Simploring 2017 (101) – Fantasy Island and D o X Urben Gallery

Unexpectedly I found some time for simploring on Christmas day. I decided to follow Inara Pey footsteps again and visited Fantasy Island. She wrote about it in her Living in a Modemworld blog “D 0 X: an Island Fantasy in Second Life“.

The landmark description read perfect for me and my plans for my free time: “Come and explore this Winter themed sim with a picturesque walk through the woods or just let the atmosphere lead you to one of the many spots to sit and relax. Happy Snapping! This sim is part of D o X Urben Gallery, opening January 7th 2018

Fantasy Island Overview

Fantasy Island consists of 3 seperate and quite lonely islands. You land near to a cosy residential house. Next to the landing point is an information board and from here you can teleport to the gallery. I began my visit walking and exploring the first island. There’s just this one house. It looks very cosy inside, most probably also because of the Winter outside. Paradox Ivory, the owner and creator, managed to capture the Winter feeling and the nature really well. Walking around and exploring is just fun. You will find some deers roaming peacefully and you’ll find cosy places to sit and enjoy the view. The sim surround is selected perfectly and fits perfectly.

Impressions of Fantasy Island – around the landing point

To get on the other 2 islands of Fantasy Island you can rezz a row boat, which I did. On the second Island (the main island) is a modern wind mill and another house with a large and cosy outdoor patio. Here all is prepared for a dinner party. There are also menu cards on each place and it sound yummy (how fitting on Christmas!). Around the house you’ll find another larger outdoor place to sit and talk with several people. The nature on this 2nd island is simliar to the first and again you can find more cosy places and nice views.

Impressions of Fantasy Island – the main island

The third and smallest Island is not inhabited. There’s just the ruin of a lighthouse, but you can look at the other two islands from here.

More impressions of Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island is perfect for a walk in Winter, for enjoying Second Life and for taking great pictures. Before I ended my visit, I peeked into the gallery, that will be opened January 7th, 2018. It is called D o X Urben Gallery. And it is not Urban, but I still need to find out what “Urben” means. Everything is prepared already for the opening. I also found a board announcing the first exhibition “Expansum”.

D o X Urben Gallery, opening January 7th, 2018

Thank you Paradox Ivory for sharing your sim with the public. You provided a very relaxed hour to me. I enjoyed my visit and look forward to visit an exhibtion at the D o X Urben Gallery

Landmark to Fantasy Island
Landmark to D o X Urben Gallery
Inara Pey’s blog “D 0 X: an Island Fantasy in Second Life”