Simploring 2018 (46) Backdrop Village …. Somewhere Over There

Thursday, May 24th, I found time for some simploring again. I picked “Backdrop Village …. Somewhere Over There” from SL Destinations.
Backdrop Village is pretty much what you expect when reading the decription – a village created for roleplay and photography. The landing point is at a corner of a sky platform in a redlight destrict. I zoomed out to see the whole platform and yes it is a backdrop village and town consisting of facades. But just like in a film you won’t notice it when standing in front of it! The selection of different buildings covers a broad variety and there’s something for every scene.

Backdrop Village – overview of “Village” and “Urban”

But Backdrop Village is not just what you see around the landing point. Close to the landing point is a teleporter that brings you to other locations or themes like “Redlight, Kawaii, Darkside, Fantasy, Neon, Beach”. The platform where you land belongs to themes “Village” and “Urban”.

Backdrop Village: at the “Village” (left pictures) / at “Redlight” (right pictures)

The destinations Kawaii, Darkside, Fantasy, and Neon offer between 10 and 20 different backdrops around the according theme. There are only some backdrops where you can select poses. For most of the backdrops you need to rezz your own prop or poseball, which is allowed. Your props or poseballs will be returned after 30 minutes.

Backdrop Village: “Kawaii”

Backdrop Village: “Darkside”

I took a lot of pictures. I love the offered variety and I hope to remember Backdrop Village when searching a perfect place for a picture. For those of you that share my passion for taking pictures, this is a place to go to.

Backdrop Village: “Fantasy”

The destination “Beach” is on the ground level and you get what you expect – a backdrop for beach pictures. Of course I took a selfie there as well!

Backdrop Village: at “Neon” (left pictures) / at the “Beach” (right pictures)

Backdrop Village: more pictures taken at “Village” and “Urban”

Backdrop Village is owned by SnowWolf (Rdinry) and according to the notecard that you get upon landing SnowWolf’s partner Cali (Calisselyra) is involved as well in the sim.
I really enjoyed exploring and discovering Backdrop Village. Thank you for providing this place for roleplay and photography, SnowWolf – and thank you for the lovely pictures I could take there!

Landmark to Backdrop Village …. Somewhere Over There
Flickr group for Backdrop Village