Art in Second Life 2022 (78) Limitations Are Self-Imposed by Regi Yifu

I was up to visit an art installation on Thursday, September 8th. I looked up the Second Life Desitination Guide and choose Art -> Exhibits & Installation (check here) . From the list I picked “Limitations Are Self-Imposed” by Regi Yifu:
GlastonBelli and Corsica South Coasters are delighted to introduce a colorful new art installation by Regi Yifu, entitled ‘Limitations Are Self-Imposed.‘ Artists-In-Residence are usually invited to keep their projects in the area for at least six months, so there is plenty of time to take in this visually engaging and interactive exhibit.”

Impressions of “Limitations Are Self-Imposed” by Regi Yifu (1)

When you land you are at the entrance to a real colourful forest. Actually it glows in all colours of the rainbow. You see some birds flying around and the background is colourful as well. At the entrance is a box with a couple of gifts and I got a folder names “Limitations are Self-Imposed gifts!”

Entering the installaion is an experience. Soon you are lost in all the different colours that also influence the appearance of your own avatar. As the installaion looks different from every point, viewing angle and zoom factor, every single picture you take is a piece of art itself, not reproducible and thus unique.

Impressions of “Limitations Are Self-Imposed” by Regi Yifu (2)

The fun comes with the gifts. There are 5 different attachments in the folder: “Bouncy Negative Squares, Rainbow Bouncer, Rainbow Shadow box, Solar Gather and Surreal“. Each attachment has a different effect. Surreal and Bouncy Negative Squares have the strongest effect in changing the impression. As the objects are attachted to your avatar, you avatar is in the center of it all, but in some cases hardly visible anymore. It is fun to try all attachments. You can even wear more than one but the second and third detach again after a while. Just try it out – it’s really fun on one side – and creates more unique pictures on the other side.

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I had never heard about GlastonBelli and Corsica South Coasters. Both are part of the GTFO network: “The GlastonBelli CheddarWorx Railway System is a train network that tours the points of interest of GlastonBelli and its neighbors. Featured stops are The Drako Roller Coaster, GlastonBelli Pyramid, The Cheddar Man Caves and Corsica South Coast Airfield.

The sim that hosts “Limitations Are Self-Imposed” by Regi Yifu is group owned by the group GlastonBelli, founder of the group is Cranston Yordstorm.

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Regi Yifu is in Second Life since 2007. He’s a Coordinator for LL Second Life Endowment for the Arts (SLEA) and says about himself: “I am a gregarious bohemian artist from Texas! Here to have fun and meet cool people from all over the world! Love building stuff, making dance effects, and DJing! I also melt glass in my kiln and love to cook. Only boring people get bored!
Regi Yifu makes customized gestures and costumized smoke, he has an own store inworld  and on the marketplace, he has a light gallery …. and he is a dj …. and loves to play with light!

Thank you Regi for this artful interactive installations, thank you all who enabled this installation. I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Limitations Are Self-Imposed by Regi Yifu
Regi Yifu’s store Regimade Factory inworld
Regi Yifu’s store Regimade Factory marketplace
Regi Yifu’s light gallery