (anarya.chargon) profile pick)

As none of our family was around, I decided to take Poison with me simploring and to find out about this sim. We arrived at a landing area, which is quite unspectacular and disappointing. It is small …. just trees around, nothing to see. But there was a teleporter…. there we go. I decided to start with the gallery.

Diomita with Poison at the gallery of Aridne Mountain

Diomita with Poison at the gallery of Aridne Mountain

The gallery was worth a visit, nice pictures… we found the exit and began exploring through a system of tunnels. The tunnels itself are decorated in different styles, some skeletons laying in the corners, sometimes eyes follow your way, sometimes large mushrooms that glow in all colours and guide the way. We reached a first cave. WoW! Colourful does desribe it best. Just lovely!
We found a way out and reached the beach where we met Ana, who allowed us to explore and discover everything. She was a bit concerned about the leash which I hold as the sim is “moderate”, but we were both not naked and the leash was just in order not to loose Poison while simploring *winks*.

The colourful designed caves at Ariadne Mountain (2)

The colourful designed caves at Ariadne Mountain (2)

The colourful designed caves at Ariadne Mountain (3)

The colourful designed caves at Ariadne Mountain (3)

The colourful designed caves at Ariadne Mountain (4)

The colourful designed caves at Ariadne Mountain (4)

Anyway, we contiued touring the sim and visited a lot of caves, each one different, some even under water. There’s also a winter cave and a winter skybox. And there are lots of places to stop, to sit and cuddle and to enjoy. And for someone who likes taking pictures ….
To sum it up: Ariadne Mountain is a place to visit and to enjoy: Thank you, Ana!

The colourful designed caves at Ariadne Mountain (5)

The colourful designed caves at Ariadne Mountain (5)

Winter at Ariadne Mountain

Winter at Ariadne Mountain

The colourful designed caves at Ariadne Mountain (6)

The colourful designed caves at Ariadne Mountain (6)


Landmark Ariadne Mountain:

We returned to The Secret House and I unleashed Poison. She was a good girl and a good company for simploring and hopefully enjoyed the tour as much as I did. In the meanwhile Jenny was online and also skalvin Gebby came on …. and there was still slave L who needed to  continue her time serving us being locked up.
We took both to Mistress Wiltrud’s Holiday house, a landmark we acquired in the afternoon. After some searching we found the dungeon and we had our fun. We exposed slave L suspended and helpless and we ourselfs had a nice time cuddling.

Diomita and Jenny with sklavin Gebby and slave L at Wiltrud's place

Diomita and Jenny with sklavin Gebby and slave L at Wiltrud’s place

Diomita having her way of fun with slave L - sklavin Gebby watching

Diomita having her way of fun with slave L – sklavin Gebby watching

Unfortunately Jenny had to leave and thus slave L got a nice spanking and I could blow off a bit.
A normal night in SL .. no. But not that extraordinary. It just depends what you make from it.

Sissy sold

Our last bondage model was Sissy D. Sissy stayed with us for about 2 weeks. He tried his very best to please us, yet we weren’t satisfied. Although we sensed that he tried hard and although he begged, we finally decided to give him away. But we needed someone who would not hesitate to reveal his identity publically. Someone who will keep him securely tied and imprisoned – and someone who he has to work for in form of supporting her financially.
We visited a sim and prison area lately and met Wiltrud Piccard who works and lives there. And she already owns several sissies. So the contact was made already. I asked her about purchasing Sissy D. She denied that yet she agreed to take him on a weekly fee base that he’ll have to pay.
Last week we revealed Sissy D her new destiny. We took her over to the quite new sim of Captured Desires where Wiltrud lives and we negotiated again with her. Finally she offerd 1 L for purchasing Sissy. We thought that is way not enough for our effort preparing Sissy to become a better servant –  and consequently Sissy had to pay us for our hard work teaching her some basic manners. Deal! Sissy D is sold.
So now …. after more than 5 years, we made our first income with slavery. YAY! Cruelity can be fun.

Sissy D with his new owner Wiltrud Piccard

Sissy D with his new owner Wiltrud Piccard