Simploring 2020 (61) Eterea

Scrolling through SL Destinations for a new place to simplore several pictures of Eterea caught my attention and I picked it for my simploring tour on Saturday, August 22nd.

Eterea is a moderate homestead owned by five people: Coqueta Georgia, khronoz, Marissa (mariselaa), dietriech and SeKarou. It was designed by Coqueta Georgia. The sim description fits perfectly as I found out soon after I arrived: “A little magic piece of art in Second Life – photography, surrealistic, magic, art, friends“. Eterea is a sim for taking pictures, it has surrealistic and fantasy parts.

Eterea – overview and landing point

The landing is next to a roofed terrace where you could join the group for rezz rights. Stairs lead up to a big glass dome, that is really worth visiting. Besides offering seating to meet or cuddle there’re many of seemingly randomly collected items. You could spend a lot of time just by exploring all the little details and of course by taking pictures.

Impressions of Eterea (1) – the glass dome

The meeting dome is at the highest part of an island that is full of romatic places, huts, lougers and benches. The selected windlight dives the whole island into a romantic atmosphere. It’s not pure fantasy though, many place are simply beautiful and the decoration is placed thoughtfully. For myself I named the island “Romantic fantasy island”. Opposed to the island is a smaller island with just an old boat and a pond that is full of fishes – another great motif for pictures.

Impressions of Eterea (2) – romantic and beautiful spots

Impressions of Eterea (3) – at the beach and at the fish pond

But that is only one part of Eterea. The other part is a bit farer away and surreal. Following some power cable posts that lead into the nothing, you come across some statues and then you immerse into another world. Flying boats, ballons, umbrellas, swarms of birds and three stone stairs leading to doors, leading to paths in the sky, stairs built of stools – just surreal. You can walk on the paths and get new impressions ….

Impressions of Eterea (4) – a surreal world

You can sit on a chair becoming an angel (perfect for me as I’m all but an angel). I lost myself in this strange world and I’m pretty sure that I didn’t discover all. A great place for taking outstanding (art) pictures.

Impressions of Eterea (5) – a surreal world

I had fun exploring Eterea and taking pictures. The mixture of surrealistic art and a romantic fantasy island makes it an outstanding place to visit. I don’t get tired of seeing all the creativity in Second Life. Many thanks to Coqueta Georgia, khronoz, Marissa (mariselaa), dietriech, and SeKarou for sharing their place publicly, and many thanks also to Coqueta Georgia for designing it. I had an enjoyable time.

Addendum: I had a conversation with Coqueta Georgia after publishing my simploring report. Coqueta told me about the owners of Eterea and she also told me that Eterea has been listed in the SL Destination guide here. There you can find also this short video about Eterea.


Landmark to Eterea
Eterea video on youtube