Simploring 2022 (11) Wind River

I came across “Wind River” and visited it, Friday, June 10th. The landmark description describes well, what you can expect to see “Travel back in time to the era of gunslingers and saloon girls, of massive migration and settlement. The Old West comes to life at Wind River, a photogenic backwater town at the end of the 19th century.

After I saw “High Noon” a couple of days before, when I zapped through my tv channels, “Wind River” was a place I wanted to see!

Wind River: bird-eye view and orientation map

The landing point is in a canyon and I received a nice welcome:
Hello, Diomita Maurer!
Welcome to Wind River, a small jerkwater town in Texas at the end of the 19th century. Don’t behave badly and observe the rules or the sheriff will drag you to jail!
Photographers: open rez for group members. Recommended graphic setting for the best experience is “ultra”. Best light: “shared environment”.

Exploring “Wind River” was great fun. The shared environment fits perfectly to the scenery, the skies are blue and red, dust is blown thorugh the streets and you can literally feel the heat. If you turn sound on, you hear saloon music…. “Do not forsake me, darling”..

Impressions of Wind River (1) – at the landing point / Main street

The small town is just great for taking pictures. There’s a saloon, a hotel, a carpenter, a doctor, a barn an an horse-drawn carriage and much more to discover.

Impressions of Wind River (2) – The Town

A bit outside of the twon is the chapel and the graveyard. On the other side of the sim you find a corral campsite with several covered wagons and horses as well as a herd of buffalos.

Impressions of Wind River (3) – The chapel, the graveyard, the campsite

Also in some distance to the town you can visit a ranch. If you climb up the surrounding rocks you get a great view on Wind River.

Impressions of Wind River (4) – The ranch / another view on the town

Wind River is a moderate homestead owned by Camila (Camila Runo) and Jocelyn (zamitio), Kieran Sayo (gabrielbarrot) and catharhina are admins of the sim. Upon landing you also receive a notecard from Camila with a few general rules and some background information:
As some of you know, I’m a cowgirl at heart. The Wild West sim AZ Arizona was the first sim I visited after registering on SL more than 15 years ago. And the first sim I co-owned was the Mexican Wild West sim Sonora West, followed by Copper Canyon and Iron Mountain. Since then I built a lot of different places that had got nothing to do with the Wild West and I loved each one of them. But I always knew that sometime I will do something Wild West again. The time has come. Here comes Wind River, a project of love.

Well done, Camila! You created a great place, an opportunity for a travel in time, for a short trip into the Wild West: For me it also brought back memories to many old classic films. Thank you for building Wind River and for sharing it with the public!

I ended my visit at the saloon, there I sat down and watched the main streat and let time pass by…

Diomita at Wind River Saloon

Landmark to Wind River
Wind River flickr

Simploring 2021 (23) 80 Days – The Bayou

On Tuesday, May 18th, I read Inara Pey’s blogpost “A trip to the Bayou in Second Life” and decided spontaneously to visit “80 Days – The Bayou“, furtheron also just “The Bayou“, right away.

The Bayou is a moderate homestead, owned and designed by Camila Runo. The landmark description reads as follows: “Louisiana in the Deep South, home to the Jazz and the Blues. Music fills the air wherever you go. – French Quarter, Cayun, swamp, alligators, Voodoo, zoo, animals, beach, romance, dancing, summer, BBQ, photogenic, scenic

80 Days – The Bayou: Overview and orientation map / landing point and paddle steamer

The landing point is right next to an old paddle steamer, one of the attractions of the sim. Upon landing your can grab a folder with a lot of information, that I used in this blogpost:
The old paddle steamer “Dixie Belle” brought you to Louisiana in the Deep South of the USA. The dock where you debarked is situated on the banks of the Mississippi. From there you have a nice view to a near town as well as to the coastal marsh and the swamp the dock is connected with by a long wooden bridge.

Impressions of 80 Days – The Bayou (1) – The paddle steamer

The paddle steamer offers some activities. First of all it is a great location and background motif for photographers, but you can also go onboard and play Black Jacker or Poker. I for my part focused on taking pictures though.

Where to go first? To the left to visit the town or to the right to see the swamp? No matter where you go first, you will be surrounded either by the sounds of nature or by typical Louisiana tunes (turn your speakers on).
I decided to got exploring the town first.

Impressions of 80 Days – The Bayou (2) – The town

The town is built in the style of the French Quarter in New Orleans, including a cemetery, a Jazz club, a restaurant, a barber/tattoo shop and some residential buildings in the typical French Quarter look.
The town looks also very nice in the evening or at night as the houses are well illuminated by lights and race lights.

Impressions of 80 Days – The Bayou (3) – The town

I left the town and visited the Alligator farm. “Just have an eye on your limbs. Though we feed the gators well, they always up for a little snack.” I had a little break at a bbq close to the river and went back to the paddle steamer to visit the swamp.

Impressions of 80 Days – The Bayou (4) – The Alligator farm, the bbq place and entering the swamp

A wooden walkway leads into the swamp. Admist the swamp you will find a house, a Voodoo shack. The swamp is another great environment for taking pictures. Of course you can also see some alligators, hence you have to stay careful. If you walk beyond the Voodoo shack you will find a boat rezzer and I took a boat for my further simploring.

Impressions of 80 Days – The Bayou (5) – The swamp and the Voodoo shack

There is also a second boat rezzer on the banks of the Mississippi. Exploring by boat is also fun and offers new views. You can also reach another island with the boat (more swamp and mangroves). The other smaller islands are off sim objects and can’t be reached, but you can make a boat trip around the whole sim. Watch out for animals, another great motif.

Impressions of 80 Days – The Bayou (6) – Exploring with a motor boat

And why is the sim called “80 Days – The Bayou“? Camila Runo explains it in one of the information notecards: “The term is referring to Jules Verne’s book “Around the world in 80 days”. As I understand my projects as stops on my virtual voyage around the world (e.g. Jambo / Africa and Nour / Arabia last year, Vargsången / Scandinavia this year), I found the name appropriate for the new group I created. This group will also comprise each future project of mine.

Thank you Camila for creating The Bayou and for sharing it publicly. I enjoyed my visit a lot, it was like a short vacation.

Landmark to 80 Days – The Bayou
Inara Pey’s blogpost “A trip to the Bayou in Second Life”
80 Days – The Bayou flickr