Diary 2018 (33) Feb 24th/25th Alone

Saturday, February 24th, turned out become a really rare day for me in Second Life. In the afternoon, I was simploring and visited “Je n’aime pas” at DaphneArts (read yesterday’s post here). When I came inworld at night, I met Angelique who was dusting at the Shangri-La. I had to send her to bed due to a flue. No other family member was present and Mistress Jenny was prevented to get online due to her RL. As I had been simploring in the afternoon, I was not in the mood for another simploring tour.
Good that there’re no shop closing times in Second Life. I went shopping and I went to the hairdresser and got a new haircut. Then I made a tour through our clubs. I got several IMs as it is quite unusal that I show up there alone. I spent my time with reading profiles, some chats and some eye-candy. Overall it wasn’t that bad at all and I do like the new haircut.

February 24: Diomita spending a night all alone

Sunday, February 25th, I peeked inworld late morning and met Dana (aka. MzDana aka. Dana Drezelan). Dana was our slave for over 4 years and we’re still in loose contact. Our Kitty does meet her more often as her timezone is closer to Dana’s timezone than mine. Dana had tried being a dominant again, I could tell upfront that it might be just an episode. I was very surprised seeing her with a white skin but not surprised seeing her kneeling and wearing a slave tag.
Dana immediately knelt by me and I teased her a bit. She told me that she changed her skin colour because she’s convinced that it is easier being white. I for my part don’t agree at all, being the dominant part in a BDSM environment has nothing to do with your skin colour – at least not nowadays and not in Second Life. Anyway it was great to see her again.

February 25th: Diomita Meeting Dana at Black Milk (left and middle) / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home (right)

In the afternoon I could meet with Mistress Jenny and we just caught up with eachother’s news RL and SL before we had to prepare ourselves for the second show “Dancing through Time”. Once again we needed to detach the collars, our other scripts and any scripted clothing.
The show started at 12 AM SL time and this time I could watch it from the beginning. Mistress Jenny, Argi and I enjoyed the show and of course we enjoyed in particular Angelique’s appearances.

February 25th: The 2nd show “Dancing through time” – program, time machine and Impression of act 1

February 25th: The 2nd Show “Dancing through time” – Angelique appearing in act 2 and act 4

After the show and after we attached everything needed again, we send Angelique to bed as she was still sick. Mistress Jenny, slave Flo and I played two rounds of greedy before we went to Lochme to have a look after our slave slut cecy. slave slut cecy did really dare to complain that someone had spanked her. But her butt wasn’t red at all. That could be changed! *winks*. And as our slut was that eager to cum in both worlds, we allowed it but she now has to cum RL each time she cums in SL – and I switch on the dildo vibs in her belt. Enjoy, slut – and don’t flood Lochme!

February 25th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and slave Flo visiting slave slut cecy at Lochme (left) / Mistress Jenny and Diomita winding down at Club DeLust (right) – the cute butt behind Mistress Jenny belongs to Poison Fishnet or short to “Po” (German for butt)

We ended a lovely evening in SL with a short visit to club DeLust – and that’s it for this diary entry.

Black Milk – The Black Embassy

Mistress Jenny was on a short vacation, Thursday December 15th. The day before she gave me a landmark and asked me to visit it, if I find the time for it. The LM is named “Black Milk” and I looked up the LM’s description “Black Embassy, Black Supremacy, white Slave, cuckold, Bulls, D/s, Bdsm, Slave, Mistress, Master, race, humiliation“. That doesn’t sound like a place a white woman should go to and I asked Mistress about it. She told me that I can stay outside at the landing point and use my camera if I don’t dare going in. The sim rules would deny any white to enter dressed. Well, I found the time to go there, actually already Thursday late afternoon. To make matters worse, Mistress Jenny insisted that I keep my cuffs on and I couldn’t take the keys, so that added to being a white female *sighs*

December,15th - Diomita visting Black Milk: The landing area

December,15th – Diomita visting Black Milk: The landing area

December,15th - Diomita visting Black Milk: All Whites Must be nude on Embassy Grounds!

December,15th – Diomita visting Black Milk: All Whites Must be nude on Embassy Grounds!

The landing point of Black Milk is the entrance to the area of the Black Embassy. All White and non-blacks have to enter on the left side, the blacks on the right side. There is a club “Swirl” where whites are allowed to go dressed, but that’s it. On the ground of the Black Embassy the rules require whites to be naked and to follow the rules of black supremacy. At the entrance you also get a notecard with some basics that I will quote here in parts:
“On the Embassy grounds, all non Blacks must be nude regardless of if they are group members or not.
Furniture is off limits to all whites, unless engaged with a Superior
Always speak and act respectfully to all  Black dominants
Do not use the word ‘OK’  or  ‘Sure’,  when speaking to a dominant – always  be  respectful.   use “Yes Miss” or “Yes Sir”.
Black Embassy Chains (BEC) slaves will never address a non-Black as ‘Sir’ or ‘Miss’, those titles are reserved for the Superior race.”
I think you got the overall spirit.20161215-black-milk_02120161215-black-milk_022As it was quiet and none was around I dared to walk in just a little bit to take a picture. Naughty as I am I took one picture of me, dressed clearly submissive and with my cuffs just next to the sign demanding me being naked. Then I quickly walked back to the landing point and explored the ground with my cam. It became full as soon as one black Mistress showed up, the Co-owner of the Black Embassy, Mistress Willenov. I was able to take some pictures of her surrounded by several white slaves and this might give you an impression of the play here.
I myself have a little weakness for interracial play. It can spice any play. Mistress Jenny knows about this weakness and she shares it to some degree and I think she enjoyed peeking at the Black Embassy as I did. It’s worth a visit as it seems.
Landmark to Black Milk